HiChristina is an occasion to play together in a light, fun and meaningful way, in a safe place for people of all walks of life. 

Everyone is an artist but many of us aren't given an opportunity to exercise our creativity and perspective, our specialness in the role we play at home or to survive in the world. 

Whether it means drawing on a wall, painting on a person's body, giving an impromptu speech, crawling around on the ground, making sounds in the human orchestra, creating and donning fantastical costumes, or collaborating with strangers to create an epic novel, HiChristina gives space, time, and opportunity for the full range of self-expression. HiChristina! is Christina and Fritz Donnelly.

Christina ClareFritz Donnelly


And now... HiChristina just made a movie!

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I LIKE YOU is a feature-length narrative film that arises out of an ongoing and well-received foray into new kinds of participation and performance called "HiChristina!" Dubbed "a fairy tale" by The New York Times and given the Best of New York 2010 Award by the Village Voice for "Wackiest Gatherings," HiChristina is about expressing yourself in radical fun ways.

While the internet has been connecting us digitally, HiChristina! has been offering people new and old fashioned ways of being creative and playing together in person. We create scenarios to coax out the way of being that doesn't typically have a place to play.

Now we're making a movie about the process of becoming yourself, a bigger wilder funkier self: it's a fictional film, a narrative, complete with steadicam shots and focus pulls. Learn more about the making of here.

Fritz posts updates on the progress of the movie here.

For more about I LIKE YOU and Fritz's films in general go to his website, tothehills, here.



About Fritz and Christina:


Fritz makes movies (writes, directs, produces, acts). He's been called a 'Film Guerilla Auteur' by Black Book Magazine and was on the cover of the Independent. His work has been shown in diverse places from outdoor film screenings, to movie theaters like Anthology Film Archive, to educational institutions like the Granoff Center for Creative Arts at Brown University, to New York's New Museum of Contemporary Art. He's been featured in 'best of' programs by the San Francisco High Concept Low/ Budget Film Festival, on the Independent Film Channel (IFC), at Rooftop Films 'best of' 10 year event, and at Slamdance for the Disposable Film Festival's retrospective program. In the mainstream his work can be found on hulu, netflix, and amazon.com Here's one of his films on hulu: http://www.hulu.com/watch/64700/to-the-hills-2
For more of Fritz's films see: tothehills.com
Here's some of Fritz's other projects. A humorous novel, How to Live the Good Life:
A fictional presidential candidate Frank Delaware: frankdelaware.com


Christina makes clothes, her specialty is vintage reconstruction which combines unexpected combinations of garments and patterns to create wonderful 'why didn't I think of that before' effects. She began making clothes for others when she walked down the street one day and people wanted to buy the clothes she'd made right off her back. See traveled the country with a theatre troop and scoured every thrift store east and west of the Missippi. Her clothing line was first called RXapparel because each article was a prescription for a particular person or fashion need. The line includes men and women's clothing and first appeared at Clothes Optional, a vintage store in Chicago. She came to New York for a trunk show and then got a boutique in the lower east side called Slip that she ran with scandinavian reporter/fashionista Ewa Joseffson. She was featured in Paper Magazine. This storefront would later become the first home of HiChristina! Fritz and Christina's participatory performance experience. For more about Christina's clothing line write: rxapparel@gmail.com

Christina also makes music. She sings with composer pianist Joel Forrester in weekly gigs at the Manhattan Inn. She has done duets of original music and old time tunes with Larkin Grimm. And Christina plays music with Alexa Wilding and Tim Floujan in Alexa's band. She is also one half of the duo L*O*V*E Sparkle. She stars in, did wardrobe for, and helped shoot the movie I LIKE YOU. She designed this website and has styled all kinds of things including apartments, people, clothing lines, websites, film and tv sets. She is a kind and generous hostess and a hilarious stage personality. (I'm allowed to write this stuff Christina would never say it about herself.-Fritz)

Have an event or party coming up?

We can HiChristina-ify your event/party/gathering!

Our rates are affordable and our ideas and methods out-of-this-world!




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HiChristina in the world:

The New York Times
according to Fritz he's dressed as a 'surprise'
  Women's Wear Daily
fritz and christina in womens' wear daily
- Article : Where the Paint Runs Wild see here
HiChristina!... a sort of hipster fairytale."
  - Feature : Duo Brings Strangers Together see here
"They first met at a party — both were wearing fishnets — had a few dates and moved in together a few days later."


TimeOut New York
fritz and christina in womens' wear daily
fritz and christina in womens' wear daily
- Cover Story : New Places see here
"...mango-eating-and-manicure parties, handshake demonstrations, practical-joke nights and Twister games. "
  - Feature see here
"Life is their stage"


Village Voice
fritz and christina in womens' wear daily
  Huffington Post
fritz and christina in womens' wear daily
- Best of 2010 : Wackiest Gatherings article here
"HiChristina, the whimsical performance-art duo."
"HiChristina is serious about only one thing: fun."
  - aricle : New York City Events This Weekend (12/31-1/2) see here
"zany duo... we promise we didn't make this up"


The New York Times
according to Fritz he's dressed as a 'surprise'
  New York Press
fritz and christina in womens' wear daily
- Article : Off the Deep End see here
"When Christina Ewald and Fritz Donnelly, two eclectic entertainers [showed up]... things got interesting."
  - article : Saturday Night Fever article here
"two personable twentysomethings with a love of mayhem and irony... It was like a crazy house party full of friendly strangers."


Rolling Stone
fritz and christina in womens' wear daily
  Village Voice
according to Fritz he's dressed as a 'surprise'
picture : see here
"Ben Lee and Fritz Donnelly of HiChristina!... Rock occupies Wall Street."
  article : article here
"Christina Ewald and Fritz Donnelly... the exceptional eccentrics behind HiChristina!"


Magnet Magazine
fritz and christina in womens' wear daily
  The Washington Post
halloween or williamsburg

according to Fritz he's dressed as a 'surprise'
article : Best Of 2011, Guest Editors: Ben Lee On HiChristina!
see here

"HiChristina! is an incredible performance art troupe in NYC"

  - article : article here

- blog : article here
"...shoebox for a hat, or as he likes to call it 'Tuesday'"


TimeOut New York
according to Fritz he's dressed as a 'surprise'
  Israeli 'Vogue' Magazine
according to Fritz he's dressed as a 'surprise'
- article : Most Stylish New Yorkers see here
"The newlyweds and founders of experimental event group HiChristina adore spandex, sequins and mismatched prints."
  - article : full scan here


Helsingborgs Dagblad (Swedish Newspaper)
according to Fritz he's dressed as a 'surprise'
  The New York Time

HiChristina performs at area party while chuck close watches in wheel chair
- article : page 01 and page 02
  - article here
"Kooky artists and well-dressed celebutantes"
"The evening brought back some of the debauched silliness of 1980s New York clubbing." (HiChristina's Fritz and Christina pictured here as silver platform booted leg, and bit of sparkle and red with skin orchestrating a pile up) photo caption





HiChristina in the movies:

HiChristina 'Explained' (shot and edited by Joe Griffin):

HiChristina On Finnish Television by Designer Ivanna Helsinki AKA Paola Suhonen :

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