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Christina Clare
Fritz Donnelly

HiChristina is
an interactive performance duo (Fritz Donnelly and Christina Ewald) that creates opportunities to play and express oneself in fun, novel, and meaningful ways. Woooo!

From storefronts in the Lower East Side and Brooklyn, to college auditoriums out West, to the New Museum for Contemporary Art and the Willamsburg Music Hall, to mad hatter tea ceremonies, to scavenger hunts, to pool parties dressed as aquatic animals, to writing a novel in a night, to the impossible and the magical and the casually scientific and and and even quite possibly to a living room near you!!!!!!! (exclamations in the middle of a sentence), HiChristina's focus goal or thing is to allow us all, the participants, to express another side of ourselves.

OR, put another way:

The audience is the show at HiChristina.

HiChristina may include:

  • outfits/costumes (your own AND others provided)
  • build the spaceship out of hotdogs dance (or the like)
  • wiggly room: how many wiggles to a room, room of wiggles
  • philosphy of the microphone
  • yes and
  • watching a short film made by Fritz
  • making a short film out of something
  • meeting people you like/love for the rest of your life (this has happened for at least 100 people we know, for real, we counted)

HiChristina begins when
A person or group of people decide to do something unexpected together with the items at hand. A form of play where one or two people take the role of facillitator/instigator/shaper/sculptor and the rest go with it. Mix with some introspection, a few parts nonsense, a few parts meaning, some parts spandex or bubblewrap, a head of lettuce, voila!

How we found(ed) HiChristina
It all started with a party called "Make New Friends" in Christina's Lower East Side storefront one summer that was listed on nonsensenyc. Good things come of the internet and silly ideas and people commited to bringing new/fun/positive cultural gestures into the foreground.

The first plan for HiChristina was written on the back of a bread bag and after 'breaking bread' the first HiChristina storefront for creative self-expression was born on Orchard Street in the LES of Manhattan New York.

Some of the primary values that HiChristina balances are

and wild/relaxed,
and audience/performance.

HiChristina: Let's play!

Donnelly is a filmmaker and co-founder of the interactive and participatory performance art duo HiChristina, a “fairy tale” according to The New York Times.  HiChristina orchestrates participatory performances that are regularly listed in Time Out New York, Flavorpill, and recently won the Village Voices’ Best Of Award for “Wackiest Gatherings.”  Fritz’s films are "immensely skillful" (Amy Taubin) and “bizarre funny Andy-Kaufman-like” (Seattle Weekly). His filmmaking style is “film guerilla auteur,” (Black Book Magazine). He is finishing a feature film I LIKE YOU starring Christina and himself. One of his short films, Finacial Advice, has shown on IFC and his second compilation of short films, To the Hills 2, is distributed by Amazon, Netflix, and streams on Hulu here. He attended Deep Springs College and graduated in Art/Semiotics from Brown University.

likes new things. She is the co-founder of HiChristina, makes clothing, is a new mother to Keats!, a georgous baby boy and occasionally wears a 3 foot tall white wig. Hailing from Minneapolis where she studied Japanese and Political Science, she was then off to Chicago, sewing, roller derbying and touring the country in a children’s theatre troup. Currently in New York City, she’s owned a boutique on Orchard Street, run several HiChristina storefronts in Manhattan and Brooklyn, plays bass and sings in a band, takes daily walks in Central Park and has made a career out of encouraging people to have fun.

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according to Fritz he's dressed as a 'surprise'
The New York Times
- Article : Where the Paint Runs Wild see here
HiChristina!... a sort of hipster fairytale."

TimeOut New York
- Cover Story : New Places see here
" parties, handshake demonstrations, practical-joke nights and Twister games. "

fritz and christina in womens' wear daily
Women's Wear Daily
- Feature : Duo Brings Strangers Together see here
"They first met at a party — both were wearing fishnets — had a few dates and moved in together a few days later."

fritz and christina in womens' wear daily
- Feature see here
"Life is their stage"

fritz and christina in womens' wear daily
Village Voice
- Best of 2010 : Wackiest Gatherings article here
"HiChristina, the whimsical performance-art duo."
"HiChristina is serious about only one thing: fun."

according to Fritz he's dressed as a 'surprise'
The New York Times
- Article : Off the Deep End see here
"When Christina Ewald and Fritz Donnelly, two eclectic entertainers [showed up]... things got interesting."

fritz and christina in womens' wear daily
Huffington Post
- aricle : New York City Events This Weekend (12/31-1/2) see here
"zany duo... we promise we didn't make this up"

fritz and christina in womens' wear daily
New York Press
- article : Saturday Night Fever article here
"two personable twentysomethings with a love of mayhem and irony... It was like a crazy house party full of friendly strangers."

fritz and christina in womens' wear daily
Rolling Stone
picture : see here
"Ben Lee and Fritz Donnelly of HiChristina!... Rock occupies Wall Street."

fritz and christina in womens' wear daily
Magnet Magazine
article : Best Of 2011, Guest Editors: Ben Lee On HiChristina!
see here

"HiChristina! is an incredible performance art troupe in NYC"

according to Fritz he's dressed as a 'surprise'
Village Voice
article : article here
"Christina Ewald and Fritz Donnelly... the exceptional eccentrics behind HiChristina!"

according to Fritz he's dressed as a 'surprise'
The Washington Post
- article : article here
halloween or williamsburg
- blog : article here
"...shoebox for a hat, or as he likes to call it 'Tuesday'"

according to Fritz he's dressed as a 'surprise'
TimeOut New York
- article : Most Stylish New Yorkers see here
"The newlyweds and founders of experimental event group HiChristina adore spandex, sequins and mismatched prints."

according to Fritz he's dressed as a 'surprise'
Helsingborgs Dagblad (Swedish Newspaper)
- article :
page 01 and page 02

according to Fritz he's dressed as a 'surprise'
Israeli 'Vogue' Magazine
- article : full scan here


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