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Thurs, April 18, 2019 - 10:30pm at Bizarre Bushwick
PlayDate #2 by FunWithFritz

playdate flyer with man in pink cape and orange shoes climbing a red ladder a kind of wild look in his eyes

Structure! Something to build upon. Not every party gives you skillets for the streamlets of life, but then there was:
PLAYdate !!
The theme to dream on is IMPROVISATION.

Here's how it goes down:
- on-stage drama re-enactments of audience member text message conversation
- love advice with LIVE examples!!
- and as always 2 minute show n tell!! bring something, say something, or both at once!

PLUS "Gooey Surprise" and "Wall o' Feels!"

Show up ready to improvise in an actorly way, or ready to get messy in a surprise way, or ready to _____ in the way that you need! Gawkers welcome raquel-welch them!

FOllowed by trip, trip, trip until you fall down DANCE PARtay!!

with special musical guest Dylan Mars and The Entertainments !!! With her tornadoe of sound musical intelligence music and sly style

hosted by the newly crowned Mr. Lower Eastside !!!
(aka FunWithFritz)

Suggested donation $7-21

Follows the forever fabulous RuPaul drag watching party!
Choose your ticket level with the drop down menu below then press "get tickets".
Online ticket holders get backstage tour "ghost story!"
Sliding Scale Donation


Thurs, March 21, 2019 - 10:30pm at Bizarre Bushwick
PlayDate by FunWithFritz

playdate flyer with man in pink cape and orange shoes climbing a red ladder a kind of wild look in his eyes

There are lots of chances to watch something amazing. There are plenty of ways to eat and drink tasty delights. But there are oh so few opportunities to explode, roll around, collide, intermesh, kick back, sweet'ums up, boogie down, scoop the loop, and let it all flow!

The theme of this PLAYdate? "Strappey"
(things relating to being strapping, being strapped, strapping on, strapping in, getting the strap, and not giving a strap!)

There is a place of entry for everyone on this orific-ially swissed cheese of a night. There are ways to sign up, to jump in, to strut your stuff, to stuff it up.

Structuring Principals include:
1 - Wall_o_Feels
(put yourself on the wall, behind the wall or above it all and experience the FEELZ!!!)
2 - Volunteer ROLE PLAY in Audience Inspired Situation
(this is not ACTING this is BEING AND NOTHINGNESS!)
3 - Gooey Surprise
(do you like to be away from the mess? just watch and scream then from behind your tarp (provided)!)
4 - THREE min. Lecture Series
(unlearn something tonight!)
5 - TWO min. Show N Tell
(bring something to show, let someone else tell)
6 - ONE min Music Video Shoot Live
(one band will be chosen, we'll make a one-take music video to end all! song longer than one minute? loop the video! it's THAT GOOD!)

The show/experience/nightmare racing horse dreamboat
is captained by
Fritz Donnelly Artist

Suggested donation $7-21
You'll see the inimitable Alexi Transparent so say hi in whatever language you know.

Follows the forever fabulous RuPaul drag watching party!
Sliding Scale Donation

4 Thursdays, March 28 & April 4, 11, 18th
6-8pm at theBasement at Bizarre Bar

Creative Project WORKSHOP by FunWithFritz

playdate flyer with man in pink cape and orange shoes climbing a red ladder a kind of wild look in his eyes

WORKSHOP "Creative Self / Project"
by FunWithFritz
at theBasement in Bizarre Bushwick 12 Jefferson Street Brooklyn NY
4 Thursdays March 28, April 4, 11, 18th 

There is an idea rattling around in your head that needs to come out. Using performance art tools, a conceptual framework, and exercises that range from the physical to the mental to the surprising, gather the essential tools to express your creative project and your creative self at the next level. We welcome all backgrounds, disciplines, and forms of expression. At the beginning we set a goal, something realistic but that we probably wouldn't do alone. At the end of the four week workshop we work together to reach the goal. It can be personal, production-oriented, life changing, something small, whatever seems right to you at the time.

Life is an adventure and we have the explorer's pack! This is a 'hands-on' workshop so you'll be able to experience as well as theorize, try out as well as figure out. The workshop is designed to be experienced consecutively as a building narrative of experience but can also be attended on a per session or drop in basis. Either way sign up with Sliding scale donation $20-45/session.

We work within your comfort zone to expand what you feel comfortable doing.

Topics and practices explored includeL
- Public Speaking
- How to Make Interesting Movies for Social Media and Beyond
- Character Creation and Presentation
- Outfitting / Costuming
- Self and Other Promotion (that feels like butter rather than tastes like sand)
- and more

Hosted by Fritz Donnelly (@funwithfritz), conceptual and performance artist and filmmaker. Fritz's work has been seen on IFC, Netflix, MNN, Rooftop Films, etc and in venues such as the New Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Chashama, House of Yes, Bizarre Bushwick (of course!), and a street corner near you! Fritz is also the reigning Mr. Lower Eastside, appears frequently in Little Cinema Productions, has acted in series such as HBO's The Deuce, and Amazon's Red Oaks, and is open to your costuming input!

One way to sign up is to paypal:
to reserve your spot.

If there's another method that works better for you write


Yours in Fun,


Sliding Scale Donation

-----------------Past Events----------------

Weds 9pm at Bizarre Bar; Thurs 530 in Chelsea

Yes Men, Beard and Mustache, and Looping

fritz donnelly performs with the Yes Men in New York City

Coincidentally I'm in Rolling Stone two days in a row this week for different kinds of absurd street performance. Who knew it was such a popular genre!! The film crew who showed up to shoot the Yes Men piece looked at me and said, "hey we know you, you're from the edit bay in our office!"

So coming to you direct from the Rolling Stone edit bay here are two videos
Fritz as iceberg snow cone marketeer with the YES MEN in satirical action:
Fritz as the co-creator of LOOPING
this is not exactly the story or history of Looping that I would put together, but it has some nice shots:

AND NOW let's do something in person!

This week

Wednesday 6/17 at 9pm
Beard and Mustache
my two man show with Matthew Silver
at Bizarre Bar, Bushwick, 12 Jefferson St
1 block from JM at Myrtle

Thursday 6/18 start at 530pm
Chelsea, meet on corner of 10th ave and W23rd St.
Lead and follow each other in public wearing underwear or outlandish costume.

more about Matthew Silver here:
and more about the yes men here:

ALSO just got sent this
I'm in this photo in the WALL STREET JOURNAL with YES MEN


Weekly, Saturdays, 10:00pm-11pm
"Fun with Fritz"
on Radio Free Brooklyn!

love corners worldwide event

"The strange adventures of surprising people, in this world and other worlds."
New shows each week on Saturday at 10pm. Tune in to the live stream here:
Tuesday at 6am (good for international listeners in Europe Asia and Australia!)
Wednesday at noon (airs before Democracy Now with Amy Goodman!)
Saturday at 10am
See the show page here with past episodes:

Friday, May 22nd, 5:30pm

Performing together, leading and listening to eachother, ideas that seem necessary towards a fuller self, a better world, a more fun time now!
Bring a costume or perform in underwear, a mix of contact improv, follow the leader, experimental expressionism, burlesque remash, google search, language play, and oh the so much more! Come loop with the loopers, it's looping! Bring one safe wacky prop. And get ready to act weird.
More Looping videos here:
Looping FB group:
Lincoln Center (Columbus Ave & W. 63rd St.) In front of stairs.

Thursday, May 21st, 8pm-1030pm
Cult Practices!
a musical experience
avec Christina Clare y Jonathan Wood

love corners worldwide event

Christina Clare and Jonathan Wood Vincent are getting ready to wrap you up in a freshly washed and still warm from the dryer blanket. They will carry you up, up and though the clouds until you're floating contented on a velvety vintage armchair in the sky with an overflowing cocktail in your beautifully manicured hand.. Join us this Thursday at The Oracle Club for songs of love, romance and well, Ohio. That's right, Ohio. With five instruments and the two of them, you'll be wanting nothing more. You do the math. You will never be the same. Again, for the second time.
The Oracle Club
$10 sugg donation
10-41 47th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101

Wednesday, May 20th, 8pm-1030pm
Beard and Mustache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love corners worldwide event

Amazing ideas that don't exist will be performed for you!!!
Starring Matthew Silver and Fritz Donnelly!!!
3rd Wed. Every Month, 
5-7 dollar donation, you won't be turned away for lack of funds.
on fb:
BIZARRE Bushwick, 12 Jefferson St., Brooklyn, NY 9PM SHARP

Thursday, New Year's Day, 2015, 3:00pm-4pm
9th Annual Love Corners!

love corners worldwide event

Come and project love on the sunny side of the street with us!!! It's simple, affordable (free), and magnetic! Wear an article of red (scarf, hat, necklace, coat, underwear, etc.) and join other strangers on the street corner to project love! Love happens rain, snow, or shine!! Just take a deep breath, close your eyes, feel it welling up inside you, now open your eyes and project love. It's that simple it's that effective! The ultimate (and only?) New Year's Day tradition, now in it's fifth year!!! (or ninth year in HiChristina years).
As a side benefit: you may meet like-minded and love-feeling people. Hold hands!
IN NEW YORK: Union Square SE corner on the steps by 14th street and Park Ave. Manhattan
AND AROUND THE WORLD: At a corner near you. At 3pm in your time zone walk outside and project love. Tell your friends or go alone. Call us and tell us about it ( Send us a picture!!! #lovecorners. @funwithfritz

Nov-Dec 2014
"You're Invited!"

01 Outside in Underwear: You're Invited!!!

02 This Could Be You: Join the Revolution!

03 We're Evolving: Stick Together


Oct-Nov 2014
Recent Appearances/Performances

synchronoized fools

Circus of Dreams!!!
Ongoing, monthly, Every Wednesday 9:30-12:30pm at Bizarre Bar in Bushwick.
Fritz does a ten minute interactive performance.
Chocolate Dances Costume Party Tasting Performance
at COW (Celebration of Whismy - 21 Clinton St. Lower East Side)
Fritz played the 'villian' with audience as hero/collaborator.
Sonny & Cher Christmas Spectacular Sing-along/Karaoke/Dance
Radical Vaudeville hosted by Gabrielle Penabaz
"Summer in Winter" with special appearance the Fools
at COW

Saturday, Sept 13th, 6:00pm
Christina in The New Yorker! & On the Radio!

i like you fritz donnelly chase scene

"The pianist Forrester is an old hand at composing beguiling yet decidedly off-center instrumental pieces, polished by the Microscopic Septet and his own bands. But his songs with lyrics display more of his antic humor, and in the vocalist Christina Clare, who joins him here, he’s found a collaborator in tune with his quirky lyricism."
And this month (on Sat. Sept 13th at 7:30pm) they're playing a live show at Barbes for WFMU the radio station. Tune in on the radio or streaming online or come for the experience.
Barbes - 376 9th St., Park Slope, Brooklyn
FREE, any donations during the showgo to the band
Listen to stream here


Friday Sept 12th, 7:30-10pm
Participatory Fool Show

i like you fritz donnelly chase scene

Want to fool around? Want to be foolish? Want to see fools? And... want to throw paper airplanes with heckles inside!? Take off one shoe and throw it too!
Target Fritz on stage at a Tarot-Deck-inspired variety show
that includes poetry, readings, palmistry, and foolery! What is Fritz doing here with those giant pink pajamas?! How many people can fit inside? Come find out!!
more info courtesy of House of Screwball: http://
Red Room above KGB Bar KGB Bar NYC in the East Village
85 E. 4th St. 3rd Floor


Thursday Sept 10th and Sept 11th, 8pm
'i like you.' in Chicago and NYC

i like you fritz donnelly chase scene

Ever since doing "home invasion" with this film, we've gotten invitations to invade all kinds of intimate and alternative spaces to screen the movie. Grab your internet surf board and get on this Indie wave of the future! Here are two FREE preview screenings of 'i like you' (the all new cut!!) coming to you from the underground film world's answer to digital streaming: a small device called "the Raspberry Pi".


"We're showing movies every month at 3B Brooklyn, courtesy of the OpenIndie project—they're making high quality cinema screenings possible in unusual venues. This month, join us for "i like you", a film by Fritz Donnelly."
Thursday SEPT 11th - 7:30PM doors 8PM screening at "3B" 136 Lawrence Street Brooklyn NY 11201


Friday July 18th, 10pm
TV on the Fritz Premieres!

stack of tvs for tv on the fritz

For the philosophical voyeur: artists talking about their creative process in a bath tub. Bubbles included!
For the inner nerd: two online buddies, Steeevitz and Digital3, sharing all their amazing post-bitcoin inventions like “shrinkEng wrap” that shrinks things! and the soon to be ever-popular Digital Trace Eraser that covers your digital footprints. Comes in a convenient spray bottle app.
For the new arrival: Rent out Fernando’s Airbnb room — that he ‘borrowed’ from his brother. “It is your room now. Really.”
For the metaphorical foodie: Popcorn sized aphorisms and good bar food!
For the student of life: Learn how to be a director of a “Debisode” (webisodes starring only people named Debbie), how to sing confidently on a city bus, and how to be the king or queen of … a topic of your choice!!
And for the interloper: All while having a good time and drinking a beer or a sun juice!
AJ, Andrea Lam, Arin Crumley, Catherine LaSota, Christina Clare, Erin McClellan, Eyal Marcovici, Fritz Donnelly, HiChristina, Janie Sun, Jason Trachtenburg, Josh Steinbauer, Juno, Kae Burke, Karl JAcob, Keats, Launa Eddy, Matt Hyams, Melinda Prom, Roderick Johns, Sandy Garfunkel, Susan Buice, and more!
at Videology 308 Bedford Ave (& S1st), Williamsburg
FREE (here's a link to their coverage of the event)


Wednesday July 2nd, 9pm
Interactive Performance at Circus of Dreams

grass ski
I find the best place to meet new people is under the table, you know, while something's going on on top of the talve (cards, backgammon, sewing, lunch). Now you can meet people in a similare setting without getting a leg cramp! House of Screwball brings you a night of ecclectic evening of avant-garde performance. Come see Fritz's "post-avant-garde" performance of "Friendly Lettuce and the Ketchup Catchers!"
BiZARRE Bushwick 12 Jefferson St, Brooklyn, New York 11206
Pay What You Like, sliding scale. more infos

July 2014
Keats, Fritz, Christina, in Swedish Magazine

unicorn inversion with Fritz

Tuesdays June 9th - July 8th, 10pm
Swimsuit Option Dance Party
Deryck Todd's "Strut"

overheating car
overheating car

Want to dance indoors in a swimsuit of any kind (of one of a kind)? Now you can. Join me on Tuesday. Say you're there for "Fritz" or "HiChristina" at the door and skip the line and join the brine! We shrimp in a barrel squiggle to creatively applied dance music. Plenty of spectacle for the wall stander and plenty of happening for the tomatoe thrower! Bring tomatoes and smoosh on my and a volunteer's face!
ACME 9 Great Jones (equivalent of E3rd St. between Broadway and Lafayette in East Village)

Thursday June 12th, 8:30pm
Christina Sings at Dungeon Beach Speak Easy

Thursday June 5th 8pm-10pm
Fritz's short film 'Final Request,' at the Disposable Film Festival in NYC

This marks the first of a regular monthly series of shorts at Videology. This month's program is for 'movies about NYC.' So come on out and wax prophetic/nostalgic/irascible about chewing gum on your shoes, tiny apartments, dating, how to get there (the best way with the least transfers) and other topics so wonderfully New York (like the electric creative energy!)

at Videology 308 Bedford Ave (& S1st), Williamsburg

Sunday June 1st, 7:30pm
Fritz's short film: 'I Gotta Go' at Iron Mule Comedy Screening

Why go to a movie theater to watch a movie when you can see everything online for free?! Because other people are doing it! That's rigth, sit in a dark room with other living people tonight and watch at least one really good movie (it may be mine, it may be someone else's). That's the wonderful thing about a live event, it's unpredictable, AND it's full of people and and and since you know Fritz, (if you're reading this but we haven't met consider this an eye to word handshake) Fritz will introduce you.
For information about the other movies including the guy who draws for the Onion and MAD who will be judging check this out.
And that's not all the location of this screening is the Leonard Nimoy Theater named after the space alien who unsucessfully denied coming to this planet from another one.
FROM IRON MULE: "This month features seven new films including live action, animation and puppetry, plus, the Iron Mule's 1000TH MOVIE! Guest judge Robert Sikoryak (creator of Masterpiece Comics) joins hosts Jay Stern and Victor Varnado. Featuring films by Joe Ahern, Travis Aitken Jason Coates, Fritz Donnelly, Eric Jaffe, Nick Hunter & Mitch O'hearn, and Bill Scurry. Go here for tickets! http:// event/8242/Comedy-Film/ the-iron-mule "
BYOB (can sneak it in) AYOR(at your own risk)
Tickets here
at the Leonard Nimoy Theater
2537 Broadway at 95th Upper West Side, Manhattan

Thursday, May 29th, 10:30pm
HiChristina at
unicorn inversion with Fritz
HiChristina returns to Radical Vaudeville for an interactive performance sure to combine marshmallows, the answer to all life's questions, and red ruby slippers (did we mention robotic dance). See HiChristina in the context of the avant garde LES art star scne with other performances by: Adrian Buckmaster - Film; Ambrose; Martos - Burlesque/Clown/Freak; Desert Sin - Dance; Diane O'Debra - Comedy; Djahari Clark - Puppets/Dance; Faceboy - Storytelling; Machine Dazzle - Costume Alchemist; Velocity Chyaldd - Performance art;  Amanda Whip the ambient clowning stage kitten.
More info:

Sundays Oct 2013-May 2014 8:30pm
Christina sings Forrester

christina clare on the piano at manhattan inn with joel forrester

Now in her 9th straight month, our very own Christina, known as 'X' or 'X-tina' to the jazz world, brings you the soulful, funny, and wise musical numbers of Joel Forrester!

With X-tina on the mic and Joel on the piano and Rolyn in the kitchent, the Manhattan Inn has never sounded, tasted, and looked so good! Come in your sparkles and your feathers and festoons! Or just come as you are. Join a group of artistic and luminary regulars in what often turns into a spontaneous film/art/music salon on the side.
at Manhattan Inn - 632 Manhattan Ave (Greenpoint, Brooklyn) - Free

Friday, May 16, 7:30pm
i like you - the ALL NEW cut !!!

christina clare on the piano at manhattan inn with joel forrester

Have you seen our movie already? See it again, it's totally different and very satisfying for the brain! Have you never seen it before? Come see it now! It's moving and amazing and the perfect mix of mainstream and slipstream. To read more about it go here: click me.

at THE APARTMENT- RSVP for location (East Village) - Free
- Raffle tickets avaialable to win t-shirt made by Christina come in all sizes

Mothers' Day, Sunday May 11, 8:30pm
'Mommy Lounge Sing!'

christina clare on the piano at manhattan inn with joel forrester

Relax with Christina Clare and hear the blues, some rag time, and other new evolving forms of Jazz tonight at Manhattan Inn in Greenpoint. Joel Forrester brings it to life on piano, Matt Garrity shuffles it down on the drums, and Christina sings the words to remember! Enjoy the various infusions of the venue, run your hand smoothly over wood, meet new friends. It's always a good time with Christina and there's a special twist today: Shirts optional on this breast day of the year!
at Manhattan Inn - 632 Manhattan Ave (Greenpoint, Brooklyn) - Free

Saturday, April 12th from 12-4pm
First Annual DRESS-GO-AROUND! !

fritz donnelly with participants of home invasion a spontaneous screening in your home!
"Here's how it works: 1. Spring clean out your closet and 2. Bring whatever you're over to the party to 3. Swap, sell, or donate to our neighborhood shelter 4. Christina Clare will be on hand with her sewing machine to turn my Stevie Nicks maxi into your Anna Karina mini. 5. Bring some booze and schmooze 6. Cuz its nice to make new friends."
The Multi-Purpose Room 410 West 58th Street (bet. 9th & 10th Aves)


Sunday March 23rd 9:30pm
A Special Robed Presentation!

special prize fuzzy dog

Like to watch a movie in a relaxed way? Find yourself watching some new series late at night on a computer? Want to be social at the same time? Now you can! No internet necessary! Stroll over to the Manhattan Inn tonight (in Greenpoint of course) and doff off your clothes, done on your robe, beauty spot on your cheek, and put your other cheeks to the seat and sit back and watch the movie experience of our generation!
Our new feature film i like you
shows tonight and it's multicolored tour de force from the Bowery to the moon will leave your robes swirling!will be the first movie you've seen with so many other people wearing robes!
No robe? Robes and Marshmallow suits provided!
at Manhattan Inn, back room (in Greenpoint)
Get a copy on DVD through
this secret link.

Friday Feb 21st, 8:30p
Home Invasion!!!!

people standing on a street corner

Forget about the ol' traditional dinner and a movie date.  Instead,  join and HiChristina and compatriots today as we .... find a random apartment and have a party with strangers! Too good to be true? Too weird to be happening? Too creepy to actually work? Maybe! No better time to find out than on a Friday night!

The group of us (space is limited, RSVP below) will be equipped with a projector, screen, extention cord, our new movie "i like you," and of course a box of popcorn! Everything we could need to invade a complete stranger's home and enjoy a movie and conversation in complete comfort! We're meeting inside but once together, we will go out to an East Village street corner and see which random passerby, squatter, cat sitter, million-dollar-loft resident , railroad apartment-er, club owner or real estate agent with lots of empty apartments welcomes us into their home for an evening of total abandonment, excitement, suspense and most of all FUN!  The adventure begins with HiChristina tonight. You know you're in safe hands.

Meeting in the East Village at the Bean ( 147 1st Ave and 9th street ).
RSVP or get tickets to secure your spot.


A sample from our last screening here:




President's Day, Monday Feb 17th, 2:30-4:30pm
Presidential Playtime and Stumping Speeches!

crazy horse with mount rushmore presidents

Hear excerpts from Presidential Speeches and guess which President delivered which speech! The winner is President for the rest of the day (or gets to appoint a secret cabal of post-industrialists to really govern!). Other prizes include convincing press photos and a lesson in shaking hands and touching shoulders.

As if that's not enough fun, bring a toddler or small child dressed 'presidentially' and let them play in the adjoining room with the 'secret service'.

Look up a speech to stump the audience, or pull out a famous stump speech to rouse the old spirit. "The only thing we have to fear...." Never celebrated President's Day before but always wanted to try!? At HiChristina we make it easy and this time, kid-friendly too!!

Valentine's Day, Friday Feb 14th, 9pm
I'm Your Valentine

people painted different colors on bikes

Have no particular romantic prospect, or a bit over the whole Valentine's thing, or just want an extra dose of attention on a cold day?  Look no further!  HiChristina provides!  Today I am and we is your valentine!  Join a group of strangers and take turns being eachother's Valentine as you follow our own Fritz Donnelly on a short and wonderful adventure involving music, some movement, maybe a snack, and the imagination!  Extra points for bringing flowers!

Part 2 of the event happens on the internet (around 10/11pm), so if you're 'house-bound' and need a valentine cheering up, RSVP for instructions.

Tuesday, Feb 4, 7:30pm
Red Carpet and Costume Release Par-tay for HiChristina's New Film!

i like you poster version 1

HiChristina is ready to show you our movie! But of course it's not quite as ordinary as that (this is HiChristina after all!) It's not only the RELEASE PARTY for our new feature film, it's also a COSTUME PARTY! No longer are giant blockbusters and franchises the only home of fan-dress-up, now YOU can dress up like a character a) you imagine may be in the movie, b) should be in a movie somewhere, or c) is in our movie for real!

Take a stroll through our "(w)hall of characters" where you can choose a character from the movie (pictured on the wall) and dress up like them (assisted by Christina of course)!!  Whether it's with a wild wig, a pair of leggings, some sparkles or lame, or just a handfull of fluff, we've got you covered! 

In honor of how the film was made performers (or guests!) will be doing SPONTANEOUS THINGS, like rolling on the ground, or singing in French while standing on their head, all while you revel in the full length comedy of action romantic magical adventure!!  

For a special prize... go into the bathroom and come out with your clothes on backwards.

I LIKE YOU, but we love you. Tonight this night February 4th 2014

at Baby's Alright 
146 Broadway and Bedford Ave
Williamsburg Brooklyn
 (by the bridge)


New Year's Day, January 1st, 2014
HiChristina 5th Annual LOVE Corners!

women's wear daily features HiChristina LOVE Corners

The youngest and only(?) New Year's Day tradition is now 5 years old! Join people from around this round globe in projecting love on a random (appointed) corner in the city near you. From as far as Uzebekistan and Auckland to as near as 23rd street, NYC, Love Corners abound! Even better if you're still awake from the night before. Wear some red, close your eyes take a deep breath, open your eyes and... project love to whoever walks by. Give it some time. Relax. Hold hands. You're strangers now but who knows...!

In Manhattan stand on the corner of 23rd Street and Broadway on the sunny side of the street (corner by the park) and project love! Also happening simultaneously in Madrid, Istanbul, London, Sydney, etc.

You may meet a drunk Elmo, you may meet a giant Panda Bear, you may meet a scientist with 100 red balloons, all have made appearances in the past. Whoever you meet, whatever you do, it will be magical, wonderful, relaxing, and the perfect start to a New Year, one that you know is going to be better than the one before!

23rd and Broadway, Manhattan, sunny side of the street (corner by park)
AND Worldwide!

Monday 8:30pm, Oct ?
HiChristina at AREA Nightclub Retrospective Afterparty
hichristina at area night club party with chuck close

Adam Aleksander hired us for this one and it is/was amazing. Luminary attendants like Chuck Close, Calvin Klein, and a bunch of other weirdos, spoolios, and ringos, watched and participated as HiChristina piled people on the floor, wrapped guests together, and exploded pillows all over the room. It was 80's again and then some.

Sundays 8:30-10:00pm
(Sept, 8th - Dec, 8th)
Christina Sings Forrester
at Manhattan Inn in Greenpoint BK
lounge singer at manhattan in brooklyn christina
She's back! A year after having her first baby on a nationally televised home birth on the BRAVO Network, Christina returns to the stage now with renowned composer and pianist Joel Forrester, in a show-stoppin', toe-tappin', throw-back to the iconic lounge singer of yesteryear. 

On Sundays at Greenpoint's Manhattan Inn, sit back and relax while Joel plays those black and whites and Christina woos and entertains you in "Christina Sings Forrester."  All original tunes from Joel about claustro-philiacs, atomic bombs, a guy named Dave, and many more! I can see it now, sipping a Pimms Cup cocktail, indulging in the Dayboat Scallops and listening to the musical stylings of Joel and Christina, it's a match made in heaven.

Manhattan Inn
632 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn NY

Saturday, August 4th 3pm
"HiChristina Makeover"
at Sculpture Center's Block Party
face in the back of head

With HiChristina's patented technique(TM) ANYONE can grow a mustache, pipecleaner, felt, or marmelade! (Astroturf sold separately.) Come as you are and leave as wild as can be! HiChristina is back by popular demand to turn your demands into upsidedown!
SculptureCenter in Long Island City

Wednesday, May 29th 6-9pm
"Your Very Own Social Sunrise"
at Amy Van Doran's
Date My Friends -- Soul Train Edition

congratulations, what a nice dress

Always wanted to be the debutante but missed you're coming out party? Have an extra wig that you wonder if you'll ever wear? Want to go on a date with a stranger, or just think about doing it while people are all so nice to you? Here at HiChristina we say ALL AT ONCE! Join us at matchmaker Amy Van Doran's highly structured and wonderfully girl-friendly Speed Dating night where, in a special twist tonight, the verbal meets the nonverbal.
CultureFix 9 Clinton Street
Wigs encouraged!

Sunday, May 26th 7:30-11pm
Playful 'within A Play'
at Adam Alexander's Les Salonniers

a queen waiting for soup
What did you want to be when you grew up? That's what you are tonight! (Maybe that's what you are every night--who knows, the demand for a 'dinosaur appocalypse re-enactor' may be up!) Walk down the lighted garden path with HiChristina and enter a live shakespearean experience with a 5 course feast, an 11 piece band, a (the) Barefoot Shakespeare company and more brought to you by the likes of Adam Alexander and Jenny Weinbloom with the loves of Kinky Demure, and our very own Fritz and Christina.

Wednesday, May 22nd 6-9pm
Draw on the Fritz: Group Drawing Games for DADA

twin dogs and strange
What is white all over, has two legs, and smiles when you scribble on it? Fritz tonight at this interactive drawing party! Find the hidden canvas. Draw on the big screen. Or on the giant table. Or sitting in the lap of the giant white fuzzy creature! As big as the internet itself, join HiChristina's Fritz Donnelly and the DADA founder Beatrix Ramos for the launch of a new platform for artists to make art together simulatneously via interwebs! As well as all the stuff face book does.Out-faced over-faced about-faced? Here's the next big thing!
DUMBO at Dancing Diablo Studios, 20 Jay Street

Thursday, May 2nd 6-9pm
Christina sings 'Stormy Weather' in a Hilarious Wa
at Art Opening uptown

christina clare larkin grimm laura ann

Hear, see, experience Christina and her trio of femmes fatales sing and reinterpret songs from the 1920's and 30's. We've never tip toed so sweetly through the tulips in corsetted ball gowns!

Art Opening for Camilla Huey at the Morris-Jumel Mansion
Christina Clare of HiChristina accompanied by Larkin Grimm of the Dirty Projectors with "The Society Pianist" Peter Minton

Tuesday, Feb 14th Valentine's Day, 8pm
HiChristina hosts private Masquerade Ball
wazooo keats plays flute
Complete with some leggs and a little bit of ferrari testerosa biscotti! Cover your face in technology, feathers, a beauty,mask, a wolfish smile, or a traditional eye cover, whatever suits you suits us at this bubbly dinner downtown. To Hire HiChristina for your event, write us .

Tuesday, Jan 1st, 2013! New Year's Day, 3pm-4pm
HiChristina 4th Annual Love Corners:
the only New Year's DAY Tradition!

wazooo keats plays flute
Stand on the corner of 23rd street and 5th Avenue, Manhattan on the sunny side of the street.  Okay, now you're there. Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  Open your eyes, and project love! It's as simple as that. Meet interesting people in the process!  Wear some red: a red scarf, a red hat, a red earring, or paint a fingernail red, or a tooth! Find someone else wearing red and hold hands. Project love. We're all in this together! And know that at the same moment people around the world are projecting love on a corner in their own cities: Madrid, San Cristobal, Kyoto, Hamburg, Pittsburg, Miami, Seattle, and Soweto to name a few! Last year a man with 100 red balloons showed up! The year before it was the giant panda. What will happen this year!? Afterwards take a walk in the park or share a cup of tea with your new friends. The fastest growing new year's day tradition! Do lover corners in New York or wherever you are and Email us a photo!

Thursday, December 13th, 9-11pm
HiChristina Make-A-Play and Toothpaste Mustache!

wazooo keats plays flute
Tonight HiChristina makes a 10 minute 3 act play out of group consciouness! Bring a page from a play, on your phone or an actual printed play (even better!), and join HiChristina as we costume, light, direct and act out the new hybrid Play of All Plays! But that's not all! After playing your role on stage, back stage, or in the audience (tasteful heckling encouraged!)gather round for the cast and crew afterparty with drinks at the bar and surprising dramatic outbursts! Oh, and bring tomatoes (some provided) for throwing at the Villian! When you go home your roommate will ask "How did you get that toothpaste mustache?" If they only know!
CultureFix 9 Clinton Street in the Lower Eastside
Tickets $10 online $15 at door

Friday, Nov 9th, 9pm-10:30pm
The Perfect Stranger + Boogie Woogie !

Formerly HiChristina Classic Halloween Party

HiChristina Perfect Stranger
Come in, write down your ultimate life goal, dance, wear a strange but comfortable new outfit, meet new friends, and when you leave, you'll have your whole life figured out and written down by a friendly stranger on an index card. Sound impossible? It's not! HiChristina has a proven and fail-proof way to help you discover and realize your dreams!! Tonight's the night. It's part theatre, part personal discovery, and two parts social mixer with a side of boogie down. Watch out for the 'unexpectedly attractive flasher, sign up for a mystery encounter in the closet, and yes, feel the eyeballs in the bowl, bob for apples and enter the costume contest! So wear your windswept Halloween costume or come as you are (costume elements provided) and be ready for career-changing revelations, tonight only with HiChristina! Show starts promptly.
at IvanaHelsinki Concept Store in SoHo
251 Elizabeth Street (Between Houston and Prince)
$15 online $20 at the door

Tuesday, Nov 6th, all day

wazooo keats plays flute
Whether by mail or at a poll, vote, vote, vote with HiChristina and millions of other people today in a mass group participatory experiment. Then stand back and cross your fingers!!

Wednesday, Oct 24th, 7-11pm
HiChristina! at a Private Groupme Event

mime hands
Charades, blindfolded bluff, and the 'camera dance' are just a taste of the wild, historically-informed and postmodernly refigured parlor games that you'll learn and experience tonight!  Join Master Entertainer and Semiotician Fritz Donnelly of HiChristina as you describe the history of the mystery object, or play continuous piano (no skills necessary!) while hiding and seeking around Victorian columns and plush couches.  It's a little bit of crazy in an old stately mansion, and you'll walk away with some undeniable new social moves! To hire us for your event/party/extravaganza write

Saturday, Oct 20th, 4-6pm
3rd Annual Massive Mad Hatter's Tea Party

massive mad hatter tea party
Fritz as the March Hare, Christina as the White Queen, and baby Keats as Doormouse (or teacup!)!
Don your mad hats and make your way down the rabbit hole, through the tiny door, across the pond of giant tears and into this wild wonderful and literary mass participation celebration of Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter's Tea Party.
East Village, Manhattan, New York, The United States of
America, Planet Earth, Wonderland.

Saturday, Oct 13th, 9pm (show starts promplty at 9:15pm)
HiChristina Variety Show with Polka Dot Olympics!

hichristina polka dot variety show
The infamous HiChristina Variety Show returns!!  This fall we're taking the show on the road and popping up in locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Tonight join us in a throwback to the fabled Williamsburg of 'old', a 2nd floor loft with hand-built bar, stage, balcony, and carved wooden heads!!! Take the stage to share your latest ideas, your artwork, your practiced performance, or your spontaneous urge.  The variety show is a mix of the tried-and-true and the nascent and unexpected.  But that's not all!  Like a triple decker sandwich (hold the sardines!) this night goes through three magical phases: 5 minute performances, group polka, and fake astrologies! We can't wait to see you! Christina will start the show promptly at 9:15 so come at 9pm to reserve your favorite spot in the lineup... Our new HiChristinian Keats might have an act to perform too!
hidden loft space with stage and balcony in Williamsburg near South 5th & Bedford
$5 to perform, $10 to watch

Friday, Oct 12th, all day
Register to Vote TODAY!!!

register to vote, big bird is counting on you!
Last day to register to vote in New York (and still be able to vote in the election).  Anyone with a driver's license/ID card can do it!  Go to the DMV online here. 1) Get a username and password using your liscense/ID. 2) sign in and register. 3) That's it! GET OUT AND VOTE- This is an important election, Sesame Street is on the line!

Thursday, Oct 11th, 6pm-9pm
Opening Reception for Evelyn Donnelly's New Artwork!

evelyn donnelly painting

See new paintings from Fritz's sister!!  Join us for this very special art opening in a downtown loft, old school style!  And if you haven't yet, meet Keats!  He's the friendliest art critic we know ~|~  (I'd like to put a few more exclamation points in here but I've been informed there's a new mark, one that indicates you're jumping up and down and waving your arms while you say something and it is: ~|~  use at your own discretion).
Salon 2b
80 Nassau Street #2b (b/w John & Fulton, 1 block east of Broadway.


Saturday, Sept 8th, night
HiChristina as 'Club Med' at Les Salonnieres Tiki Party!

tiki hula frog

Put on a flower shirt, leave the sand in your hair, and sneak with me up two flights of stairs to this reed skirted Tiki Party in a transformed Williamsburg loft.  It will be fly fancy and fun on two dance floors, a room of heads, a cigar terrace, a tiki bar and free beer from 8-9:30.  Tickets 10 bucks here (address will be emailed to attendees day before the event). Write to become part of the performance troupe!  Afterwards we all go jump in the moonlit ocean!

Saturday, Sept 8th, noon-5pm
HiChristina House of Wondrous Disguises at SculptureCenter Block Party!

man pets baby cheetah

Enter our giant HiChristina 'black box' through a secret entrance and exit in total hot-weather-friendly disguise!  Inside the box are all the elements you need to create a perfect disguise plus helpers, so you can do it yourself, or with assistance and be 'made over!' 
Why lose weight when you can gain weight!  Why dress up when you can dress down!  Why dress forward when you can dress backward, these and other bold stylistic choices will send Milan fashion experts reeling and make you the star of your facebook friends' friends!
We don't reveal exactly what happens in the black box, suffice it to say each corner of the box offers a different experience: mustache, body augmentation, head flair, and total surprise with closed eyes!
Yes for everyone!

We promise it will be the best Saturday ever as you join HiChristina for the Long Island City block party through SculptureCenter with over 50 participating artists and between 1,000-2,500 attendees. The party will involve an artist's market inside of SC, food trucks, performances, and artist-run activity tents that play on booths typically found an an outdoor fair.

And that's not all!  Reach into your pocket after getting your 'before' and 'after' picture taken and you'll find a tiny slip of paper with a secret mission that will lead you deeper into the wild wooly world of art block party!
SculptureCenter Block Party!
44-19 Purves Street Long Island City, NY 11101
718.361.1750 x123


Saturday, May 26th, late night
HiChristina 'Interactive Performance' at BANZAI!
western duel

Last year we wrapped the dancefloor (and the dancers) in gold transparent fabric! This year... Only one way to find out. Show producer-performers Muffinhead and Eric Schmalenberger pull together the edge of art, performance, and music into a sparklying tapestry. (photo by Citizen Chris)

Christina Tells All!
christina and keats

You've seen me on TV now hear about my journey. From the first pink spot on the pregnancy test (surprise!), to my hospital visits and decision to try a homebirth with a midwife, to breastfeeding our 3 month-old son. Join me for a casual talk with Q and A to follow. Keats and I look forward to meeting you!

What people are saying:

Megan Villa Already love the home birth couple #PregInHeels
Bravo PR @BravoTV's #PreginHeels with @rosiepope Season 2 Premiere Delivers Series High with 38 Percent Increase in Total Viewers
Rosie Pope RT @wcsarah2012: #PregInHeels best episode ever! Laughing and disgusted and shocked all at once!
Verified Packer Fan [...] good Lord that woman is a warrior. All natural home birth no midwife intervention. @Bravotv
Babystyle Magazine If you've ever wondered what a cross between Freddie Mercury and Paul McCartney would look like as a father, Fritz is it. #PregInHeels
christina and fritz with baby keats and midwife at #preginheels screening
GlamDuo™ @RosiePope @Bravotv I'm obsessed with Fritz & Christina, Chinese rapper? Love it! And her ponytail infused bob, brilliant! #PregInHeels
Sunny I do LOVE Christina's rainbow socks <3 #preginheels
JackieOhHellNo™ I can't wait to see what baybay Keats is wearing!!! #preginheels
Karrie #PreginHeels is crazy tonight!!! @Bravotv
Jennifer Thomas @RosiePope the look on Fritz's face watching the baby come out is priceless! #70spornstarshock #PregInHeels
fritz on tv
Lawrence LT Thompson I love every Look! #PregInHeels "@Philosurfy: @LTtheKIKI How do you feel about Fritz's outfits on this episode?"
Sherry Bryant #preginheels Christina is so brave!
christina and fritz at preginheels screening
Rosie Pope You made me laugh out loud RT @baileyquin: I know why people say their tech is on "the fritz" when it's spazzing @RosiePope #PregInHeels
  15 May Rosie Pope ‏@RosiePope

Tuesday, May 15th 10pm-11pm
Christina Gives Birth on TV!
cx gives birth on tv

The Absurd has never been so real: see Fritz and Christina on Reality TV! Tune in to Pregnant in Heels (on Bravo) and watch Rosie Pope guide Christina and Fritz out of the woods and into the fireplace with the homebirth of their first child. Will Fritz teach the baby diaperless communication? Will Christina succumb to the c-section? Find out all that and more in that fading into extinction medium we all call television! See snippets here: season preview | season preview 2 | episode preview

Friday the 13th (of April) ! 10pm-12am
HiChristina Lucky Penny: Superstition meets Science

Your luck is about to change with this Lucky Penny from HiChristina!

Your luck is about to change with this Lucky Penny from HiChristina!

This Friday the 13th go from good to gooder and (wanna) bet to better! Ever wondered if thinking about something makes it happen... or what cheese tastes like on the moon? Get the answers you've always wanted dressed up in living color tonight at HiChristina! And what better time to wear that puffy jacket or metallic head band or those Moonboots! (moon landing recreation dance party tops off the night).

Amble in to this SoHo storefront remade into a labyrinth of surprises. In one corner get hypnotized, in another practice tarot, in another eat lucky charms cereal with a leprechaun! But where's the science? Experiment with sound and light at the experiment table with true labcoated professionals!

Then brush your hair back and bend your ears for six short lectures (5 min ea.) including: "I Live with Ghosts", "My Dancing Robot", "Optimism Will Make You Live Forever", "The Quantified Self", and the ever popular "Vegan Lucky Rabbit Tail." And to top it off Special Guest Liam McEneaney talks his way past Rumplestitskin!

DJ Wicked Sweaty pumps up the jams for the moonboots dance party conclusion-explosion!

at IvanaHelsinki Concept Store in SoHo
251 Elizabeth Street (Between Houston and Prince)

April Fools Day! 6pm
HiChristina 4th Annual Make New Friends:
Outdoor Adventure Edition - Central Park

make new friends on april fools day with HiChristina
Join us in the great outdoors of Central Park for a wild adventure guided by Fritz and Christina! Snack on ice cream sandwiches, wrangle balloons, overcome obstacles, do some crazy athletics, lie in the grass and listen to poetry (leaves of grass/bring your own), and meet the troll under the bridge!

This April Fools Day meet an entirely new social network! Does it seem that your old friends have lost interest in you or your amazing new projects? Not attending your important events, dates or openings? Do they assume that because you two are "Old Pals" that they can take advantage of you, yet not even call on your birthday?

Well, here at HiChristina we say, "Out with the old and in with the new!" You deserve friends who appreciate you for who you are, respect your lifestyle and choices, friends who call you back right away. And what better day to meet new friends than on the silliest day of the year!

Special guest performance by the Balloon Wrangler!
RSVP for secret start location and code word. in Central Park, Manhattan.
The friendliest party in New York City!

Valentine's Day, Tuesday, February 14th 8-11pm
HiChristina (Mad) Love at First Sight

Valentines Day never was so easy.
This particular event was just covered in TimeOut New York and Black Book Magazine and the New York Times. But you already knew it's great!

Everyone wants a perfect Valentine's but does anyone really want all that responsibility?!  Now you don't have to!  Fritz and Christina are here for you.  At this HiChristina soiree you'll experience the full benefits of V-day, romance, poetry, chocolate, without any of the D-day, break-ups, cocktails thrown in the face, and stomped flowers.

Come alone or as a couple and enter an exotic muraled parlor with Victorian horned furniture where the living legends of love walk among us. Cupid, Cyrano de Bergerac, Shakespeare (Emily James !), Don Juan--played by the one and only Lady Rizo!, plus Marilyn Monroe and even David Lynch (come on, Wild at Heart)!  Each of these magical personalities leads you through a different part of the night.  Cupid assigns valentines to the adventurous, Cyrano puts poetic words in your mouth (tongues?). Marilyn does hair for flashbulb photos by Ventiko in a Ventikoland installation!  Don Juan seduces.  And the lucky few become the fought-over muses of Shakespeare and David Lynch.  Jump in midnight-in-paris style or stand back opera-balcony-style in the splendid shadows of tonight's venue, The Oracle Club

Miss a connection at the party?  Now you have live matchmaking by Madamoiselle Amy van Doran, just drop your request in the hat and the matchmaker for extraordinary people will connect you using her secret 1000 year old recipe (and modern methods like email). And for the delicate palate, nibble on hand-made chocolate by Daniel Sklaar's Fine and Raw.

Opera arias, Andre Breton's Mad Love, super-artist Laura Lee Gulledge as the lipstick painting cigarette girl, and a parlor game of show OR tell will add art and culture to your chocolate plate.  With HiChristina you'll never be lonely again.

Monday, Jan 23 5pm
Fritz's Film at Slamdance

Celebrating creativity without the planning, or impulsive movies, or just movies made with more casual technology, the Disposable Film Festival shows films made on 'disposable' media like cell phones and point-n-shoot cameras. Across the street and upside down from the SUNDANCE Film Festival, it's avant-garde cousin SLAMDANCE is showing one of Fritz's films, "Final Request", as part of the Disposable Film Festival "Best Of". Tickets/ info here. teaser Trailer here .

Sunday, Jan 1 2012!! 3:02pm - 4:01pm
HiChristina! 3rd Annual LOvE CorNeRS

HiChristina Love Corners!!
For any of 59 beautiful minutes join HiChristina at the 3rd Annual LOVE Corners! Stand next to a stranger and project love toward other strangers walking by. Know your friends by the red scarf or red hat or red pants or red tie or red shoelaces or red ... something that they're wearing. Have no red? There's always your tongue! You'll see us on the sunny corner of 58th street and 6th Ave at 3:02pm (rain or shine). Come and go as you please, even a minute of LoVe Corners can last the whole year! Not in Manhattan? LovE Corner on a street near you, send a snap and we'll snap you back. At the precise stroke of 4:01 take a leisurely stroll with your new-found friends in Central Park. It's the new New Year's DAY tradition! Last year a spontaneous LoVe CoRNers popped up in South America! As seen in Women's Wear Daily!
Free event!
corner of 58th Street and 6th Avenue (one block south of Central Park in Manhattan)
or just show up before between 3 and 4
... a piece of pie goes to whoever comes at 3:14pm!Free event! RSVP
or just show up before between 3 and 4... a piece of pie goes to whoever comes at 3:14pm!

Wednesday, Dec 21 8:30pm - late at Glasslands
HiChristina! hosts Holiday Party with Cream On Top

Late Night Show with your host Fritz Donnelly
Staying in New York for the pagan-cum-commercial holiday of the century? Dance and romance away the night with fun friends at Glasslands, the cloud in a warehouse with hot apple cider, a double bar, a balcony, and HiChristina in the fuzzy lights. Live Music from Wild Yaks, Hopewell, This Frontier Needs Heroes, The Can't Tells, Broke and Rollin' (Zach Clausen & Cameron Salazar). Laura Leigh gives midnight haircuts! Proceeds benefit the bodily recovery of the soultastic DJ Jonathan Toubin.
at Glasslands 289 Kent Ave Brooklyn NY 11211

Friday, Dec 16 10pm at CultureFix
HiChristina! Fake Talk Show, Seedless Grapes, and the Toilet Bowl Fairy

Late Night Show with your host Fritz Donnelly
HiChristina brings you the late night talk show to end all talk and turn upside down all shows! Walk through the doors and when the red light goes on take your place: in the audience, or on stage as a guest or backup dancer, in the band lead by Christina herself, as one of the stage crew, or take the "mystery surprise" role, it's your choice when you arrive! And, for the performers out there, do a 2 min piece on stage and be interviewed afterward by your hosts Fritz and Christina. For the voyeur inside, get the special Paparazzi pass and get to sneak back stage or even sit, "under the desk!" Also a chance to meet and hear from some of New York's finest artistic talent. 90 minute show starts promptly.
at CultureFix 9 Clinton Street in the Lower East Side

The HiChristina! BIG BUMP!
HiChristina werecats in the tree

Christina is having a baby.  And as wonderful as this may be for her what do the rest of us do about it... well, we have a baby too!  Wear a belly tonight (bellies provided or bring your own) and join HiChristina for an event that is three parts party, two parts dancing, and one part strange performance of the absurd.

For one fast and furious hour HiChristina takes something that's growing inside us all and pulls it out!  What is that special something that you have inside you?  The whisper dance, a side of detective coleslaw, undercover performance, and even L*O*V*E Sparkle will send you through the most wild early evening hour of your life!  Oh and did we mention that a Major Network Television Station will be filming the insanity?  Immortality! 

Let the exhibitionist or intellectual or fashionista inside you free! Show us what's been brewing within and let us massage it out, nice and gentle like... It's a natural birth!

ps Did you catch Fritz in Rolling Stone!?

Christina Plays Music in Los Angeles!!
LA: Largo Oct 18 8:30, Hotel Cafe Oct 19 9pm

Christina (of our own HiChristina!) is performing in two shows in LA. See her with Alexa Wilding's band (Tim Foljahn, Alexa Wilding , and Christina). One night she plays with a comic musician Ben Lee who recently appeared in a short film with Margaret Cho!
Tuesday, October 18 - 8:30pm - Ben Lee's Deeper Into Dream album release @ Largo
*For Ben Lee fans...special show celebrating Ben's wonderful new album. Video preview by Fritz here.
Also performing will be The Silver Lake Chorus, Tim Foljahn, and Emma Forrest --Tickets and info here
Wednesday, October 19 - 9:00pm - Alexa Wilding at Hotel Cafe
*The upclose and wonderful show! Tickets and info here--Facebook link to share: here --

Friday, June 24 10pm
Mustache Party!
HiChristina comes to Banzai
Have you always wanted to be inducted into the secret world of hairy chests, cigars, poker tables, hair pieces, long socks, and mustaches? Tonight don your disguise, step over the gender boundary and see how the other half lives!
RSVP for time and location:

Saturday, June 11, 6:30 doors 7pm-9pm Show
HiChristina hosts Mardi Love Belly Dancing!!!

HiChristina comes to Banzai
The belly that launched a thousand dances is gyrating, poping, flowing, and shimmying tonight at Cameo on N6th Street. HiChristina will take you through a night of world-class belly dancers (featuring the one, the only, Mardi Love!), eccentric performances, and snake-charming live music. Performers include, Sarah J. Locke, Renata, Irina Kom, Barushka, and Dhyana of Alchemy Dance Theatre; JeniViva and the Mystical Hips Tribe, Lauren Jeanette, Lauren Robbiani, Mat Jacob, Sarah Hassan. For tickets go here.
Cameo Gallery 93 N. 6th Street Williamsburg (close to the L train at Bedford)

Saturday, May 28th, late night
HiChristina 'Special Appearance' at BANZAI!

HiChristina comes to Banzai
How can we be two places at once? How can we be two people at once! Double the trouble tonight as dynamic glittered-toed and fur-heeled performers unite with art on walls, music in ears, and bubbly mouth syndrome. You can't stop talking tonight at Muffinhead & Eric Schmalenberger's Banzai party. HiChristina will be there to bring you closer to that person next to you! More info about the 'Banzai: Art and Performance Blitz' on their facebookinvite: here.

Saturday, May 28th 9pm
HiChristina hosts Glasslands 5 year Anniversary Birthday!

Glasslands Birthday and Chocolate Chip Cookie Experience
What started as an underground operation full of sweat soul clapping and indie rock and dress-me-up bartending has turned into a new york institution! In just 5 short years. Congratulations to the Glasslands, Brooke Baxter and Rolyn's baby that will now be going off to school on it's own to learn to read and write and rythmatic! A medley of music and fun hosted by Christina and Fritz.
Glasslands - 289 Kent Avenue (between S1 and S2nd) - L train to Bedford Ave

Friday, May 27th 8pm
JUST ONE MORE THING: The HiChristina Columbo-Themed Vampire Murder Mystery Dinner Party

and one more thing - hichristina columbo murder mystery
Eat, Drink and be MURDERED- uh, I mean MERRY! Friday the 27th of May marks the first-ever HiChristina Columbo-themed vampire murder mystery dinner party with weapons from Clue! Christina's all-time favorite retro sluth COLUMBO, the trench-coat wearing, humble, clever, stooped detective will make an appearance to solve a mysterious string of murders. Kill, be killed, watch, eat, drink, meet, do one, do it all.  The party evolves through three phases: Investigation, Murder, and Alibi... oh and the grand finale where Columbo (Fritz Donnelly) solves the case!  Create false alibis with other guests, use 'weapons' (like the poisoned red wig, or the collapsible dagger, or the candlestick!) strategically hidden around the room,  and watch out for the surprise zombie attack.  It's everything fun about murder and the 70s mixed in a cauldron of bright colors, black boots, and eyeshadow.  And most refreshing: tonight rather than being yourself you can be someone totally different.  Experience the glamor and success it usually takes a lifetime to accumulate in one night!  RSVP for your role right out of lifestyles for the rich (or supernatural) and famous.  Columbo's heyday was the 60-70s so think retro, or go goth if you're into the vampire aspect, and come ready for fun (and good food specials!)
$15 at the door, or online for $12
Juniper 112 Berry Street (between n7 and n8 in Williamsburg, 2 blocks from Bedford L train)

Saturday, May 14th, 7pm party 9pm show
Room of Fritz, A Choose Your Own Performance

an ordinary living room filled with sand
Come to an ordinary party on a beautiful terrace in Manhattan. Strike up a conversation and discover that something unexpected is going on!
A: "What do you do?"
B: "I'm an actor. How about you?"
A: "The zoo."
B: "Figures... so have you been in the Room of Fritz?"
A: "I chose 'lights out,' 'talking,' 'body suit,' and 'pg-13'."
We pass out cards. You fill out your choices and then when your time comes enter the Room of Fritz for individualized/small group, once-in-a-lifetime performances that are unique and tailor-made to your choices. Categories include: Light, Costume, Action, Style, and more! Fill out your card, slip it under the door, and receive your ticket and entry instructions. Step out of reality for a moment and into the room of delight. The fun never stops at HiChristina, it just evolves into something even more fun!
$10 BYOB
Terrace, Upper West Side, RSVP for exact address

Saturday, April 30th
Messages From the Future at Brown University

a two part performance, part two coming in 50 years
The future holds endless possibilities but the imagining of the future is usually very specific. There is the future of the 50s, rounded, bubbly, with sleek lines and smoothed edges--a kind of happy communist bloc. The future of the 60s is mulitcultural, a voyage into the unknown. The future of the 70s was the present of the 70s: disco. There is the future of the 80s, dark, dripping, with monsters, where the line between machine and person is fuzzy and moving, There is the future of the 90s with clones, drones, and cgi-scapes. So far the twenty-tens don't have a future, or at least the conventions of this future aren't worn in yet, the groove hasn't been dug deep. Today we step into the booth and jump far into the future, and from this distant place we look back and comment on the present, we give advice, we observe, and we... Oh and we show off our new technological inventions (this is where magic cloud comes in!
The night culminates in everybody being wrappd in synthetic solid maonaise. Of course.
Annual Spring Arts Festival by the Student Creative League
at the Granof Center, Brown University, Providence RI

Wednesday, April 27th
HiChristina! hosts Royal Wedding

This is a private event. If you'd like HiChristina for your party or event, write Design by Christina Ewald. ps To see how the Royal Wedding effected facebook check this article in the Guardian here. Though the masked figures appear to have been elderly theater majors: here

Monday, April 25th 8pm-10pm
HiChristina! presents "Later Brooklyn"

later brooklyn hosted by Fritz Donnelly with Christina Ewald
Join us Monday for the LIVE taping of this new (post)tv Show! What do you get when you take one pair of solid gold leggings, sprinkle sequins, add a slab of mustache, two pinches buffon hairdo, a dash of smile, lace with wit, and let roast for 90 minutes uncovered?  Fritz Donnelly (huzah!), the new host of the funnest late night show ever! Mash-up of SNL, the Late Night Show, and the Twilight Zone, and you have some idea of what to expect tonight.   Part cinematic chomp, part live romp, part concert, part post-apocalyptic release: hear interviews, see sketches, nod to the live music, dance in the spotlight, or volunteer to jump up on stage for the 'natural actor' portion of the show.  Later BK is everything Christina and Fritz (and Josh and Dennis et al) can make it plus a bunch of other amazing people with beards and bangs and oh yes tassels too!
at Cameo Gallery on 93 N 6th St.Williamsburg (L to Bedford)
FREE 8pm, complimentary drinks 7-8pm

Friday, April 15th 10pm
HiChristina! 3rd Annual Five Minute Lectures

It's an amazing time to be alive... Revolution, wigs, disaster, latex and taco trucks! But what does it all mean TO YOU? Well, Find out the answer tonight at HiChristina! Fritz and Christina are taking you from 'interpretive dance interpreter' to 'sex standing up' through 'revolutions in everyday life' to 'how to be a casual scientist' and 'make money while just sitting there!' even 'using a scarf as a neck brace and other household remedies' and much much more! After each three presentations there's a brief question and answer session where you can learn and be learned! Come with a five minute lecture up your sleeve (spontaneous submissions accepted, or write us to be put on the roster). If being the pupil is your cup of tea just come ready to get schooled! With a garden out back, drinks and food, there's no telling what insightful, hilarious or downright bizarre goodies you'll be soaking up tonight! Hosted by your own Christina Ewald and Fritz Donnelly.
$10 - this marvelous place has drink specials just for us! and delicious food!
Juniper, 112 Berry Street btwn N7th & N8th (Willimasburg, L train Bedford stop)

Friday, April Fools Day, 11:59pm
Nine Minutes of Nadness

What if you wrappd the entire contents of a late night 'hotspot' in heat conductive Aluminum Foil! It's that and the friendly tomatoes happening tonight in this HiChristina homage to April Fools pranks, stunts, and triumphs!
Minor Arcana, Brooklyn

Saturday, March 19, 10pm
Happy Happy Sunshine Rainbow and Ballpoint Pen!

Rainbow colors, delightful SENSORY experience, live human sculptures, slippery SEA creatures and a dazzling prance/dance PARTY? Don't mind if I do! Fritz and Christina are out of the editing studio tonight and ready to take you through every color of the RAINBOW, one at a time, each having it's own theme, special performance and eclectic action! Jump up and get crazy with RED bultler's anger management dance technique... Or lie down, cool off and listen to the lapping waves with BLUE penguin. And there are so many more colors than that! What about the ballpoint pen? Well, that's one of the most exciting parts! See (and act in if you like) short renditions of major and obscure works of art. Guests are invited to bring something special. And that's not all... you are HIGHLY encouraged to wear BRIGHT colors: all one color or many! There will be new friendly fun-makers to meet and a chance to get a massage by the infamous Mr. Squiggle!
20 West 20th Street 6th Floor - The Pink Door
Chelsea, Manhattan, NYC

Friday, March 11, 9pm
Sneaky Preview! Private Sampling of I LIKE YOU!

Just four short months ago HiChristina! asked you to be part of our full-length feature film I LIKE YOU and now it's time to come and get a delicious taste! This is a PRIVATE PREVIEW SCREENING OF SELECT SCENES for:

1) Our marvelous and talented CAST and CREW
2) Those generous lovers who donated to the film on kickstarter
3) YOU if you would still like to make a donation of $10 or more by cash or check tonight.
Fritz and Christina want to hug and kiss you for your wonderful acting skills/booming expertise/craft service/altruistic donation that is making this all possible!
Come pick up your Christina Ewald designed t-shirt (your know who you are...)! You'll enjoy yourself tonight. From the marble lobby to the secret elevator to the luxurious leather couches to the expansive terrace, only the best for YOU! Why? Because we like you, that's why!
free, byob
Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC
RSVP to fritzandchristina (at) and we will promptly send you the address!

Saturday, January 22, 8pm - 11pm
It's Everyone's Birthday!

Is it your birthday? Was it? Will it be yet? GREAT! Us too! Tonight celebrate birthdays near and far at this music-filled, balloon-busting, kazoo-lovin' paradise. What is that you say? Along with birthday madness you'd also like to hear live 90's music played by an all girl cover band band? You want to dance, dance, dance then jump in and out of HiChristina parlour games AND get lifted oh so high in our human powered jungle gym? Good. Well, that's exactly what's going to happen tonight!! Break out of the winter chills and join us for 3 hours of birthday madness! There is a secret bar, magical dance floor and Fritz and Christina will be dressed up as green beans and toast all set in the crispiest loft in Dumbo. Do join us... Musical performance by No Ambition and a special levitation for Jennifer Armstrong!
135 Plymouth St #208
Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY

NEW YAR'S DAY Saturday, January 1 2011, 3pm-4pm
HiChristina 2nd Annuual LOVE Corners!
NW Corner of 6th Ave & 18th Street Manhattan

Have you ever stopped at an intersection and watched everyone walk by? What if you kept standing there and instead of checking your phone or asking directions... you started projecting LOVE! This year HiChristina is embarking on it's largest and most extravagant performance event to kick off the new year in the right spirit. You'll be standing on the corner holding hands simultaneously with people in Beijing, London, Johannesburg, and Tokyo.
Wear a red scarf or red handkerchief or a red flower or hat. Walk to the corner of 18th St. and 6th Ave in Manhattan and watch the people go by. Just look, silently. Smile. Stand on the sunny side of the street! Hold hands with anyone else at the performance, any stranger in a red scarf. Watch together without speaking. Last year a Full-size Panda showed up and held down the corner along with dozens of other loving and silent strangers, this year who knows what will happen. Join the world along with HiChristina in celebrating the start of 2011. This is not hug a stranger, this is not art everywhere, this is whimsical love and more refreshing than coconut water. If you're performing love corners in your own city, at 3:30 call the toll-free HiChristina hotline and tell us what your experience is like:
We'll answer!
Christina recommends going to a nearby tavern or cafe and sharing a hot drink with your new found red scarved friends. Document however you'd like, camera phone, post-it note, crumpled underwear, your choice.
Stand on the sunny side of the street: Northwest corner of 6th Ave and 18th Street in Manhattan
RSVP and report to
FREE City-Wide, World-Wide Event

Sunday, December 19, noon - 7pm
Will You Marry We!?!

LET'S GET MARRIED! Give an inappropriate toast, hit on the groomsmen, be one of the brides, take pictures, wear your most fabulous ridiculous colorful fancy outfit ever and be immortalized in I LIKE YOU, the HiChristina movie! And this is no ordinary art fantasy wedding, a bunch of people are all getting married to each other AS A GROUP! Wouldn't it be great if you could combine all the traits of your favorite lovers in one mate? Now you can! Come ready to take on the role that's right for you OR be a fabulously dressed wedding guest and then... cut loose! There will be multiple cameras and super pros mixing all the delightful tidbits, dance moves, and bon mots together. We want you and we want you on film. Be in the HiChristina full length movie! We're ready to transport you away on peals of jubilant fun. Lights, camera... you know it.
In Williamsburg off Bedford L
Sunday, December 19th noon
Camera's start rolling at 1pm!
contact the Director with any questions: tothehills at gmail dot com

Sunday, December 19, 9pm - midnight
HiChristina Backstage pass!

Come perform with HiChristina tonight LIVE, ON STAGE and BACKSTAGE. Come into the GREEN room with us. We'll dress you up, jump onto the stage with us. Enjoy free beverages for an hour and free flow of fun all night! There are roles for body guards, fans, backup dancers, flashy photographers, and even break out soloists. Whether you want to get on stage for the first time ever, lurk in the shadows, or push forward a budding entertainment career HiChristina has a place for you. Everyone is part of the performance tonight and the audience will never know what hit them.
at Glasslands 289 Kent Avenue (between s1st and s2nd in Williamsburg near Bedford L and Marcy J stops)

Wednesday December 15, 9:00pm
HiChristina 9th Annual Make New Friends PLUS Variety Show with 'P' Fruit

Come make new friends with HiChristina tonight in SOHO and see short performances of all kinds! The ever-popular HiChristina MAKE NEW FRIENDS is back, this time bearing new fruit: pear, papaya, pomegranate. Bring a fruit that starts with 'p' or come as you are and take a bite! Meet new people and then experience intermittent performances throughout the night. Sit back, relax and enjoy while our HiChristina 7 minute slam-bam-bi-bim-pop performances knocks your socks off! And YES! You can sign up to perform too! Bring your sharp wit, guitar, contortionist outfit or whatever it is you're working on at the moment and SHARE it with your newly found friends! It's one part social hour, one part variety show and all parts yummy treats tonight at HiChristina!

-Tired of old friends?-
You're not alone- we have too! On Wednesday, December 15th meet an entirely new social network! Does it seem that your old friends have lost interest in you or your amazing new projects? Not attending your important events, dates or openings? Do they assume that because you two are "Old Pals" that they can take advantage of you yet not even call on your birthday?
Well, here at HiChristina we say, "Out with the old and in with the new!" You deserve friends who appreciate you for who you are, respect your lifestyle and choices, friends who call you back right away.

The friendliest party in New York City! With chocolate and tea provided by the darling Alisha Trimble!
AT 'Isobel Arnberg'
280 Mulberry Street (between Prince & Houston) New York, NY
BYOB $10 (to watch) (to perform $5)

Friday December 3, 8pm
HiChristina 2nd Annual Someone Else's Office Party

THIS is the ultimate December holiday-party-going-New-York experience. Join Fritz and Christina again this year, as we moon from one 'Holiday Party' to another. We won't be thrown out but we're not exactly what they were expecting either. From accountants to artists, to barons and punks, we'll be meeting professionals in all forms and fields during our tour-de-soiree. The full range and possibility of New York Holiday parties will be on your paper plate tonight during the HiChristina 2nd Annual Someone Else's Office Party! This year will be filled with holiday cheer and endless fun!
First, we will convene at a secret location meeting our new "co-workers" in the collectively decided upon "company." Last year we were 'Top Ten' a hand model scouting agency, with a company handshake and a special whistle- who could even begin to guess what will happen this year! We'll don DISGUISES- appropriate (and inappropriate) for our specific job in our newly created workforce! Now we're off to a series of holiday parties! SURPRISE!
$20 includes admission to all parties, $18 advance tickets below, space limited.
*bring disguises or come as you are, many will be provided!
RSVP FritzandChristina(at)gmail(dot)com for location in Manhattan

Friday November 19, 10pm to midnight!
COUNTDOWN PARTY Pledge to the HiChristina Movie here



TONIGHT is an exclusive HiChristina!
PARTY in the LES!
YES, yes and YES!
THERE WILL BE a COUNTDOWN to MIDNIGHT- ONLY 6 hours left of our kickstarter project!
If we reach $5,000 we will shoot a scene on the MOON!
to receive your secret invitation to our
backer's only party... Ohhh,,, Ahhhh!!!
Make your pledge HERE and come party with us tonight! BYOB!
Christina and Fritz

Friday November 12, 9:30pm
Orango-tango and Midnight Manicure!

Get a mani-pedi while playing a part of the HiChristina opus "I Like You" while feeding live monkeys!!!(We have stadium seating if you want to watch from behind the camera.) Youre A STAR on the SILVER SCREEN! BE IN A hilarious group SCENE with Fritz and Christina! No- you don't have to be an professional actor-- just be yourself (but do put on a bizarre mish-mashed outfit... always helps)! ALSO -- Get a your nails done , by "lady licks-a-lot" while watching a sneak preview of I LIKE YOU (our feature film you will soon be a part of too!). Don't forget to feed the animals at the live (human) primate exhibit with special guest monkeys too! I know, it seems like "Whoa, this is too good to be true." Well, It's not so come see for yourself this Friday!
Dress Code: Really Colorful Clothing, no white! Outrageous mix-n-match!
At Dixon Place: 161 Chrystie between Rivington & Delancey
$10 online or $12 at the door

Thursday November 11, 8:00pm
Return of the HiChristina
Variety Show & Open Stage (mic)

This is it! Rustle up the downy feathers and turn on the air blower, the HiChristina Variety Show is back! See your favorites: interpretive dance modulators of Cherry Bomb, Joe Yoga, Christos, The J. King, The J. Murdock, Gerber, The Theta Musician, Slimey Sungoggles, and more more more. Join us in a special new HiChristina winter location in the East Village! See a combination of planned and spontaneous performance. Each performer has up to 7 minutes to wazzle and bedazzle the friendliest audience in New York City.
122 1st Avenue between 7th Street and St. Marks Place (former home of Reuben's Empanadas)
Sponsored in part by South Brooklyn Pizza - the place next door
$5 or $10 if just watching

Saturday October 30 10pm
Parts of a Whole Haloween: HiChristina Dresses You Up

Have you ever been TWINS for Halloween or the rump of a horse while your friend was the head? Well what if you got together with a bunch of people and formed a GIANT costume, and I don't mean a centipede or a dragon, a GIANT CONCEPTUAL costume like 'airplane food in mid air' or 'racetrack smash up at muscle beach'. At HiChristina tonight we're all going all the way! Bring a piece or two, we'll have a bunch of stuff also, and together we'll build a giant COSTUME that we all wear and then we'll bust out into the streets and traipse through the downtown Halloween parties.
We will be meeting up in the East Village.
BYOB in brown paper bag!
RSVP for exact location

Thursday October 28, 2010
HiChristina Makes A Movie

Act, crew, animate, or pour dry ice with us on the set of the new HiChristina feature film! You may have noticed we haven't had as many events as usual this month, now you know why. We'd love to feature the beautiful HiChristinians in this fun advenurous project.
At various locations in Williamsburg, the LES, midtown, and the upper west.
Read more and jump in here: it here:

Sunday October 24, 11pm - 2am
HiChristina Spins!

Christina is taking her record collection to the outskirts of an unhemmed dress tonight to put the flip back in your hairlip! Come dance to the music.
FREE! At Manhattan Inn in Greenpoint: 632 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222

Saturday October 16, 7pm - 10pm
HiChristina Mysterious Conditions Support Group and Movie Powder!

Have you ever gone to the doctor for a cold and realized there was something ELSE that you wanted to get to the bottom of? Tonight HiChristina takes you there! Make up a Mysterious Condition or draw one from the hat and take a seat among the group. Just when the juice starts flowing KABOW! the HiChristina movie cast and crew flow through and film the Zombie Powder action sequence. Wash or spray dry or seek protection under the elephant tarp! We like you and would love to see you tonight. FREE but give our film your support on Kickstarter!
RSVP for location in Manhattan:

Wednesday October 13 - 17(not too late)
HiChristina Casting Call

Fritz has written the script and we'd like you to bring it to life! Come see us tonight and try on some different parts on for size.
At a studio in Williamsburg near the Bedford L.
Email or call to get in the picture! 917 642 6018

Sunday October 10, 11pm - 2am
Your Own Personal New Era: 10 10 20 10 !!!

All calendar dates are arbitrary but when a once in a lifetime calendar date rolls down the time line, it's time to hook in and go for a wild ride! Usher in your own personal new era with HiChristina tonight! Wear patterened clothing or come as you are to dance out the final momements of the era known as 10 10 20 10 and welcome in a whole new era for yourself! What is the significance of this cosmic moment? Discover that tonight. Kiss at the stroke of midnight, jump over the timeline on the ground, whirl around, and throw patterened clothing over your head, 10, 9 , 8 , 7, 6, 5 with the best of them in 4/4 time. The universe is full of strange puzzles and tonight we're solving one of them! Christina throws down the grooves while you throw your clothes in the air: plaids, loud colors, and funky patterns are in order! It's half past funky o'clock tonight at this post-hipster hot spot!
FREE! At Manhattan Inn in Greenpoint: 632 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222
HiChristina written up for Your Own Personal New Era in The New York Times!

Thursday September 30 6pm (dinner) 7:30pm (party)
HiChristina hosts Pool Party!

Rachet up the funk on those tubular tires as roadster racing peels out in a new aquatic environment! Does it sound too good to be true, too goo to be true, or too odd to make sense? Let me tell you there's more to lick around here than the big cube of salt you'll find tonight. Swimsuit optional: in this pool wear anything as long as it gets wet!
Check back for exact time and location. Tickets and more information here.
HiChristina written up for Pool Games in The New York Times!

Friday September 10, 9:30pm
The HiChristina Upside Down Wardrobe with Videos from the Future and Live Orchestra!

HiChristina is flipping you round and around and upside-down in this moving picture 3-layered cake, sprinkled with magical participatory performances, dusted in live soundtracks & effffffects, and topped off with a fashion show, and a little shoe shuffle slide. Live sound FX conducted by Dr. Foley, and partner dancing by L*O*V*E Sparkle. Play in the soundtrack orchestra, walk the catwalk, win the face massage, and kick your shoes in the air, all in reverse order at this HiChristina homecoming tonight! Post-modern? Post-burning man? Post-punk? Postal service! Get your priorites delivered here tonight, HiChristina-style!

See short films and performances by
Paris Mancini (femvy and red), James and JF (Inspiration), David Da Silva (Fame),Josh Steinbauer (The Pancake Killer and dispatches from The Burn), Shan Raoufi (Ghost Palate), Reid Harris Cooper (Running and Dancing in the Fountain at Washington Square Park), Gene Wildest (Hackensack Dancer James), Launa Eddy (Zombie Kitchen, 1-800-YAWN, Creature Cave), Evelyn Donnelly (The Bat), Daniel Kadin (HiChristina Love Corners), Billimarie Robinson (Corrugated Hearts), Alex Pellerano (Wildbirds & Peacedrums - Chain of Steel), Peter Brogna (a lot of chocolate), Ryan Brennan (Sasbasasbazee), Scot Kaplan (30 Cakes), Carrie Ehler (Sandwich Action), Ronny Wasserstrom (Eggspecially), Cloudbuilder (Lady Pepperell's Folly),
and our own Fritz Donnelly !

attire suggestions:
It's fashion night out, so go inside out or oversized and fluffy, shiny belt-buckles and faux fur, mirrored go-go boots and a mumu, sexy unitards with flippers, gymnasts leotards with stilletos, huge socks and small tops, strange sparkles with flowery dresses, and so on. If you don't have any of these, or are coming straight from work and have forgotten to pack you 1960's bodysuit- Stay Calm. Simply turn your clothes inside-out or upside-down! Easy!
at Dixon Place
161 Chrystie between Delancey & Rivington

September 6, Labor Day 8pm!
HiChristina hosts Stafflands

Join Christina, Fritz, and the entire staff of the make-out-capital of Williamsburg at this annual party thrown by Rolyn Hu and Brooke Baxter. Did you know before they opened Manhattan Inn and pre Glasslands, Brooke wrote poetry and Rolyn break danced? Microdance with HiChristina tonight!
free, special

Saturday July 31, 10pm
Bikini Melt with REAL Cheddar

At last! HiChristina finally brings together hot bikini clad dance party and delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. (I know, it's been WAY TOO LONG!) Tonight we dance... and wear our favorite summer ocean attire.... and eat grilled cheese sandwiches, all during such sideshows as:
belly ice melting contest "how long can you last,"
sun gun tanning salon "uv free,"
foreman grill foreplay "low calorie and spicy hot,"
Move it!, the made-up dance move exchange program "everyone's the new kid in class."
Dance the night away, watch and play with speedos and cheetos! All these perfect elements coalesce into the most magnificent cheese filled, bathing suit wearing, fake tanning night you've ever had, and no doubt will ever have. Featuring DJ Glitter Girls!
byob & boyc (cheese)
Cardboard clothing okay too!

Thursday July 29, 9pm
HiChristina Life-Sized Board Games!

Fritz and Christina are takin' it back.. all the way to 4th grade! Tonight at HiChristina play all your favorite childhood board games... BIG! You're the doctor collecting all your pay in life- sized Operation as you remove the wishbone from a strangers stomach, don't touch any other part or the buzzer goes off, ouch! Your Princess Lolly trying to make it through the Candy Land maze, oops don't slip down that scary slide into Gloppy the Molasses Monster's hideout, yikes! Bring your favorite game too and HiChristina makes it BIG in our special super secret contraption! A special NYC styled Monopoly (Williamsburg real-estate included!) You sunk my battleship! (hide the ships within a block radius!)

Friday, July 23 9pm
: The Good (Comic) Book

At prior Creationizm events we've written a novel in one hour, group painted a huge canvas, created a multimedia installation... but tonight we draw, ink, color, and letter a whole comic book... from scratch (n sniff)!! Something that takes a year to do we will do in just two short hours tonight at HiChristina! Get all the satisfaction of a major accomplishment with twice the fun and none of the stress. Can't draw? Come up with character dialogue or make action comic poses. There's a role for everyone tonight! Christina and Fritz guide you through Crash, Bang, Pow and comic contortionists Matt Mikas and Laura Lee Gulledge will make it all look wonderful.
BYOB $20.

Thursday, July 22 9pm
HiChristina! Open Stage (mic)

Boogie woogie is the play today at HiChristina! See bold new performances from New York's finest talents including: Feathered Man, the Oily Lady, and Tap dem Feet, Meat Pies for Eyes, and Storyteller Dragon. Look for favorites like Cherry Bomb Dance Sensation, Ask A Scientist, and Fuzzy Bus Singer. It's a combination of planned performances and spontaneous entrants tonight, each performer has 7 minutes to set their wings afire and light the night. Meet the friendliest most eccentric audience in New York while hostess Christina Ewald soothes and smoothes and improves.
BYOB $5 (performing) $10 (watching)

Saturday, July 17 9pm
Leopard Print Exhibitionist Body Molding and Patrick 'The Mangina' Bucklew

There is no one in the world like Patrick "The Mangina" Bucklew. We first met him at HiChristina while he was wearing a prosthetic vagina. He has a pair of striped 'puppet' pants that pull themselves down with the use of pulleys and string, his paintings are motorized, his poetry is spontaneous and hilarious. And on top of it all, because of it all, and despite living simultaneously in Staten Island, Chinatown, the Upper Westside and Bushwick (tri costal), Patrick is a skillful and inspiring painter. Come see Patrick's new work tonight at HiChristina and get ready for friendly plastic body part molding, interpretive dance, and some live portraits by The Mangina himself. Dress up as a cartoon or a painting and get special attention! Also participate in group painting and magical cut out exercises.

Saturday, July 10 10pm
The Christina and Fritz LIVE-IN Installation + Outrageous Hat Hair Experience

This is the first ever TOTAL IMMERSION experience from HiChristina. Tonight enter a wacky new universe on Eldridge Street in the LES. On the other side of the tape, Christina and Fritz have created a living installation with lots of ready-made experiences. Choose a chair: the massage block, the hair cut stool, the confessional curtain, a tv-channel surfing chair, a get-served-a-drink chair, an exercise corner, and other stools for the bold or curious... Enter the room and peer from afar or don one of several different hats and cross through the looking glass! Be a servant, a piece of furniture, an uncle, a best friend, a grandma, or invisible: put on the hat with the role that fits your mood at the moment. Trade hats with new friends. Welcome to the fun- a surreal playhouse with Christina and Fritz. Christina wears the kitchen utensils while Fritz is in rainbow sparkler blue. A docent will be prepared to answer questions and point out interesting features. Experience life as Christina and Fritz- all sequins, all the time!
BYOB $10 donation at the door

Friday, July 9 9pm
Retro Art Opening featuring Ona, Yael, and Jesse!

An old-fashioned art opening from 1865 and 1965 mashed up! Wear your petticoats, your civil war mustache, your luscious swimsuit and your bag dress mumu cocktail number nine! Come to HiChristina tonight to see new photography by two contrasting and exciting artists, Ona Weatherford, Yael Gamson, and Jesse Davis!! Color snapshots taken each day for a year on disposable cameras battle with cool black and white studied portraits of zen monks and street people. Dance on one wall and get enlightened on the other. The night includes performances by Big Woman, Tittens, Booty Monitor, and culminats in L*O*V*E Sparkle partner dancing! Expect a short guided meditation intermezzio. Get crazy and then suddenly relax tonight at HiChristina! Experience the mixer of a lifetime complete with social games from 1965 and dance tips from 1865! Extra points for 1960s or 1860s attire.,.,.
BYOB $7 (many delights provided), only $6 o

Thursday, July 8 9pm
HiChristina! Open Stage (mic)

Join us at the HiChristina spectacular tonight, let the thousand schools flourish! So said Confucius and so say we all. Each performer has 7 minutes to shower the audience in silver bubbles. Hosted by Christina herself! With a water drinking contest between Fritz and The Trees.
BYOB $5 (performing) $10 (watching)

Sunday, June 27 7pm
HiChristina! Disguise Ball Gala Fundraiser
Dixon Place (2 blocks from HiChristina!)
161 Chrystie betwn Rivington & Delancey

This is not just any HiChristina event, oh no! HiChristina! is steppin' it up and taking things to the roof and high high higher! We are incredibly excited to announce to you our first ever Disguise Ball Fundraiser Gala! Christina and Fritz are working around the clock to make each and every one of our gala guests hand-made outrageous masks and disguises! Walk in the door and be given a disguise to perfectly accent special traits of your personality

The evening starts with two-for-one drinks to die for in the fabulous Dixon Place Lounge. Then get paparazzi pictures in the bubble shower with Christina and Fritz in your new disguise and a smooth as butta transition into a snip-snappy hour of HiChristina! inspired spectacle with partner/stranger/disguise dancing and pass the secret handshake. The HiChristina! cast of characters will entertain you with rapid fire 3 minute performances while you keep your drink mulled for special guests Sxip Shirey and that naked woman dressed up as Tom Cruise.

This is our BIGGEST event of the summer- Definitely not to be missed! The evening concludes with a fast-talking, country-style auction of works by "Friends of HiChristina!" including: a couture dress by New York designer Alisha Trimble, an oil painting of yourself with Christina and Fritz by artist Patrick 'The Mangina' Bucklew, a hypnotism session with Audrey Sussman PhD, a screenwriting class with award-winning screenwriter Jacob Krueger, Ryan Brennan's hand-made Book of "Living Exercises", a tarot session, a walking tour of NYC, and more! Don your new disguise, dance the strange jig, drink the tasty drink and be a part of the excitement as HiChristina takes us all up up and away!

Hosts and performers include: 'The Amazing' Sxip Shirey, 'Nonsense NYC' Jeff Stark, 'Bowieball' Deryck Todd, 'Mixel Pixel's' Kaia Wong, 'The Mangina' Patrick Bucklew, 'Darling Musical Maestro' Alexa Wilding, 'Trash Worships' Roland Politi, 'Sexperiment' Gerry Visco, 'rolling thunder' Dan St. Germain, 'Music Man' Eyal Marcovici, 'Acting!' Kadin Daniel, 'The Vegan Roast' Shan Raoufi, 'Tom Cruizy' Amy Uzi, 'Miracle Man' Kevin Balktick, 'Zen Photographer' A. Jesse Jiryu Davis, 'From the Cybil Lake Show' Cybil Lake, 'Tarot Card' Courtney Weber, 'Ask A Scientist' Ilir Topalli, 'Radical Chic' Swoon Magazine, 'Tabla Sensation' Deep Singh, and many, many more! Come Play With Us!

Come as you are or dress in your fanciest or strangest ballroom and disguise attire!! html

Thursday, June 24 9pm
HiChristina! Open Stage (mic)

Lions And Roaring Tigers! Take me on an airplane. Twist me in a bottle. Roll me in a blanket. Tonight sign up and take 7 minutes to do anyting! Transport us to strange and magical lands. The Variety Show with muscle building and mental relaxation, hosted by our very own Christina Ewald and Fritz Donnelly.
BYOB $5 (performing) $10 (watching)

Saturday, June 19 10pm
HiChristina Marshmallow Dance at Campfire
(at a secret location in Brooklyn)

Join us at this extravagant campfire-themed party organized by Kevin "Sex Pot" Balktick and Winkle "The Man" Winkle. There will be aerial performers, Smokey the Bear, campfires (pyrotechnics or light works) , body painters, stilts, lots of other stuff and of course HiChristina's invention: Marshmallow Dancers! HiChristina wants you to be a marshmallow! Don, decorate, and dance in these giant fuzzy costumes of all marshmallow shapes, colors and sizes that we will provide. Be a big squishy star tonight and experience all the fun and tumble of the HiChristina interactive performance under the umbrella of the organizers of the Night Market.
RSVP and buy tickets here (

Friday, June 18 10pm
Traumatic Events Get A Disco Re-write

The March of Tears, small pox blankets and freezing cold winters, gas chambers - becomes… Glittery Rainbow Platform Shoes, super short shorts and DISCO FEVER!!
Bring attention to these disasters of human judgment and show how easy it is to turn them into a party instead. Tonight at HiChristina let us re-write history's gnarliest atrocities by transforming them into radical waves of disco dancing delight! It's one part history lesson and fourteen parts dance party! Dance the night away (with made-up dance moves by the Master Blaster himself "Unleaded") and learn something while you're at it!
BYOB $10 with disco inspired attire $20 without

Thursday, June 17 9pm
Creationizm: Advent of Cinema!

Previously at Creationizm: we wrote a novel in an hour, we painted a giant Jackson-Pollacky group painting in an hour--- tonight at HiChristina we are creating an entire feature film! It usually takes years of pre-production, months of shooting, and even more months of editing to turn out an amazing and exciting film, tonight at HiChristina we're going to do the whole thing in just 2 hours!!! Choose one of three genres Western, Adventure Comedy, or Found Object and get cracking. Bring a camera if you'd like and a cord so that we can collect the footage into one place. But if you don't have the tech, no sweat, there will be plenty provided! Everyone has a rotating role tonight at HiChristina: insane writers, hilarious directors, crazy producers, needy actors and shiny special effects. Costumes and lots of fun stuff plus two surprise shooting locations all provided! Walk in with suspenders (of disbelief) and leave with a film under your belt!
RSVP to fritzandchristina at gmail dot com
BYOB $20.

Sunday, June 13 5pm
Sing-a-long Yoga!

Wear those tattered leggings, or that worn paper-thin shirt, or a pair of boys underwear and waltz over to HiChristina! Amy Uzi art star par excellence and felxomatic yoga impresario leads you through the motions and stretches your vocal chords while you're at it. Can't sing but have been afraid to ask? Can sing and want to dazzle-schmazzle? This is the stretch for you, and not a stretch, an easy glide. Sweat to the beats at this sing-a-long yoga class. The lion roars! Dr. Ruthie shows you special positions from the kama sutra... After yoga special performance by Moist Towlette!
BYOB $15 class $2 rent-a-yoga-mat FREE personal instruction and approval.

Saturday, June 12 4pm-7pm
Day of the Big Game
: Play

Welcome to the HiChristina Draft-- Play the made-up Big Game today! All you need to participate is a rule from any game you like. For example, you can't walk unless you bounce the ball--Basketball. Or A straight beats a flush--Poker. Or, each person has 60 seconds to talk to their partner-Speed Dating. Pick a rule from any game and come ready to PLAY (No athletic skill required)! We'll combine all the rules into one great game with halftime, commercials, background feel good stories, and the whole 9 yards! We know you were the best pickoleeno player in your college league, now it's time for the big league (chew!). Play and help make up the rules to this wild conglomeration of pastime sports. The game will be filmed with two action cameras and shown at a future HiChristina event: Watch the Big Game. This event takes place at HiChristina and a park nearby. RSVP:
BYOB $10 atmospheric snacks provided. Save by getting tickets online:


Thursday, June 10 9pm
HiChristina! Open Stage (mic)

Gargoyles come to life tonight at HiChristina! Sign up or sit back and join us for this popular and bodacious Variety Show!! Tonight at HiChristina sit back and watch the lunacy unfold or siddle up to the stage for your moment of creative bliss. Each performer has 7 minutes and a friendly audience ready-for-anything! The Live Color Dyer will be on hand to tint your hair-chest and back-of-hand hair (highly encouraged.) John King calls Ma Bell, Joe Yoga plays a three-man guitar, the funny and fearless Jen P picks up all the guys and rolls them down like dice. Twist balloons, and keep your eyes peeled for 'Grandpa' and other hilarious characters from Brandon Pines. Watch Cherry Bomb drop sequins onto hot pants and climb the heights of go-go dancing. Finally, keep your ears tuned for spontaneous accapella, and surprise guest horn bands or Post-Modern Applesauce. Hosted by our own Christina Ewald and Fritz Donnelly.
BYOB $5 (performing) $10 (watching)

Saturday, May 29 4pm-7pm
Bike Wash Body Wash

Bikini clad workers wash your body and your bike on the sidewalk outside in the sun, with suds and warm water. Perfect fun for the hot day's sun!
Air dry or blow dry or shake-like-a-dog dry. Get washed in paint and put your body on the canvas. Cool off inside in the shade. Leg warmers, arm warmers, head bands and spicy red candies to heat you up. Cool mints to dry you down. And after you're done, hang out and talk about summer vacations past and future.
byob $10 donation

Thursday, May 27 9pm
HiChristina Open Stage (mic)!

Unsaddle your horses for the crazy prance parade tonight at HiChristina. Join the lineup next to lower east side luminaries, French robots, dazzle dancers, and more. Each performer has seven sumptuous minutes to remake the world in his her or their image. Acts include funny balloon men, Andy Warhol look-a-likes, hot pants dancas, guitar and tap shoes fellows, tall funny ladies. Hosted by the lovely Christina Ewald herself and spit fire by Fritz Donnelly.
BYOB $5 or $10

Saturday, May 22 10pm
5 Minute Lecture Series

Do you need a little mental stimulation on a Saturday night? Or just something more to talk about at parties? Rumble down to HiChristina like a giant thunder cloud and hear curiosity-arousing lectures from our distinguished and silly faculty including: Dr. Please And How To Get Your Way Nicely, Officer Rob (in a special session of "Ask A Policeman"), Seduction in Five Small Gestures, Taylor's Trip to the Fairy Convention, Anthony Sisco’s Butt Nonverbal Reasoning Test, Cybil Lake playing Cybil Lake from the Cybil Lake Show, A Carboard Bridge Between Two Apartment Buildings, and much much more. The discussion is moderated by our own Christina Ewald. We're also accepting 3 spontaneous lectures on the themes “Buried Treasure Maps,” or “What I Pretended To Be,” or “Yogels,” so if something's on your mind, or you're ready for a good ol fashion time... then spray that banaca (psst, psst), take out a couple of those hair curlers, and come on down to HiChristina! Oh! And the three intermissions are almost as good as the main show: partner dance to L*O*V*E Sparkle, experience the brand new and never before tried at home Feel-A-Vision, and cap the night with an ever-popular game of Stack-It-Up. RSVP to reserve a spot:
BYOB $10
HiChristina! 163 Eldridge Street Between Rivington and Delancey

Saturday, May 15 5-7pm, (after 7pm early dance party)
Bedazzled Yoga

Have you always wanted to yoga in a bright green leotard but forgot where you parked your friend's car? That's just how we feel! So tonight we provide the leotard and the amazing and sparkling yoga guide (she's covered completely in glitter! head to toe!!!), and you provide the smile, and stretch a little too. Amy Uzi art star extraordinaire and yoga master-osity will show you a move even more reliable than Echinacea at getting your body going. Open your charkas tonight in a fun costume (optional, or bring one, or provided, or improvise, or disguise). Cool down to a screening of two of Fritz Donnelly's fun yoga related films "Yoga-Dance" and the action mafia yoga guru crime flick "Porta! Porta! Porta!" We can't wait to get down, dogward. The class ends at 7pm and the dancing begins.
BYOB $15, bring mat or use one of Amy's.

Friday, May 14 9pm
Creationizm: Believing is Seeing

Regardless of experience or 'know-how' step into the HiChristina two-way telephone booth and watch as the master painter within you bursts out and flys forth from the other side. At the last HiChristina Creationizm event we wrote an entire novel in one hour. Tonight join us to create a monumental work of visual art, a 20 foot long painting!!! The painting will happen in three easy phases from social 'color' mixer, to audio-visual hyper cube exploration, to the finish with sprinkles on top! Experience or help facilitate many proven techniques such as painting upside down, eyes closed painting, painting through strange lenses, in polarized light, strobe lighting, and the popular tap/lap dancing brush technique. We paint together, all-at-once, one-at-a-time, in duos and trios, in the dark (briefly) and under the sun gun. Expect visits (performances) from artists like Andy Warhol, The Woman Who Shot Andy Warhol, Dali, and Frida Kahlo. Bring something to paint with or add to the canvas… or just bring yourself and use materials provided. Tai Chi intermission to live music! This is going to be as wondrous as the painting of the ceiling of the Sistine (David La) Chapel(le)!
RSVP with something that you stared at recently to

Thursday, May 13 9pm
HiChristina Open Stage (mic)!

Storytelling, sing-along aerobics, hair clap, and tongue twisters are among the acts you can expect to see tonight at the HiChristina open mic. Join veteran performers and well-intentioned newbies, political gadflys, and creatures from monster movies. Anything goes, costumes welcome, and each and every performer has 7 minutes to wazzle basel and bedazzle the audience. Hostess Christina Ewald will turn up your smile and shine the souls of your shoes! This week's featured guests include: Ben Simon and his aromatic guitars, Peter Gerber the Storyteller, Muscles have Ridges Dance Troupe, Joe Yoga, and many more!
BYOB $5 (performers) $10 (others)

Saturday, May 8th (Mother's Day Eve) 10pm - 12:30am
Come As Your Mothers Are

To honor mothers everywhere HiChristina! is throwing a cross-dressing pageant, dance party and art-making gala right here! Don't worry if mom's out of town, grab one of her dresses or pantsuits, and come as she is!
Sideshow performances include, cathartic old lady muggings (where the old ladies win!), breast feeding from the marshmallow bra, and the love it and leave it fat shedding jazzercize workout.
You may be the winner of: Best Old Lady Underwear, Most Petticoats, Best Swimsuit. Get a paint-on tan, or a scratch-n-sniff sunburn from our movie magic costume kit! Come as you are but better still, come as your mother!
At intermission we divide into groups and compete in the family style Teriyaki Jeopardy complete with buzzers and musical accompaniment.
- overly-protective mothers
- deadbeat moms
- disembodied floating headed moms (a la Woody Allen's Mother in 'Manhattan')
- hot moms (we don't say the MiLf word at HiChristina!)
BYOB $10 (dressed as your mother) $20 (and we'll provide your costume)
HiChristina! 163 Eldridge Street New York NY 10002

Wednesday, May 5th 9pm
Cinquo De Mayo-naisa!

Have you always wanted to perform as part of some bedazzled troupe of heel-kicking and wrist-flipping super stars but have been afraid to ask? Tonight at HiChristina were creating, choreographing and costuming a show-stopping performance together AND THEN we're taking it to the big stage at another venue! Afer we've gotten sparkled out and worked out the intricacies of our performance with everyone's input, we'll walk around the corner and jump on stage on cue. Butterflies in your stomach, hair emergency? Our expert Silk Curtain Princess will put you right in three easy steps. Get all the satisfaction of a grizzled veteran performer and the thrllng freshnesses of a new act without putting in years learning to hula hoop, eat fire, or play the one man band. RSVP with your flavor of mayonnaisa: rxapparel -at-
BYOB $10

Saturday, May 1 (May Day!) noon - 6pm
Clothing Swap and May Day Indoor Parade!

"It'd be a splendid idea to have a clothing swap May Day fun day." So said Amy Uzi performance art star par excellence and so say we too. Bring your lightly worn clothes, shoes, accessories, whatever and pay $5 to get in and swap. If you don't have clothes, it's $10 to get in and then take clothes for free. Fill your belly with snackies made by your hostess. Every so often at the appropriate moment we will play historically-inspired May Day games including flower shower, and dance around the human may pole. Come and swap songs, ideas, recipes for disaster or fun, whatever you like.
HiChristina! 163 Eldridge Street New York NY 10002
BYOB $5 (w clothes) $10 (without)

Saturday, May 1 (May Night!) 10pm
Casting Couch!

Join us at HiChristina tonight and be cast in the part of your dreams! Go through the entire process of casting and go home with a link to your own stylized screen-test on the youtubules!
* First Booth/Station: Make-up/Wig powdering
* Head Shots (caricature drawings! by Ryan Brennan)
* Casting Couch (Faux Casting Agent and Temptress Cleo Fishel with silly (non-threatening, funny) lecherous overtures- foot/backrubs? Be sexy to get the part!)
* Screen-test Booth (actual digi-cam screen test, a bit reminiscent of Warhol thing, with Director Fritz!)
* Auditions! Before a panel of Casting Agents (from the audience), the Aspiring Actors can sing, dance, perform a monologue, or read from the script of the imaginary (or is it?) movie we're casting for...
- Everyone gets a part!
- Casting agents are full of heartfelt praise! Somehow you're the best they've ever seen!
- Get simple tips you can use instantly. Shine!
- Leave with a head shot and go home later to see the video in your email!
- Finale! Everyone plays their role in a short scene that is part improv part stunt-action-drama-cathartic-moment-i-want-to-live-forever sequence!
BYOB $10

Friday, April 30 6pm
Make New Friends

-Tired of old friends?-
Youre not alone- we have too! On Friday, April 30th meet an entirely new social network!  Does it seem that your old friends have lost interest in you or your amazing new projects? Not attending your important events, dates or openings? Do they assume that because you two are "Old Pals" that they can take advantage of you yet not even call on your birthday?
Well, here at HiChristina we say, "Out with the old and in with the new!" You deserve friends who appreciate you for who you are, respect your lifestyle and choices, friends who call you back right away.
Come to HiChristina, your home for avant-garde art, performance and uncommon expression, a night of fun, kool-aide, crafts and blossoming friendships awaits. HiChristina 163 Eldridge Street (btwn Delancey and Rivington.) at the honest hour 6pm.
Come alone.  Don't bring anyone you know, we're all strangers now.
Call christina at 917 642 6018 for questions or email me at rxapparel(at)gmail(dot)com with your name to rsvp... the friendliest party in New York City!
BYOB $10
HiChristina! 163 Eldridge Street New York NY 10002 (our new location!)

Thursday, April 29 9pm
HiChristina Open Stage (mic) & Variety Show

This is your chance to test your new material in New York's friendliest performance/art environment. Every performer has 7 minutes to stretch, pull, extend, contract, and snap the putty into shape. See everything from opera, jokes, interactive performances, philly fingers, and dance expressionism. Watch out for seasoned acts and crazy new kids like Stella Kim the Super Beauty, Peter the Storyteller Gerber, 'Naked Man' Tommy Dee Lite, and Crustus Crewlacious, Miss Tambourine, Ask a Scientist, Walter Gambine doing the Patient/Doctor Gambit, Kristina Lund of the Lovers, and many more. Hosted by the lovely Christina Ewald herself.
BYOB $5-10

Saturday, April 24 10pm
Crisp Lorde

Has your Saturday routine been missing that spark of intellectualism? Do you have a vague feeling of bewilderment? or are you in the mood to see someone covered in iceberg lettuce? We thought so! That's why we've invited, Crisp Lorde, the Lettuce Magnate of the West to make a special appearance at HiChristina tonight. Just like a bed of flowering lettuce HiChristina will be organized into four rows of fresh crispy fun.
Row 1 Listen to and give 3 minute spiels of two kinds: Get-rich-quick/Stay-poor-slow and I'm-gonna-kick-his/her-ass-because.
Row 2 Shake out your legs and loosen your necks for the 'abstract movement and technicolor groove' workshop led by Christina, Fritz, and Seth Ludman.
Row 3 Midnight Haircut and Toenail Polishing: get a haircut or trim for no charge from an aesthetically certified snipper and manicurist Sweet Alison.
Row 4 Plant yourself in the 'bed' and experience the full life cycle of lettuce complete with sun, weeding, pollination, and light rain.
Dancing ensues! Dress up as an object or fruit or vegetable and automatically win a prize! (p.s. Don bubble wrap armor and jump into the food fight finale on the sidewalk, bring tomatoes, cherry tomatoes...We've got enough lettuce to go around.)
RSVP if you would like your name in gold on the wall of wonder before you arrive:
BYOB $10

Friday, April 23 10pm
Flat Earth Day

Long before the world was round, it was totally flat. For millions of years everyone believed the world was flat. Well it is flat. Tonight HiChritina hosts members of the Flat Earth Society who explain why the earth is flat, scientifically and metaphorically. Then hear other common myths, things that we all believe to be true, debunked and thrown out. Get in the spirit of Earth Week at HiChristina tonight! Shift a paradigm, learn how to run a car on cornmash, how our universe was spit out of a black hole, and how flowers domesticated us. Special appearances by scientists and cooks. Also, Christina is making 'Clothing of the Future'. Bring an item of clothing and some frills and Christina will combine it with a piece from her vintage collection. Live sewing and making with mind-blowing theories, you are what you wear tonight at HiChristina! Expect readings from Flatland, to hear and offer mysterious/ammazing new theories at the 'round' table, and new inventions presented. It's the HiChristina version of a science fair!
BYOB $10

Thursday, April 22 8pm
Cr(n)ude Drawing

Draw on a pad of your own nice white paper or choose one of the many shades of skin to be your canvas tonight at HiChristina! Volunteer to model with the HiChristina Pros or just come to draw, or do both simultaneously! Comic book author and beautiful, Laura Lee Gulledge will lead us through three different drawing phases: realist/cartoonist, surrealist/pointilist, and cubist/dadist. Expect novel and strange poses as suggestions from the audience become immortalized forever on yoga-soluble bodies. For more information or to model write rxapparel-at-gmail. As seen in the press. What better way to spend Earth Day than drawing on skin with green craola markers?
BYOB $20

Monday, April 19 8pm
Fashion Statements and Questions!

Guest fashion superstar Ewa Josefsson has walked the long winding runway from Miami to New York to answer fashion questions wih fashion statments for the Spring and (gasp!) summer ! seasons. Her fashion magazine features HiChristina this week and she wants to party and take your photo! "Monday Fashion Blog Party baby- but what's the twist??" Ewa asks. "How do we make it HiChristina??"
The twist is:
Come in your WILDEST Spring Fashion Statement!!
Mistress Ewa will snap your picture for her fabulous fashion blog.
And then someone else can dress in their Spring Fashion Question
A night of Questions and Statements.
We're inside the blog and outside it.
And... we will have LOGS
Real logs to sit on!!
Blog on logs!!
BYOB donation appreciated

Sunday, April 18 7pm-10:30pm
Night of a Sh*tload of Stars!

HiChristina is offering a new scholarship each month to an artist who'd like to do an interactive performance. Send us your proposals or apply in person at tonight's lower east side talent round up.

If all the stars, blue, charmed, and supernovaed descended on HiChristina for one night we'd have this show, a raucous mix of faux cover bands, nude comedians, balloons, flame-shooting-saxophones, and open slots for spontaneous 3 minute entrants from the audience. Hosted by the underground speech writer and underwear-on-the-outside-rocking secret art agent Hristophe Rodeu! Coming back to the Lower East Side has never felt so sublime.

Acts include:
Chink Floyd & Red Zepperin (world's worst PinkFloyd & LedZep"cover" band)
Dr. Steamwhipple (classical guitarist)
John Murdock, the Gentleman Scumbag (dirty balloon man comic)
Scout Durwood (funny comic gal / burlesquer)
The Flame-o-phone (sax player who shoots flames out! Was going to do outside!)
Kill The Band / Killy (awesome performance-comic gal)
Thank You For Not Screaming (strange musical act)
Eric Kirchberger AS "John Stodge" (a "Republican operative" who ad libs away conspiracies!)
Mormon Surprise Is Mormon Delicious, aka Mike Amato (doing something absurd and goofy)!
Joey Gay (post-goombah comic)!
YBBS (girl and man metalithic dance-along)
THE MEGALOMANIAC (an ex-pro-wrestler who gave it all up to write poetry instead!)

plus JAIL Q & A! and much more ...
with a few open slots for audience members to show off talent for 3 minute spots!

$5 Suggested Donation
163 Eldridge Street
just north of Delancey
For more about the HiChristina! scholarship write Christina:

Friday, April 16 8pm, 10pm
HiChristina Artist Profile: Cybil Lake

A one-woman filmmaking auteur machine and canvas-painting powerhouse, Cybil Lake is this month's featured artist at HiChristina! Come see her paintings and watch a hilarious mix of short films from HiChristina, tothehills, and Cybil Lake's own projects, The Cybil Lake Reality Show and The Gun Virgins. (The film shorts program also has 3 spontaneous submission slots, so bring anything 5 minutes or less on DVD and we'll put it into the mix.) HiChristina chooses to highlight the work of artists who are original, fun and need a bit of cash for their next big idea. Come suppot a New York treasure and have a great time while you're at it. Seventy-five percent of art sales and a portion of the door go directly to the artist. Woooo!
Free opening reception, $10 film screening at 10pm by suggested donation

Thursday, April 15 8pm
HiChristina Open Stage: It's Our Open Mic

The weather's warming and you're performing! Come step up to the mic or pace out the stage at HiChristina tonight. Each performer has 7 funfilled minutes to dance, sing, joke, flip, conduct the orchestra, show and tell, swing the bling, or fiddledeedoo. This week's special guests include The Fish Eyelens, Ask A Scientist, Storyteller Peter Gerber, Felix Flores surrealist and vocalist, and Gloria the real live lion tamer! Hosted by the eldritch Christina Ewald on our very own Eldridge Street!
BYOB $5 for performers, $10 for audience
HiChristina! 163 Eldridge Street New York NY 10002 in the Lower East Side / Bowery

Saturday, April 10 9pm
Amateur Mind Reading and Pirate Dance Party
! Aye!

Bring your plastic sword, your billowy white shirt, your tight vest, the poofy pants you wear to yoga, and your three-cornered hat... Because tonight at HiChristina, you're a pirate! (And an amateur mind reader). That's right, we did just say that. Join Blue beard, Red Beard, Long John Silver and all their pirate booty as they take you prisoner and transport you across the high seas! Will you be marooned on cupcake island? Or will you join the mutiny and give the captain the black spot! What starts as a series of Amateur Mind Reading Exercises, quickly becomes a dance-in-the-dark choreographed pirate battle. Yo ho ho! Walk the plank as you test your psychic abilities on your swash-buckling companions. Enjoy The Pirates of Penzanz dance mix by DJ "Davey Jones" McDaniel. Come dressed as a parrot, a peg leg, a pirate ship, a buried treasure or just come to read minds (pretending) and Dance the night away. Christina is your Siren and Fritz is your school of sharks. Aye!
rsvp to fritzandchristina (at) gmail (dot) com
BYOB $10 (in costume) $20 (no costume)
eyepatch provided for all!
HiChristina! 163 Eldridge Street New York NY 10002 (our new location!)

Saturday, April 3, 2010 (it's 4..3..2..1 !) 7pm
Creationizm, Believe in This!
(as seen in the Village Voice)

It takes most people years to write a novel, at HiChristina we're going to do it tonight in 1 hour! HiChristina is hosting the Internationally Renowned Monthly Conference of Amateur and Professional Creators. At this inaugural party we're going to write an entire novel! After coming up with the basic story and making the general stylistic choices by consensus, we will sit in a long line and each person will write five pages of the story, simultaneously. The person at the beginning of the line pens the beginning of the story and the person next to them writes what comes next, and so on down the line. Conference with each other to coordinate epic scenes and to keep details consistent. All the writing begins at once and the novel will be finished in about the time it takes to write five pages. Afterwards there will be an intermission while the two editors pull everything together. Then we gather again and hear a dramatic rendition and summary of the complete story. Wooo! Ah the feeling of accomplishment! The actual physical novel will be available at our biannual Creationizm party.
Future parties will focus respectively on:
__ cartoonists (draw a full comic book in 1 hour),
__ multimedia artists (a 3 channel presentation in 1 hour) ,
__ screenplay writers (a blockbuster or indie snag thrill in one hour),
__ clay-sculptors (better than Brancusi in 1 hour),
__ dancers (a full modern dance piece of epic proportions in 1 hour),
__ clothing designers (a whole new collection in 1 hour)
__ painters (a ginormous painting in 1 hour).
RSVP to reserve a place:
BYOB $20 includes your own digital copy of the great work.

Thursday, April FOOLS DAY! 9pm
HiChristina Open Stage: It's Our Open Mic

Like an Open Mic but oh so much more possibility! Come in, sign up, and now you're on! Do your act, sing your song, test your multi-layered cake, tell the story, dance the dance and then sit back while Christina and Fritz lower the lights, pass the salami and announce the next act. We can't wait to see what you've got and to introduce you to some of the shining faces of New York's performance scene. This week's special event: Intermission Disco Dance Party--complete with strobe lights and disco ball eyes!
BYOB $5 for performers, $10 for audience

Wednesday, March 31 4pm in the Afternoon
Jobless Wednesday
Weekly Anti-networking Cocktail Party

No job to do today? Wondering what all your other unemployed friends are doing today besides going to a 9 to 5 job? Well, look no further!! This afternoon, join your fellow unemployed (yay freedom!), self-employed (make-your-own schedule) and alterna-business (we won't ask) associates for a day of doing things one can only do without a job. We will be playing foreign and made-up card games, taking turns calling everyone in our phones who we haven't spoken to in over a year, hopscotch. It's the middle of the day (because we all got up at noon), the middle of the work week but its the beginning of your weekend! Only in NYC is being jobless so rewarding. And now at HiChristina earn badges for doing jobless things. "I'm not really actively looking for a job mom, I haven't been in three months, that's how I got the unabashedly unemployed badge from HiChristina, there's a rub off decal too!" Collect all five badges, including the 'get-rich-quick-scheme-of-the-year badge!' It's all fun and no work today at the HiChristina anti-networking cocktail party. Hand-made muttled drinks by Christina Ewald. And a new guest host every week.
$5, the $20 dues gets you a members only club card good for a full month of visits.
at HiChristina! With Special Guest Host

Friday, March 26 9pm Lower East Side!
HiChristina 3 Act Soap Opera
with Cookie Dough Glitter Mustache

Tonight HiChristina is the set of a live and evolving 3 Act Soap Opera. The audience is the camera: hold hands, get tied together with string or wrapped in plastic (choose your own misadventure!) and jump into "Close Up", "Dolly Shot", "Establishing Shot", "B Roll" and the every popular "Cutting Room Floor," where we cut cookies out of dough, toss globs at the man in plastic and hum the soap opera theme song! Christina and Fritz along with volunteers from the audience star in this epic and action-packed LIVE telenovella. Comedy meets tragedy tonight at HiChristina--all while wearing your very own glitter mustache courtesy of the professional glitter technicians Second Skin! Oh, and I almost forgot... we're inaugurating a new space tonight; HiChristina has moved to Manhattan! Find us at that special intersection of Chinatown, SoHo, and the Lower East Side best known as Eldridge Street ! (eldritch street to some of you).
$10 with glitter $20 without, RSVP for invitation and exact location:
(psst... 163 Eldridge Street New York NY 10002 just north of Delancey in the Lower East Side of Manhattan).

Wednesday, March 17 9pm SoHo
HiChristina Live Window Display

Christina and Fritz wear paper, write on us! And wear paper too! Tape on or paste on to us hand-printed paper and blank paper of different colors designed by Paola Suhonen the platinum blonde behind IVANAhelsinki, the pop-up store that we'll be contorting tonight. Later we will dance under the blowing fuzzi-snow(TM) while throwing paper airplanes. It's a moving moment made for still pictures. Hear music by Alexa Wilding and Mike Bones and see 16mm film too!
FREE EVENT with Open Bar
at IVANAhelsinki Pop-up Store - 238 Mulberry Street between Prince and Spring

Saturday, March 6 10pm - San Francisco
At ATA for the Disposable Film Festival
Fingerpainted Movie and Backbends

Bring your little camera whatever it is, on your phone, pierced in your computr's upper lip, at the end of a string, a strap, on a click, blink, tonight we're making a movie together. Exercises include 'Camera dance' and surrealist episode.

Saturday, February 27 10pm in SOHO!

Loosen your teeth, jiggle those elbows, practice that handstand and shine up that old spickle-spack (imaginary or not), because it's time for the HiChristina 3 Ring Circus! Tonight HiChristina takes over a huge, amazing storefront in SoHo featuring these crazy occurrences:
In the first ring **The Human Orchestra!-- everyone participates clicking, whistling and crackling in beautiful harmony! Directed by Professor Finbloom.
In the second ring **L*O*V*E Sparkle interactive partner dance themed "The First Date"-- get ready to re-live all the precious moments!
In the third ring **Bizarre Vaudevillian Circus acts! including Alexa "SnowBlower" Wilding, Billy "Underpants" Dee, Kerry "Spicy" Farias, Victor "Eating Cake" Shelly! impromptu participants highly encouraged-there's room for everyone under the big top!
In the Special Sauce ring **Your 2nd Grade Portrait anew! complete with braces and ugly sweater- school photos by A Jesse Jiryu Davis and styles by Christina Ewald!
That's not all!! Before you step into one of these marvelous rings, put on your newly made, specialized, bedazzled, sparkle-encrusted, CrazyTie!! That's right, all this AND make a tie. The merrymaking starts at 10pm sharp with L*O*V*E Sparkle. Don't forget to come dressed as any strange circus act/performer! Knife fighting, muscle-women, upside-down scientists, and other hairsplitting, scream-bleaching and death-defying feats await you. Barnum never told Bailey about this one!
If you'd like to be a a circus act (who doesn't?) then send the name of your act to
PS there will be a snow-blower.
at IVANAhelsinki Pop-up Store 238 Mulberry Street between Prince and Spring
BYOB, all tie materials provided
$10 with circus-like costume $20 without

Sunday, Februay 14 10pm
Valentine's Day at Happy Ending in Manhattan
HiChristina Land of Lick at Romanticide Party

It's the first-ever HiChristina dance party of 2010!!! We're back in New York and we'd love to see you. Step inside the dance-o-magic, get showered by glitter and emerge with nonstop moves and sizzling bacon! The gold sequin pant-wearing sky high hairdo-leaping, suspened britch man Deryck Todd has invited HiChristina and all of us to join him in setting the basement of Happy Ending ablaze with the friction of moving feet. The all-out themed dress contingent will be on the scene dressed in lace and mace. It's party performance art event par excellence! Who invited the nuns? Oh yes! Plus a new-partner dance led by L*O*V*E Sparkle.
$5 before midnight $10 after, say HiChristina at the door

Saturday, Februay 13 6-9pm
Sneaky Preview

Previewing 3 new HiChristina movies and looking at the drawings of Seth Ludman in China (that Seth made in China or of Seth in China? you'll have to come to find out!). At our last shindig in this amazing apartment we re-enacted the cubist painting 'Nude Descending a Staircase.' Today's get-together is totally sneaky. Wear a trench coat and glassless glasses. Codename: Albatross.
Private Party but text if you want to sneak along.

Friday, February 12 8pm - New York
Happy Birthday Intergalactic Space Vegetable!

Intergalactic space vegetable meets underwater dance instructor crossed with petting tidepool zoo! It's the HiChristina Aquarius birthday party for the beautiful twirling star-of-the-night skies Kaitlyn the Purple Carrot who Speaks with Animals!
Private party but RSVP to with your intergalactic vegetable and its special power.

Wednesday, February 10 10pm - Miami

Yay! First we dance and work up a sweat. Then Poof! Get covered in flour. Dance some more and then Splash! jump in the jacuzzi. How many slugs will fit in the tu!? Get out and sit in the 'FRIED Food Basket' and roll around like slugs. General slug behaviors and fake noses encouraged. Night includes 3 planned slug-o-motions: slug partner dance (remember slus 'see' the wrold through their with their antenae!!), slug tug-of-war, slug slurpee!
$10 includes flour. RSVP to for location and directions.

NEW YEAR'S DAY, January 1 2010, 3pm-4pm
LOVE Corners!
6th Ave & 18th Street Manhattan
Bedford & N6th Street Brooklyn

Have you ever stopped at an intersection and watched everyone walk by? What if you kept standing there and instead of checking your phone or asking directions... you started projecting LOVE! Get the New Year off to a flying happy start with a long cold look at humanity. Wear a red scarf or red handkerchief or a red flower or hat. Walk to the corner of 18th St. and 6th Ave in Manhattan, or N6th and Bedford in Brooklyn and watch the people go by. Just look, silently. Smile. Stand on the sunny side of the street! Hold hands with anyone else at the performance, any stranger in a red scarf. Watch together without speaking. After 15 minutes immediately call the HiChristina hotline and tell us what your experience was like:
We'll answer!
Today HiChristina is embarking on it's largest and most extravagant performance/event to kick off the new year in the right spirit. You'll be standing on the corner holding hands simultaneously with people in Beijing, London, Johannesburg, and Tokyo.
Christina recommends going to a nearby tavern or cafe and sharing a drink with your new found red scarved friends. Document however you'd like, camera phone, post-it note, crumpled underwear. Join the world along with HiChristina in celebrating 2010. This is not hug a stranger, this is not art everywhere, this is whimsical love and more refreshing than coconut water.
FREE City-Wide, World-Wide Event

Friday, December 18 9pm
MOVING DAY ETRAVAGANZA! Fritz & Christina's FINAL EVENT in the Grand Street Storefront!!!

This evening bid farewell to the Grand Street storefront as HiChristina hosts our last night of made-up dance moves, finger painting, the human orchestra, our ever popular Fake Therapy, faster, longer, harder secret handshakes and a bonanza of 3 minute performances by local celebrities (including YOU)! Fritz and Christina are taking their show on the road to exotic and colorful places, escaping the cold NYC winter. However, fret not dearest friends, HiChristina will be returning in the new year to a new magical space to continue what is now known as "two scoops of fun" -Village Voice. HiChristina will be making exciting and unbelievable changes for 2010... But forget about that-- let's live in the NOW. This will be the last chance to experience the mystical land that is HiChristina on Grand Street so DON'T MISS IT! Tonight is structured as an upside-down-cake social mixer with 5 activities to draw for, pose for, sing for, contact-improv for, and partner dance the flamingo-glitch for. Hear the L*O*V*E Sparkle musical duo and get wrapped up in the giant group present! Come say goodbye to Fritz and Christina, our lovely Grand Street storefront and 2009 in style, class, insanity and champagne. LET'S GET CRAZY!
BYOB $10

Thursday, December 17 9pm
HiChristina! Open (mic(e)

Get up and give us what you've got at the HiChristina variety show/open mic/performance tour de force. Tonight is your 7 minutes of fame to use however you'd like before an active audience of storytellers, scientists, guitarbeatsliders, poetexpress, funy people, swingbots, performance artistas, art starlets, and body motion graphics. Don't forget to kiss your hostess (a peck on the cheek or deviled eggs?) the lovely Christina Ewald.

Monday, December 14 10pm
HiChristina hosts Talent Show at Glasslands
--289 Kent betwn S1st and S2nd in Williamsburg--

Tonight the super talented staffs (wizard staves) of both the Manhattan Inn and Glasslands are up on stage, kicking off their barstools, and shredding their waiter capes to bring you the most Wilde art talent show of 2009! See Local Celebrity Impersonator do renditions of Brooke Baxter and Rolyn Hu and others! End the year in the only way that's just, at a hipster freak-a-sneak show! Hosted by your very own Fritz Donnelly and Christina Ewald. RSVP if you'd like to be part of the special surprise act:

Saturday, December 12 9pm
Someonelse's Office Party

This is the HiChristina version of the ultimate December party-going-in-New-York experience. Join Fritz and Christina as we moon from one 'Holiday' Party event to another. First at HiChristina we put on DISGUISES. Then we go to a series of Holiday parties that we have some loose connection to. We won't be thrown out but we're not eactly what they were expecting either. Meet accountants and actuarials and then woosh to the chelsea upandcoming artists party, then off to a party of young barons and baronesses and private planes, then into the dingy grotto of post-punk Hegelians! The full range and possibility of New york Holiday parties will be on your paper plate tonight. You might come away with a whole new set of conspirators or co-workers! RSVP
$20 includes admission to all parties, disguises provided. AS SEEN IN THE VLLAGE VOICE!

Friday, December 11 8pm
Birdsong returns to HiChristina!

Hear poetry, listen to the sweet jams of Paps and Julia, get advice, and blink and wiggle while Tommy Pico ushers you through these post-modern, pre-calypso beatnick beats. It's spoken words, sung words, said words, written words, and hung up art tonight at HiChristina.

Thursday, December 10 9pm
HiChristina Open (mic)

Everyone who comes to HiChristina tonight has 7 minutes to perform something live on stage before a wide-eyed audience. Past acts have included luminaries of the performance art, comedy, music, and trilobite scenes. Expect Ask A Scientist, Finbloom's Papernote Song, the live cooking and feeding of Kerry Farias, friends of Shan Roufi, puppeteers nasty and nice, Laura Lee's Drawing Workshop, Jesse Davis' Photobooth, Zane's farm-mouth-man, and sometimes even the shining face of Mike Amato Mr Lower East Side... oh and sneak into Evangeline's Advice Corner if you need to get a heart out. Hosted by Christina Ewald the Opera with complimentary sideshow by Fritz Donnelly Flamingoe. Tonight's special guest is the dancer Zoe Artemis and her band of compatriots.

Saturday, December 5 10pm
HiChristina hosts 'Bowie Ball' at Le Poisson Rouge

Dress up, dance, like, be like, feel like the scintillating David Bowie tonight only with Christina and Fritz at the annual BOWIE BALL. Zoom the room in glitter and floating hair spray and see Christina and Fritz go through five different incarnations as the party goes from earth to outer space! Can you hear me Major Tom? Tickets here.

Friday, December 4 10pm
Predict the FUTURE in 3 Easy Steps
-1 Year 5 Year & 50 Year Predictions-

One year ago today (give or take a few weeks) our audience predicted the outome of the election, that China would go to the moon, and all kinds of personal fun and fabulousness. See the predictions here: This year we're taking it to a whole new level. Join Fritz Donnelly and Christina Ewald as they explore the future in three easy steps. Bring your tarot, palm reading kit, anything and everything that you think may help us figure out what on earth is going to happen to all of us in the ever imminent FUTURE... Many topics will be discussed and by the time you leave HiChristina this Friday night you needn't wonder any longer "what's to become of me?" Because we've got you covered.
byob $10

Thursday, December 3 9pm
HiChristina Open (mic)

Take a walk down crazy lane tonight at HiChristina! Expect all the regular acts of storytelling, absurd performance, prosetry, dance kebab and flip out hairdos AND THEN be surprised and exhilerated by the new acts of comicry, proletariation, and songstry! It's all hosted by the shining light herself, Christina Ewald. And for those of you who enjoyed 'Look at These Shoes,' Fritz has more where that came from (shoelaces, socks? ... come and see!)

Wednesday, December 2 9pm
Five Mysteries Fun

1,2,3,4,5... All mysteries, all tonight, observed and learned, only at HiChristina! Hint, one of the mysteries is Bellie Dancing taught and performed!!!
BYOB $10

Sunday, November 22 5pm
3rd Annual Make New Friends

-Tired of old friends?-
You're not alone- we are too! Today meet an entirely new social network! Does it seem that your old friends have lost interest in you or your amazing new projects? Not attending your important events, dates or openings? Do they assume that because you two are "Old Pals" that they can take advantage of you yet not even call on your birthday?
Well, here at HiChristina we say, "Out with the old and in with the new!" You deserve friends who appreciate you for who you are, respect your lifestyle and choices, friends who call you back right away. Come to HiChristina, your home for avant garde art, performance and uncommon expression, for a night of fun, kool-aide, crafts and blossoming friendships awaits. Join us at the honest hour of 5pm. And with any luck you'll leave with a new family for Thanksgiving! RSVP:
$10 donation

Friday, November 20 10pm

Everything bubbly tonight at HiChristina! Wear bubble wrap for the bubble wrap picnic. Dance and sway in front of the amazing BUBBLE MACHINE while hearing astounding answers to your most impossible questions by our very own Mr. Ask-A-Scientist. Get inside the giant bubble and be rolled around by Rollie Polly. Fill in text bubbles on huge cartoons hanging from the walls. Sip bubbling beverages. And above and over all FLY on the human trapeze while feeling floaty, scrumptuous and perfectly at ease while two expert bubbly personalities circle the room and buoy social interactions. This is the ultimate Friday night mixer and conceptual dance party. It's not just about bubbles, it's about bouncing airy levity, performances ensue!!!
byob $10 (many bubbly materials provided)

Thursday, November 19 9pm
HiChristina Open (mic)

Tonight's superific variety show/interactive soup brew/open mic is one for the history books. And those books will be written in the new language of motion song dance jokes and folded laundry that we're creating tonight. ring your latest bit, gig, wig, and wiggle and try it on the world's most friendly, experienced, and inquisitive audience. Hosted by the flexstretch Queen herself, Christina Ewald!
byob $5

Saturday, November 14th 8pm reception
(show runs ALL DAY from 10am to midnight)
Recession Proof! by Sharkmother

Over 15 artists descend on HiChristina beach tonight for this visual and moving art chomping extravaganza. SharkMotheris a collective that brews collaboration between dance, film, music, theatre, and visual art! Expect all of this and more at today's affordable and 'Recession-Proof' show with artwork for $200 or less per piece. Delightful refreshments served!
$5 donation

Friday, November 13th 8:30pm
Movement Mash UP!

It's the Olympics of avant-garde movement tonight at HiChristina! Expect gyrating torsos, classical lines, and "out-of-this-mind" dance performance. This is a perfect night to sit back, make friends, and be asounded by the fruits of good old fashion skill and hardwork. Meet Colleen Hooper and her special guests Erin Cairns, Beau Hancock and others as they perform pieces adapted especially for HiChristina!--and that means you can dance if you want to. Drinks with the artists to follow. Friday the 13th!! Your luck is about to change.
$10 donation

Thursday, November 12th 8pm
No Poetry

A night of no poetry, featuring the poets:
Gordon Faylor
Lawrence Giffin
Diana Hamilton
Eddie Hopely
Ellis Isenberg
Judah Rubin
FREE wine $5 suggested donation

Wednesday, November 11th 8pm
Bread & Butter Time

Tiptoe down to HiChristina tonight for an evening inspird by...............................very long arms! Join Performance Artist Agnes Green and friends for an evening of skits and songs about life's basics.
$5 donation

Sunday, November 8 1pm-6pm, 6pm-8pm
Viewing Party, pray For Peace

A semi-secret viewing of the latest works by the artists mentioned above. Birthday cake will be served. The party is not so private – everyone can come for a slice while supplies last.

Contemplate your place in the world's journey to peace. Courtney Weber, priestess, will greet you at the door and do your "Peace Reading" to discover what your contribution will be towards working for peace. Meditation and creation spaces will be available to explore this potential (as will milk and cookies!) Or, pass by and drop off an intention for us to offer up. HiChristina becomes a sacred space for a few hours, an engine of good in the world. A prayer for peace will be cast at 8:15 for everyone.

Saturday, November 7 8pm
Year Book Photo and Art Opening

This week Nov 7 - 13th, Liz Burow, Rebecca Lowery and Angelo Monaco invite you to HiChristina to view a selection of new ideas. Liz’s textile wallworks model the interchanges between freeways and unchecked natural growth. Angelo’s paintings trip the visible with sprayed, spilled and rendered color. And finally, when you thought you were out of breath, have your Class of 2009 yearbook photo taken by Rebecca. Bestial masks supplied, with tasteless, garish backgrounds. Note: Rebecca’s interactive takes place on Saturday night only, from 8-10. Participate! Celebrate!

Friday, November 6 10pm
Snowflake Mountain Hot Cruiser

Tonight expect nothing less than an Epic Poem rendition of your life! We'll go on a journey up Snowflake mountain and through the depths of it in your very own Hot Cruiser. Pair up with a poet tonight and tell him or her your life story in 3 quick easy steps. They will turn your life to song and verse and even interpretive dance and finger paint. Then watch as the lives unfold and Gilgamesh shudders, Lucan goes cold, and Rilke rejoices! It's the cure-all for the post-punk pre-breeder post-hipster bloboramma that we're swimming through, and then we do aerobics! Come as you are or dress the part, leotards and costumes provided by Leonardotard! A little interpretive dance is the way to start off the weekend right and everyone walks away with an epic poem!
byob $10

Thursday, November 5 9pm
HiChristina! Open (mic)

Join us tonight at HiChristina for the anything-goes night: each performer has 7 minutes to do whatever and however they'd like. Past performanes include body language, storytelling huckstring, joking, singing, dancing, flame retardant underwear. Hosted by the lovely Christina herself.
byob $5

Sunday, November 1 7pm
Special Screening

"A blogger turned stand-up comic, an obsessive political gadfly and a high-school math teacher compete against each other and arch rival incumbent Michael Bloomberg for the post of New York City mayor. As these ordinary citizens take politics into their own hands, The Promise of New York explores the meaning of democracy and the identity of a city with hilarious irreverence and thought-provoking sensitivity."
$5 donation

Saturday, October 31 Halloween! 9pm
Halloween Made Easy: Fritz and Christina Dress You Up and Take You Out!

Still having trouble deciding on a costume? Is Haloween just a bit too stressful this year? Fuggedaboutit and leave the thinking to us! Join Fritz and Christina at HiChristina this eerie Halloween eve and make your own spendid costume, get your face and body painted, and then parade with us to 3 different insane parties in the hellish 'hood we call home. Halloween has never been so easy and so rewarding. We'll have all the items you need for any costume including, but not limted to: Pile-O-Leaves, Cross-Dressing Nanny, sexy this or that, Airplane Meal, Bird'snest, Field of Running Zebra!) And for that final touch of professionalism, bare your cheek(s) to our bodypainters!! HiChristina's Spooky Special Guest Body Painters will give you a total Haloween makeover with airbrushes and the works! Once we've got your costume ready, join us as we set out from HiChristina (at about 11pm) to go to three pre-determined and extremely extravagent parties en masse, including a haunted house and a phat-a-tat-tat dance party. RSVP:
byob/flask $20 covers everything, costumes, painting, even a goulish trick-or-treat bag

Thursday, October 29 9pm
HiChristina! Open (mic)

Welcome ot the special HALLOWEEN edition of the HiChristina Open mic. Tonight dress up as another performer and do their act! Impressions of locally well-known people are so much more satisfying than impresions of world-reknown celebrities. At HiChristina we have your priorities in mind. Spcieal Halloween themed raffle prizes tonight too and pumpkin seed flicking contest.
byob $5

Wednesday, October 28 8:30pm
Bag or Rat?

In the big city when something moves fast and low at the edge of your vision, you may need to quickly determine: bag or rat? Tonight at HiChristina the artist cook and film producer Shan Raoufi (pronounced "sean") and Funny Lady Rose Surnow will help guide you through all of the city's entertaining choices--in the form of short films and strange live scenarios. Bring your short film (of about 5 min or less) if you'd like to share.

Saturday, October 24 8pm

Hear poetry, novelry, and revelry as compiled and collected in that magical little place called "Birdsong' the fine wine of zines edited by the inimitable Tommy Pico! And if that's not enough hear Paps, that purring engine of smooth good times.
byob FREE

Friday, October 23 10pm
A Full Day of High School in 50 Minutes

"Do you have English first period?
- "No I cut and tried to go off-campus but Mr. McGuilicutty busted me."
You're back in school tonight at HiChristina: 5 minute clases, 30 second passing periods, bag lunch provided, it's a whirlwind and you're a kite! Learn Matha-magics(4 times 4 is 24 and that's 2 times shelve), Foreign Language ("Foreeen Langweege"), Art, Remedial and AP English combined, PE (is that a whip she's holding?) plus surprise substitute teacher (it could be you!).
s(neak)yob $10 comes with complimentary bag lunch

Thursday, October 22 9pm
HiChristina! Open (mic)

Take 7 minutes tonight to explore the underside, the belly, the fuzzy. It's all you all the time at HiChristina and tonight it's even more so. Hear the sardonic dreams of Gabe Lockwood, take Evangeline's good advice/bad advice, meet Gerber's domineering father, tap to Heather the Tornadoe's slippery fiddle, see Zane play 7 characters one upon another cumulatively, dance the siren dance and hear the lovely ballads mixed in... and then its your turn. Are you dressed like a milkman?
byob $5

Saturday, October 17 10pm
Surprise! plus Human-sized Carbon Copier!

Come over to HiChristina prepared for a night of surprise and adventure! Unburden yourself in one of two secret telling booths. Cheer for the long underwear dance-o-matics. And that's not all! Make a copy of yourself tonight at HiChristina and use the Stretcher and Pusher to change your body proportions in ridiculous and amusing ways! Then get ready for the big surprises!
byob $10

Thursday, October 15 9pm
HiChristina! Open (mic)

Woo! What's open about this mic? It's WIDE OPEN like JAWS. Tonight at HiChristina use your 7 minutes to glare at the wall, spread sparkle lipstick over the creases in your white trousers, paint your teeth like the keys of a piano while accompanied by a harmonica, jump the ropes, and much more or much less (minimalist!) anything you like. We're totally open tonight at the HiChristina Open mic.
byob $5 lol brb

Thursday, October 8 9pm
HiChristina! Open (mic)

Is it Thursday today? Thor's day? Day of thunderbolts and mayhem? YES Capital Y yes! The gracious Christina Ewald will gide us through the most compelling performance art and noogle music of NYC 2009. It's HiLight night at HiChristina so bring your pens and pencil protectors and get ready to make your mark! 7 minutes await you on the mic on the stage in the space of the century!!! Also just tonight, meet special guest host Eyal Marcovici and see the mrionette pants and other hijnks performance of Patrick "the Mangina"!
byob $5

Saturday, October 3 8pm
KillShot Comics 1st Issue Launch Party!

KillShot Comics, an almost unrealistically small comic book company based in Manhattan, is finally ready to unveil to the world its newest creations: the hard-boiled, hard-drinking noir narratives of Inspector Specter #1 and the mind-altering, far-reaching surrealist adventures of Anchorman Ruby #1. Please come help us celebrate! Live music, film, original art, raffles, drinks, and other varieties of mayhem will be presided over by Lou Wright and Annie Sieg with the gracious help of Christina and Fritz. If you're a comic-book dabbler or a nerd with a Jack Kirby tattoo on your ass, we want you there!
byob $5

Friday, October 2 10pm
Three Ring Circus of Sound hosted by Darren

Tonight dance the worm and prance the pony at HiChristina to the tunes of three bands including "Leopoldine," (Joanie Wolkoff and Vincent Venturella with Darren Methlie and Phil Gold) who play music hidden in the base of a grandfather clock!!! Also a surpriZe performance by Mike Wallace... Who is Mike Wallace and why should you care about him? Because we said so! We're telling you- this is the best way to spend your Friday night and that's all there is to it!
byob $5

Thursday, October 1 9pm
HiChristina! Open (mic)

Have you met Fancy John (pheencee joun) or Plaid Inspector? How about Big Smiles or Reid Rockstar Improvosario or Gabe knee-knockin? Heard Gerber tell a story? Seen Robin wear men's shrirt sleeves for leg warmers or heard Julian's melodies? So many questions! Tonight at HiChristina get ALL the answers. At this open mic cum variety show you have 7 minutes to do whatever you'd like. Dazzle your peers and charm Christina--who will sing your winning raffle number in operatic tones.
byob $5

Sunday, September 27 3pm
The HiChristina 112th Annual
Magic Sugar Cube Scavenger Hunt

Year after year hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers look forward to The HiChristina 112th Annual: Magic Sugar Cube Scavenger Hunt. Traditionally held on the Island of Monoco and presided over by The Christopher Walken, this year we're bringing it back home... Central Park. Meet at Columbus Circle (the NE corner of the intersection of W 59th St and Central Park). Each scavenger will be paired with a friendly stranger and given three things: 1. a sealed envelope with secret map and instructions 2. a kazoo 3. a little snack for your journey. Fritz Donnelly and Christina Ewald will be roaming the course in sparkling tights and gold spandex with helpful hints and funny antics. We will hunt, reconvene and finally assemble the scavenged items in the surprising climax of The HiChristina 112th Annual: Magic Sugar Cube Scavenger Hunt. This will be the best year yet.
Come with friends or alone and rsvp to reserve an envelope: rxapparel(at)gmail(dot)com
byo-oj (orange juice) $10

Saturday, September 26 10pm
5 minute Lecture Series

Hear brief intense lectures on topics as varied and stimulating as Octopus Jewel Theives and Toenail Painting! And this new topic just in: "How to $ell ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to ANYONE Right Now in Your OWN HOME in Your SPARE TIME" There are still a few slots left so email us if you have a topic: rxapparel - at - gmail.
byob $10

Thursday, September 24 9pm
HiChristina! Open (mic)

The HiChristina open mic is the place to hone your mind edge and oil your word slicks. Witness everything from poetry to Pippy Longstocking to performance trio Stop Drop n Roll. You have 7 glorious minutes to feel the sting of a thousand curious eyeballs and hear the whisper of slightly parted lips bating their breath for YOUR performance! Do anything you like tonight at HiChristina, the tried and true or something completely new. Join veteran lower east side performers and newbis fresh from their parachutes. Win the raffle and enjoy the antics of your beautiful hosts Christina Ewald and The Self-Described Magistical Mango Man (Fritz Donnelly)!
byob $5

Wednesday, September 23 9pm
Fall in Love

Not in love? Don't worry about it. Tonight at HiChristina we'll simulate all of the senstions of falling in love. Wether it's dizziness, euphoria, blurred vision, an immeasurable sense of self-confidence, complete satisfaction, lunacy, or plain joy you'll experience it tonght! Feel the fall in any an all of four ways. Fall in love (1)on first sight, (2) after years of being friends, (3) accidentally while doing something else, and the ultimate (4) for reals!!!
byob $10

Tuesday, September 22 8-10pm
HiChristina in the Disposable Film Festival
at Anthology Film Archives (2nd Ave n 2nd St.)

Many of our HiChristina events are shot on a little camera that was given to us by the Disposable Film Festival. Come see some of the fabuous movies Fritz and Christina created tonight along with other films shot on tiny cameras in strange places! MovieMaker Magazine calls it the country’s “coolest film festival,” so you know the after party will be sPonKooo! The Disposable Film Festival was created in 2007 to celebrate the artistic potential of disposable video: short films made on non-professional devices such as one-time use video cameras, cell phones, point and shoot cameras, webcams, computer screen capture software, and other readily-available video capture devices. The program tonight features the best of the 2009 lineup, including new work by NY filmmakers Fritz Donnelly, Paul Lovelace, and Red Bucket Films.
for the price of a movie ticket at Anthology

Saturday, September 19 9pm
Interstate Choir Dress (film)

Come to HiChristina tonight ready to see some fabulous experimental film and projections, starting with the New York Premiere of Paris Mancini's "Interstate Choir Dress" (30 min) a surreal HD flick about Arkansas, NYC, losing your voice, and the highway.Other projections before and after! Bring a video (dvd or file) of 5 mintues or less and show it to the lovely audience tonight. Clothes and art on the walls for sale or barter. come by and share the love...
byob $5

Friday, September 18 9pm
Garage Ghosts

Epoh Owl is not dead! The art collective headed by Paris Mancini and formerly located on Hope Street in Williamsburg has taken nocturnal shelter at HiChristina! They're selling clothing and art Thursday thru Saturday night and will introduce you to the new wave of art-metal-expressionism.
Tonight's 'Garage Ghosts' is a lineup of musician and performers designed to put the mud on your boots and sparkle in your step. Hear All-american deep swamp spirits (Perfvgivm), with lots of guitars and stomping boxes. Young Boys the leather-wearing, pop-song, scum + feedback Brooklynites, will play you pop songs. Dance to the spin sinp of b-more, garage, dubstep, and grime house from DJ Tinseltown. And that's not all! You'll hear V E to the A, and a guerilla permance by BabySkinGlove, a kind of tribute to Bette Midler. Audience participation is encouraged!
byob $10

Thursday, September 17 9pm
HiChristina! Open (mic)

Bring your malleable microbes and the letter 'j' for JAWBREAKERS, tonight at HiChristina you have 7 minutes to do whatever you'd like. See performers do such astounding feats as: dance-grunt-motion, gipping-story-tell, fast-knocking-knees-read, and funny-song-sing, not to mention acrobatic-entrance-to-rain-of-shoes. Tonight curiosity breaks it's long fast in this variety show open mic extravaganza with a secret special guest host. And what's xtra special about tonight's show is that it will take place ina a HiChristina decorated with clothing and art from Epoh Owl. Also tune into a specail literary performance by published New Haven writer Jordan Bishop. bring yourself and show us what you've got!
byob $5

Saturday, September 12 10pm
Instamatic Gratification: High School Play Performed

Tonight at HiChristina watch/perform the debut of 'Instant Gratification' the 10 minute High School Play, that amazing creation that is made up with strangers right before your very eyes. It's openning night and we're Off Off Off broadway (Broadway in Brooklyn that is.) Watch out for pushy but proud camera man 'Dad' comes with 'Mom' to pick you up after the show, and two Crazy Uncle Larrys. Then enter the Crazee Characters workshop. Bring flowers; or draw a bouquet of flowers with the supplies provided.
byob $10

Friday, September 11 9pm
Instant Gratification: High School Play

HiChristina is trying someting new.
Come both nights.
On the first (tonight) create a high school play.
On the second (tomorrow) perform the play for loved ones and friends.

Everything is made up but these things:
1) a villian with a crooked nose
2) a plot reversal involving an impersonator and sombrero
3) an imaginary friend (rendered with home-made special effects)

byob $10 ($15 total admission for both nights)

Thursday, September 10 9pm
HiChristina! Open (mic)

Slide out of your slinky-winkies, pull up your tube socks, and march on down to HiChristina for the variety show/shown n tell/open mic that will set your hair afire! Join the train of dogs as we mush it up. The gracious and lovely Christina Ewald guides the night through a rollercoaster of short unshakeable performances. Each performer has 7 minutes to sing, prance, ply, poet, funny, strange, or zing.
byob $5

Friday, September 4 10pm
Big Pencil

Make huge body appendages out of foam and miscellaneous
bric-a-brac and dance and bounce with them. Draw on HUGE paper. Glitter,
inspiration and love falls from the sky! Complete with LIVE moose! It's a
dance party//performance piece//installation art all in one.
byob $10

Thursday, September 3 9pm
HiChristina! Open (mic)

The graceful and daring Christina Ewald hosts tonight's variety show cum open mic extravaganza, generously giving every performer 7 minutes to rule the world. If you love to perform or need to try something on the experimental public, HiChristina is the place for you! Keep your eyes wide for Christina's puppet friend Rosie, and expect to see such diverse charaters as Winkie - the shy man who gets away with anything, Gerber the Storyteller, Fold-o-bot the human illusion, Patrick the Mangina, Ask A Scientist, the Ladies Handbag Parade, and many more.
byob $5

Wednesday, September 2 9pm
World of Secretaries

Wednesday at HiChristina you're either the secretary or the boss. Take total advantage of either role! The night starts with some simple activities, dictating and taking dictation, changing paper in the 'printer'
(a huge cardboard monstrosity manned by 2 people), re-designing the company logo, and so on until things really rev up and the night culminates in a boardroom meeting/open heart surgery/strip tease. If everyone in the world were your secretary this is what the world would be like!
byob $10

Sunday, August 30 6pm
Frak Earth: an evening of Battlestar Galactica

Lean back and let John Brooks rocket you around the Battlestar Galaxia! Are you still going through Battlestar withdrawl? Feel nostalgic whenever you hear “All Along the Watchtower”? Making your friends watch the mini-series so you can also get them hooked? Join us for Battlestar themed evening of interactive games, trivia, special prizes, and heaping spoonfuls of stimulating DISCUSSION with other folks who give a frak. Oh, and let's not forget the ambrosia.
BYOB $5 donation

Saturday, August 29 8pm
Birdsong Collective Returns!

The indefatigable world explorer Tommy Pico (new poetry editor for L Magazine) returns to HiChristina with his cadre of beautiful elves and shining nymphs. Hear the latest greatest avant-garde poetry and fiction and pick up your free copy of Birdsong #8, the zine to unite zines.

Friday, August 28 9pm
(Fake) Art Therapy Night

with Diana Arge and Laura Lee

Why let artists have all the fun? Tonight you have a signed permission ship to let your long-slumbering creativity come out and play! Come join our sexy art scientists as they lead activities such as scribble therapy, glitter expressionism, body outline portraiture, and finger painting twister. No prior artistic talent necessary! You'll leave feeling fitter, happier, messier.
Wear your play clothes (we have some too).
BYOB $5 donation

Thursday, August 27 9pm
HiChristina Open (mic) Puppets ALSO!

Welcome a crazy, fuzzy, new set of performers to the Open mic tonight: puppets. Come to HiChristina and meet an ensemble of Emo’s amazing fuzzy friends will be performing/reading/doing stand-up/ singing/inspiring with the assistance of humans Matt Lesser and Adam Jones! Puppets are 'on-hand' to accompany any performance this week, and do not fret if you are a human. We will provide sock/ finger/ paper bag puppets to assist you...or you can bring your own! Special appearance by Rosie, Christina's special friend and sock puppet. Also watch one of HiChristina's favorite charismatic personalities Ronny do hi his 'egg-stra' special puppet show! Emo is the only puppet I know of who has a blog: !
BYOB $5 donation

Wednesday, August 26 8pm
(Nude) Figure Drawing

Get ready to draw at HiChristina tonight! Bring a pad and pencil and record the poses of at least 3 different live models who are happy to take audience pose suggestions. There are quickdraws and slow draws, themed draws, partner draws, and even an on-hand drawing tutor for beginners, our very own, Laura Lee Gulledge. Sharpen those pencils and smudge those lines! On this special night at HChristina, we're awarding an automatic prize to whomever comes to paint on oil and canvas (byoO and C).
BYOB $10 donation

Tuesday, August 25 8pm
Writers (& Cartoonists) Show N Tell PLUS Art Opening

A year after her first show at HiChristina, Laura Lee Gulledge RETURNS! Laura Lee is a beautiful and transfixing force in the world of comics. She will cover the walls with her trademark introspective illustrations. Her events continue all week! She will be joined by fellow Virginia-comrades Bishop203 and Diana Arge! Bishop’s candy-colored paintings feature whimsical street charactersart culture. In contrast, Diana’s weathered polaroid transfers feel rather snapshots taken in a forgotten dream.
Bring your writing and drawings, one or both! Featuring a sneak preview of "Page by Paige!" the new book by Laura Lee Gulledge!
BYOB $5 donation

Saturday, August 22 8pm
We'll Never Have Paris VARIETY SHOW

Welcome to an action-packed, audience participation variety show complete with raffle and prizes. Shows range from "Columbian juggling" to "Mad Libs charades" and something called "Bacon Panty" (we can discover what this is together). Bring your tofurkey and your sparkling bandandas! Performers include, Amy Harlib(dance/yoga/contortion ),
Pablo (juggling), Hostess Andria, L*O*V*E Sparkle (partner dancing with live music), Fun Scott (songomedy), Shaheim, Amanda, TJ's BACON PANTY, Russ, Joe, and more. If you'd like to perform email Andria your act idea care of Christina: rxapparel -at- gmail.
BYOB $10 donation

Friday, August 21 10pm - Saturday, August 22 3am
HiChristina SLUMBER Party!!

HiChristina goes on a field trip/slumber party and takes you with us! We've designed a night of educational magicistical adventure. We guarantee nothing and expect everything. Come with us and change your life for the better. Why not? It's the summer thing to do. Learn if it's better to sleep every three days. Hear master bedtime story tellers and re-enact your dreams and nightmares. Listen to outrageous bedtime stories and eat milk and cookies!Show up in pajamas and write us if you'd like us to reserve a pillow for you: rxapparel - at -
BYOB $10 donation

Thursday, August 20 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

Step up to the mic and let loose. Called 'the most entertaining series of wierd and funny performers' by Don Johnson and the Wingtips, slither out tonight for the friendliest freak show and freakiest friend show at HiChristina. Perform yourself and mix with luminaries of the performance scene. Acts inclue: good advice/ bad advice, psycotherapist and Igor, bam bam as fast as you can knee knocking prose poetry. Newbies and Old hats are welcome. You have 7 minutes to do whatever you like. And wether or not you perform, see Leonardotard or the Time Traveling Sombrero, Sargeant Zane's Robot, Gabe Lockwood's Cream Machine, Kerry's Yummy Waffles, Walter Gambin's Prize Patient, Gerber the Storyteller, and more! This week the 'wows' fall fast with wrestle maniac and roller-skating maven Rosie Rebel! And of course eat falafel with the singing-dancing out-of-your-pantsing hostess Ami Uzi!!!

Saturday, August 15 1pm
Beach Party Field Trip!! (meet at HiChristina)

This is your excuse to dress as a pirate or a sea creature. Paint your body then wash it off in the ocean! It's the mermaid parade on wheat grass! Wear a fun outfit a strange swimsuit or just come along 'ready for anything.' You'll have a fabulous time with HiChristina at the beach today! We meet at the space (632 Grand Street in Brooklyn) and then jump on the train or into the caravan of cars and speed off to a huge sandy beach with great waves.
Join Fritz and Christina as they accompany YOU buried in the sand at our spectacular BEACH DAY where all the things you like about the beach really do come true. Things you might expect to encounter: human wheelbarrow, sand cake with chocolate frosting, Fritz giving lessons on how to body surf, fly a homemade kite, birthday party thrown for a stranger, your name written in seashells and "hot feet." Transportation provided (bring your metro-card in case). Special performances by "California Dude and Bodacious Babe." Everyone who attends will be given a special pair of aqua-socks. We are going to a special spot, that is not too crowded and has sweet waves. Tubular.
RSVP for BEACH PARTY rxapparel (at) gmail (dot) com or just come. 'Bus' leaves at 2pm.
BYOB $10 donation

Friday, August 14 10pm
L*O*V*E Sparkle plays at the Living Theatre

Catch up with HiChristina in a new Lower Eastside location in the form of the dance and crazy making force that is L*O*V*E Sparkle. See us in the show "Where Aliens Roam" - interactive and ecstatactive.

Thursday, August 13 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

This open mic/variety show at HiChristina is getting hotter every week! Get an agent or a manager at this week's Uzi's Open. Each person has 7 minutes to do whatever he or she dreams. Win the raffle (you're very own copy of To the Hills 2 by our very own Fritz Donnelly), draw from the 'Bag-O-Wonder,' listen to the greatest story teller, best ukelele player, funniest spaz out, and most compelling leotard routine since the age of eyes of on the prize.

Wednesday, August 12 8pm
Plant Story / Writers Show n Tell

What did that plant see in it's life? If plants could move where would they go? If we had green skin and ate the sun how would our world be different? A laid-back night of comic drawing, creative writing exercises, and costume making. We'll photograph everything and make a book of it. On display will be The Book of Exotic Plants by Evelyn Donnelly. The night culminates in plant-styled waving in the wind. Wear green. (With complimentary yoga.)
PLUS** Writers meet performers in this strange mix of theatre, circus and book reading! Writers-- aspiring or otherwise-- bring your work (5 minutes or shorter). Actors-- aspiring or otherwise-- come prepared for some cold reading and crazy movement. It goes like this: writer reads first, actor follows with interpretation of what was read. Fritz and Christina provide any costumes, wigs, insanity. Also, enjoy our complimentary handshake/high-five and hug for every guest!
BYOB $10

Tuesday, August 11 8pm
Face that I Gave, Face that I Got

We never know exactly how we appear to other people. Sometimes people beam a huge grin while we're walking down the sreet thinking about wet socks, and we wonder 'what expression is on my face?' Now, once and for all, see just what expression you need to get the reaction you desire. Or just see what a smile on your face looks like to other people. Activities include: face mirroring, facial expression translation into three other media (including goo), and passport photos taken! Face training tonight at HiChristina. A charicature artist will be on-hand to teach 'hand to face' and a performance artist will demonstrate 'hand to mouth.' Does it take more muscles to smile or frown? Feel the difference tonight at HiChristina. Photographers encouraged!
BYOB $10

Sunday, August 9 7pm
Make New Friends

-Tired of old friends?-
youre not alone- we are too! Today meet an entirely new social network! does it seem that your old friends have lost interest in you or your amazing new projects? not attending your important events, dates or openings? do they assume that because you two are "Old Pals" that they can take advantage of you yet not even call on your birthday?
well, here at HiChristina we say, "Out with the old and in with the new!" you deserve friends who appreciate you for who you are, respect your lifestyle and choices, friends who call you back right away.
Come to HiChristina, your home for avant garde art, performance and uncommon expression, for a night of fun, kool-aide, crafts and blossoming friendships awaits. Join us at the honest hour of 7pm.
BYOB $10

Friday, August 7 10pm
Old New York, New New York: Social Mixer

Lived here for more than 10 years? Lived here for less? The group divides in tow and questions are answered, rubes are exposed, and the Brooklyn Bridge is SOLD! Everything about New York but were afraid to ask. 3 planned performances include: 'First-Ever New York Performance,' 'Building Squatting' by P. Rolando, and 'The Next Big Thing,' by a secret guest.
BYOB $10 donation

Thursday, August 6 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

Get your 7 minutes of fame tonight at HiChritina. Last time hostess Ami Uzi danced in flagrante with a spontaneous member of the audience, who knows what hijinks will ensue tonight! Hear the latest greatest writing, performance art, and sequined solipsism. Tonight's featured performers are the wonderful and amazing Oh My God Girls! the newest project of Rachel Trachtenburg of the Trachtenburg Family Slide Show Players. Get wowed and amazed by teenagers more sesame than sesame street and with twice the attitude.
BYOB $5 donation

Wednesday, August 5 8pm
Muscle Noodle
/ Writers Show N Tell in SECRET MANHATTAN (CHELSEA) LOCATION!!! RSVP required

Build muscles while guzzling protein shakes and slappin' ass. At HiChristina muscle noodle provides for all your flexological body-massing needs. Show muscles, flex muscles, isolate muscle groups, eat mussels and listen to poetry. Every hard head has a soft side. Wear a leotard and bring your pretty writing. HiChristina is taking over a hidden dance studio with a wall of mirrors for this special event. Pump iron while mixing shakes! Ice cream ok! Call or email to come to the show, 917.642.6018 or, rxapparel - at - .
BYOB and BYOI(items for the Blender!) $10 donation

Tuesday, August 4 8pm
Interactive Film Night PLUS Richard Sandler's Films

If you grew up with Buckminister Fuller, if your grandfather wrote those immorial words "it's a bird , it's a plane, it's super man," if you walked everywhere in New York for 15 years with a video camera and you condensed all of this experience into one memorable film, you are Richard Sandler!!!! Tonight at HiChristina, watch these cinema verite documentaries. Also, bring a film on DVD or flash drive and show your own film of 5 minutes or less. At the end of the film program each of us will dictate one shot to be included in the group made instantaneous collaborative film.
BYOB $10 donation

Saturday, August 1 10pm

Come to HiChristina; you're an animal! Get fed by the zookeeper or just visit the zoo. SILENCE from the moment you enter HiChristina's gates (except animal noises). Special performances: Call of the Wild, Kingdom of Roars and Galloping horses! Come dressed like an animal or wear one of our animal costumes. Zoological experts will be on-hand to describe appropriate behaviors for even the most obscure animals. David Attenborough LIVE from the edge of a new ecosystem! An immersive experience. Animal sounds record by the one, the only Eyal Marcovici.
BYOB $10 donation

Friday, July 31 10pm
Rainy Day Sunshine or Rainbow Gotcha!

Come see the new rainbow machine with unicorn dancing at HiChristina tonight. Special performances by celebrity look-a-likes, Marylin Monroe, Michael Douglas, Max Headroom, William Shatner and Paris Hilton. Dress up in your favorite fatasy theme MANDITORY... Christina will be dressed as a "hermit crab" and Fritz as "underwater explorer." Wishes will be granted and by the end of the night you will have learned two new things about the world. Guaranteed! SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST to be announced...
BYOB $10 donation

Thursday, July 30 10pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

This is that special night at HiChristina where each and every one who wants to can take the tage and hold forth for 7 uninterrupted minutes. Past acts have included, Evangelina, SportsBlastor, Big Mike, John with Ma Bell, Gabe Lockwood, Walter Gambin Themed Dance Party, and more more more. It's a community of fun!
BYOB $5 donation

Tuesday, July 28 9pm
3rd World Job

Tonight at HiChristina do a nightmare job common in industrializing countries. But unlike in the factory, keep what you make. Listen to dystopian predctions of the future of the U.S. from a distinguished professor. Do 5 (five!) 3rd (third) world (round) jobs (woo!). Fishing Boat, Sweat Shop, Building the Pyramids, Sex Worker, General Slave, or something like that. Hot Ramen Eating intermission! Be the factory boss, the native intelligensia, the colonial power, or just one of the workers. The night ends with REVOLUTION!
BYOB $10 donation

Saturday, July 25 10pm
Facebook LIVE

This evening get your face out of that white Apple laptop and into a strange, strange world of love, candy canes, ice cream sandwiches, and bunny rabbits at HiChristina. Facebook live! Exchange photos (we will draw them out as the night develops), add friends (carry/cart/drag one over to your page), write on the wall (we will actually be writing on Fritz and Christina's walls), get people to join your group (speeches will be made, the most convincing/absurd wins a special prize), waste your time taking a silly quiz about nothing (Xeroxed copies of handmade quizzes will be passed out upon arrival). A special intermission tap-dance performance by Slick Shoes Bob -- if you, or someone you know would like to be Slick Shoes Bob, email me at rxapparel (at) gmail (dot) com -- as well as a lesson of all things virtual by our one and only Professor Squiqqletoothberg, including an in-depth lecture of the history of the world, in 1.5 minutes. Tonight we will also, though an interactive performance called Jumping Jacks, find out the answer to the ever pressing question "What will be the new Facebook?" Myths will be debunked, pantyhose torn. All while status updates are announced by the person, as they occur, over the microphone. Leave HiChristina tonight feeling better than you ever thought possible, but not before getting chatted at by someone you don't think you know.
5$donation free ice cream sandwiches

Friday, July 24 10pm
Childrens' Birthday (for grown-ups)

What's better than a night of Twister, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, coloring and make believe? As far as I can tell, nothing. So Hooray! Tonight at HiChristina come and "play" with your friends at our pretend children's birthday being a child once again but this time with all the knowledge and experience of the cultured and well-adjusted adult that you have become. Games of joy and childish delight! Also included in tonights festivities is the ever present "naughty games" that many of us enjoyed in our youth for example 'doctor.' etc. Remember not to talk to strangers unless you meet them at HiChristina tonight. ps this can be between you and me, don't tell your parents, they wouldn't understand.

Thursday, July 23 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

Whoop whoop! Come see upside down avant garde performers all beautifully framed by the unconquerable photographs of Richard Sandler. Be larger than life among the largest life photographs you've ever seen
$5 donation

Friday, July 17 8pm
HiChristina at Musica Hall of Williamsburg

The Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective presents THE END hosted by Fritz Donnelly and Christina Ewald.
Tonight is a medley of films, participatory peformances and rockstomping square-glasses music. Varied in style and genre, these 30 short films (each 2 min or less) present a wide response to the theme of finality. Band: Midnight Masses DJ: Barney Iller. Meet the biggest collective of filmmakers on the East Coast outside the Screen Actor Guild--or is it Direct Action Guild-- activist meets filmaker? Either way, toniht it's the end of the world so no one's gonna object to you wearing bubble wrap.

Thursday, July 16 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

Join us for a spectacular participatory variety show frequented by art stars, happy louises, and paddy whacks at HiChristina tonight. The art tonight is time based, slink into the corner and peep, or walk down the aisl like the man or woman or blnd you are and take yur rightful place on stage. Hosted by Ami Uzi.
$5 donation

Saturday, July 11 10pm
Pico Circus - The Miniature World

Bring all the tiny things you have, the minithings. Tonight everything is miniature at HiChristina. Part exploration, part listening, part watching, part sharing, and five parts fingertip dancing: you've never had such a big experience of things so small. Bring short films. Watch short clips about small things. The most fun snce Calder's Circus and more powerful than the Atlantic Jumping Flea Circus. Take everything in, in a single bound. Learn how to hold your hand steady and influence the microcosmos. Microscopes! Look at your own saliva! Write REALLY SMALL. Tiny, thiny, thingy. Little models. Magnifying glasses. Hear a lecture on the Physics of Size. And get tied up with little string like Gulliver.
$5 donation

Friday, July 10th 10pm
Billy Cut-off Jeans!!! The Michael Jackson Memorial Dance Party

It's close to midnight... Something evil's lurking at your door. Don't worry, don't be frightened, HiChristina has got your back. Tonight you will enjoy yourself more than you ever thought possible during our Michael Jackson Dance Off Party/Oversized Sportcoat/Blind Fold Guided Visualization Movement/Honest Nook (where your completely honest and you're not taken in a bad way or a good way)/Compliment Corner (Hair and Personality)/Note Passing While Running from Teacher/Flock of Pink Birds (bubblegum chewing contest) and Highwater Pants Sing-a-long Dance-a-long. We know you're saying to yourself "Dude, how can they fit that all into one night?" Well, we just can and we just will. So wear your shortest pants and your largest sportcoat, and join us tonight at 10pm-midnight for a dancing, bubblegum chewing (provided), honest and compliment inspired, Micheal Jackson of a good time. Come and be surprised.
only 5$

Thursday, July 9 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

Tonight take 7 minutes to communicate the one message you'd like to make sure passes down through the generations to all posterity. The results go into the Time Capsule. Aaaaaaah aaaaaah aaami uzi! is your hostess.
$5 donation

Tuesday, July 7th 9pm
Look What I Can Do

Show us weird things you can do. Acrobatics, contortion, breath control, photographic memories, whatever you can do. Even simple things can be amazing at HiChristina. Don't feel left out. Even you can do something remarkable! PLUS movies of people doing things you'd not think possible. Human prowess has never been so powerFURL.
$5 donation

Sunday, July 5 6pm
Make That Sound PLUS Sock Puppet Matinee & Pro Wrestling

HiChristina is the only place where man-made music, amateur wrestling and sock puppets live in happy harmony. What's that sound you've always been wanting to make but have been shy to try? Loose that noise, make that sound today at HiChristina! Enter a 'live' studio where every smack, crackle, and pop can become part of the mix! Join the human orchestra and sing abstract 'Ennio Morricone style' back up. Go on the main mic and be the center of attention. Shake the delicate bells in the background. Kazoos and plastic instruments for three minutes! Eyal Marcovici, the musician behind the tunes on Fritz Donnelly's To the Hills film series, will set up the mics and bring the Mogues. Amateurs and pro(wrestlers) welcome. Take a break from all the beautiful noise and enjoy and/or participate in two amateur (pro-style) wrestling intermissions with our favorite host, the one and only, Patrick the Mangina! Followed Christina and sock puppet Rosie's demonstration of opera techniques. AND if that's not all...Witness the ultimate in puppet acrobatics, aerobics, and animalistics. Using sock puppets (you can make one today too!) we go on a spirited journey more epic than Gilgamesh, the Monkey King and Oedipus combined. A three part night, that's just the thing for a hangover sunday or a 4th of July easy cheese.
$10 donation
Super Special Ice Cream Sandwiches provided

Friday, July 3 10pm
Crazy Monkees Colllide !

We all know monkeys (you move like a monkey, he sounds like a monkey talking, girl you eat a lot of bannanas) oand sometimes we have crazy impulses (comb your hair with the limb of a tree, wear your clothes inside out), tonight at HiChristina let all your impulses propell you as the monkeys come out flying of the bag. And turn your clothes inside out, unless you have something crazier to do... (Wig Magnet and Gummy Fish in Fishnets provided).

Thursday, July 2 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

Join Amy Uzi in clothing swaps, elven songs, and spinning lunging cream-covered dance. She's the hostest with the gnarliest most surprising following of performers since Twinkie and Tootsie Roll. Tonight at HiChristina you have 7 minutes to perform whatever you'd like: music, dance, prank phone calls, tender missives, anything goes and is going fast!
$5 donation

Saturday, June 27 8pm
Richard Sandler's Photography Big Pictures From the Big Apple OPENING PARTY
5 Minute Lecture Series: Deep Springs!

Tonight at HiChristina see the beautiful black and white street photography of Richard Sandler blown up to epic proportions. Twelve 9 foot high prints take over the walls of HiChristina. Meet the photographer and find your soul in these insightful snapshots.
Then at 10pm, watch and participate in ten five minute lectures with a clumped Q and A every few lectures, on varying topics such as “How They Ruin My Concentration,” “The Troll Museum,” and “Sexual Persuasion.” The show will also include “Ask a Scientist” and the “Kevin Donnelly Memorial Lecturer” who gives a real-life story of rebellion. Special guests: The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players and Deep Springs College Alumnae (Stokes Young "I Turn the Media Inside Out," Nat Birdsall "Trust or Trusts," Seth Ludman "How to Think--Examples Provided," Rosten Woo "A Funny Thing Happened...," Sam Tregar "Go," Mihir Kirshigar "Indian Mind," David Vigil "Urban Farm," and our very own Fritz Donnelly "What is Deep Springs"). Plus we'll show 3 short films shot at Deep Springs College in the 90s. Lecture or listen, spontaneous and planned lectures welcome.
$10 donation

Friday, June 26 8pm
Special Guest: Dating Game !!WIN $100 cash prize!!

Find a mate, a mother, a father, for the pregnant male Josh Atlas. A lucrative cash prize goes to the winning contestant! Expect mental challenges, unlikely talents, milk runs and partner/stranger dancing. Be part of the hyperractive audience or join the first offline dating service of 2009. More J than J Date and more explosive than match dot com. Come on come on to HiChristina for this pastel surprise. As Josh puts it, "People from the audience may take short physical challenges, and if they win, will replace the contestant of their choice and start off with however many points were already earned." Josh has planned out the whole night complete with 3 act stucture, this will be the Dating Game to end all games and begin all dates!

Thursday, June 25 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

Amy Uzi pours charm and courage down the throats of all would-be, can-be and am-biant performers. You have 7 minutes to do whatever you like and join history in this history-making superlative undertaking. Special Late June edition with SURPRISE NEW ACTS!!
$5 donation

Wednesday, June 24 9pm
Super Smash: 2 shows in one: Dancer's Show N Tell PLUS
'To the Hills' Interactive Movie Night

We have guests visting this week at HiChristina, so we'er combing two shows into one in honor of Fritz's family visiting! Meet his sister! Mother!

And bring your tight mind and loose body to HiChristina tonight for a revamp of our popular SHOW N TELL. A short dance clip, at a fast clip, clippity-cloppity horsee! Writers bring your writing, read and a modern dancer will interpret your work. Dancers show us your work, on your body or those of many willing participants. As an extrafun punch in the night, L*O*V*E Sparkle will lead us in a game of HORSEE inspired by Evelyn Donnelly.

Bring your short film and wow the world at HiChristina tonight. Email us to be on the list of presenters or show up with disc in hand. We'll show new films by our own Fritz Donnelly and by the end of the night all the participants will star in and help create a mini-meta-feature film.

Sunday, June 21 7pm
Special Guest: Birdsong Zine Launch

Called, "cool kids reading good poems " by the L Magazine, this Father's day spend an evening with the Birdsong Collective. Hoot hoot, tweetwteet! Celebrate birdsong: Williamsburg's bi-monthly, collectively-published, collaborative lit/art/interview zine. Come, join the collective, meet the collective, hear the poems and speak the speech. They're a (mostly) Brooklyn-based loose association of writers/artists/musicians, founded on the principles of DIY, due dates, community support, Papa John's and self-validation--- creating one's own worth, both artistically and personally. The night starts with a showcase of art and a case of refreshments. Participants include: Elizabeth Hirsch, Danny Coeyman, Matt McCann, Justin Mugits, Julia Norton, Danielle Rosa and Michelle Yu. At 8pm Douglas A Martin and members of the collective read from birdsong #7 interlevered with music by Jess Paps and Julia Norton and pop singer Darla Roseng. This beautiful night at HiChristina is hosted by the inimitable Tommy Pico.

Saturday, June 20 2pm & 8pm
Special Guest: SOFA Judged for Sex

fEmiNa presents: Flower Porn: the Sofa! film series 2pm - 6pm
An intimate interactive documentary project: come play with Anna and Sofia on this afternoon of filming and lusting, flowers and chocolate with some hot action thrown into the mix. Be as explicit or as coy as you like... Reveal and conceal, expose, provoke and tease as we create a sensual portrait of your magnificent self. Couples, groups and individuals welcome.
femiNIGHT: Judged for Sex 8 PM
An evening of art and sensuality with films, performances, photography and readings exploring the many ways in which society can make us feel judged for sex.
Films and art by: Ruth Gilford “What She Wants,” Tonje Gjevjon “Andere Du Dung,” Jennifer Lyon Bell “Matinee”
Syd London, Anna Fleshler, Amanda Dolan, "Mixed media," Vera Svechina, "Strip Tease"
Your hostesses for the evening: Anna Fleshler ( and Sofia Varino co-founded fEmiNa in 2008 to produce media and live events that arouse and feed our collective lust.

Friday, June 19 10pm
Your Favorite Outfit / Sock Puppet Part 1

Come to HiChristina and be sure to wear your favorite outfit of all time. After a performance/symposium by our one and only Professor Cello-Tape, tell us the story of where you wore your outfit last. Then make a sock puppet! Christina and Fritz will have all the materials you'll need, except socks! (We will have some of Fritz's old socks just in case you forget- but Christina's suggestion is "be safe and bring your own"). Meet Rosie, Christina's sock friend and together we will make the most magnificent puppet show of all to be performed at Sock Puppet Part 2 Matinee on June 28th at 6pm. A special ‘formal’ dance party with your favorite house keyboard band L*O*V*E Sparkle will be the perfect ending to the most perfect night of all!
$10 donation

Thursday, June 18 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

Amy Uzi outlines the most frienldy, sparkly stage for your innermost urge at HiChristina. Take 7 minutes to do whatever you'd like before an admirable group of your peers and/or Silly Phil.
$5 donation

Tuesday, June 16 8pm
Writers' Show N Tell

Fritz and Christina's weekly event starring you! What has become a fast favorite is truly a Grand Street gem, back by popular demand this Tuesday at HiChristina. Where introverts and extroverts collide! Writers, bring your writing. Actors, bring yourselves. Watch the latest avant-garde fiction, poetry, commercial copy, essays and prose come to life on stage. Read for five mintues then watch your work interpreted by one or more performers live right infront of your very eyes. You've never seen a poem make someone jump so high!
$5 donation (includes pizza) BYOB

Sunday, June 14 6pm
Punk Rock Pilates

Tattooed girls in leather and leg warmers will be spinning and spinning, music and muscles. Dye your hair pink and come to HiChristina for the only exercise that goes well with beer. Work up and out to the hardcore beats of the Dead Kennedy's, Sex Pistols, Buzzocks, and the Dead Milk Men spun by your very own DJ HotPants! Listen to Punk Rock, work up a sweat, then cool it down and relax with a 40 and some good old fashioned fun.
$5 donation
*bring your own attitude

Saturday, June 13 Midnight
The HiChristina Especially Late Show

Tonight, Fritz Donnelly and Christina Ewald host the return of the Ed Sullivan Show after a makeover and triple bypass surgery. It's David Letterman meets Conan the Barbarian! Experience the latest and greatest acts from greater New York hipper New York crazier New York. Who's writing a new book, who's got a new movie coming out, who's your daddy? It's all local and it's going global fast... Be ready to be an interactive audience participant, for chocolate smoothies and mocha wrestling.
$10 donation

Friday, June 12 10pm
Transgendered Mustache

Step into one of 5 photobooths at HiChristina for Narcissus' dream come true. Get photographed from every angle and every which way. Photographer Kim Delise invites all types of ladies (and men) to wear a fake mustache and she'll take your picture in Mustache Booth--mustaches provided. Francesca Tallone will 'man' the costume booth. Make your strangest face for A. Jesse Jiryu Davis on the curve. Hear a minilecture entitled 'Take Better Pictures Under Worse Circumstances,' and jump into the amateur booth and snap away. Oh and there will be an enormous cardboard box too, and a Muscle Beach PhotoBooth by Seth Ludman. And a mystery photo booth by Jonathan Hökklo. Pop poperazzi!
$5 donation

Thursday, June 11 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

Amy is bringing zoo animals for this week's open mic. Regulars and newbies alike have 7 minutes to waddle, waggle, sing, stomp, and primal scream their latest greatest creative expression. Join us at HiChristina for this bald-as-you-wann-be night.
$5 donation

Tuesday, June 9 8pm
Writers Show N Tell

Introverts and extroverts collide! Writers, bring your writing. Actors, bring yourselves. Watch the latest avant-garde fiction, poetry, commercial copy, essays and prose come to life on stage. Read for five mintues then someone else interprets the writing by performing it on stage. Back by popular demand.
$5 donation

Sunday, June 7 8pm
Ghettoblaster Snaggle Tooth

Welcome to HiChristina's good ol' fashioned dance party. With just a few extra-special amendments:
1. Bring your own music (ipod or CD) enough to last six minutes.
2. Have your "signature move" in mind. Something you can teach all of us.
3. Guess what's in the box: If you need to rest for a moment reach your hand inside one of three mystery boxes or crawl into box number four. If you dare.
The night culminates in a choreographed group dance, the ultimate in dance experimentation: A combination of all the signature moves from all different genres. Learn from someone who knows less than you. Breakdance/Ho-Down, hip hop/doo wap. Planned experts will teach some extra special moves to add to the ever-building excitement. Be sure and dress your music genre: Coltrane-Cowboys (country-jazz fusion), Sparkle Gangstas (funk), and Willie Nillies (bluegrass), while sipping on ice tea and playing backgammon. We here at HiChrisitna promise you'll learn a whole new dance routine before night's end. PS: hula hoops and zebra stripes are welcome and encouraged.

Saturday, June 6 10pm
Caveman(woman), Ugh!

Tonight HiChristina will be transformed into a cave, complete with walls you can write on and tools to do it with! A very special cave indeed... For the walls are ALIVE, moving... That's right, wonder and delight, madness and mojo. Be ready to do some serious cave drawing and even more serious body painting. Think Land of the Lost meets The Flintstones meets Martha Stewart meets Picasso. Dress the caveman(women) part and expect to be slathered in mud and painted by strangers in strange ways. Special prizes to anyone who comes as a ROBOT! Are we sending mixed messages?
People will hold forth on the future of humanity and on humanity's distant origins. The past and future collide. One person will always be POSING for whoever wants to draw or photograph in the POSER'S PLACE NEAR THE CORNER!
$5 donation

Friday, June 5 10pm
Unexpected Happenings on an Otherwise Normal Night

Come to HiChristina this evening and expect nothing out of the ordinary. Certianly DO NOT expect, during this completely regular Friday night to be, say, watching a movie then all of a sudden some totally crazy creature appears from under the couch and attaches a strange apparatus to your arm turning it completely neon green and making you laugh uncontrollably. DO come to byob, watch films and perhaps have an impromptu art symposium. But in no way think that you'll come to HiChristina tonight and see the most bizarre performance act of all time where this woman fishes from a huge bag tiny pieces of coral, makes them into an elaborate headdress, does some weird rain dance then disappears into thin air. Just come tonight to hang out with Fritz and Christina. But I suppose, yeah, anything is possible at HiChristina...
$5 donation

Thursday, June 4 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

The friendliest night for spontaneous performance and planned foolery alike. Hostess Amy Uzi guides you from art stardom to dancing harem. A fire in the hand is worth two on the stage... and tonight you'll see 3 onstage! Gabe Lockwood, Sergeant Zane, Kerry Capital K Farias, Theresa, Emily, Frankie, Big Mike, Loud Elvis, Stephen Lovejoy, Professor Finbloom, Harry the Outhouse Philosopher, and, and, and you.
$5 donation

Wednesday, June 3 8pm
Beach Party / Make that Sound

Wear a bikini and enjoy our tan lamps (totally uv safe). Bring your own beach wear or make a swimsuit out of old man pants and silly shirts that we'll provide! Join the kazoos and other plastic instrument orchestra conducted by no other than Captain Feelers. Then go on a tour of textural music by Eyal Marcovici who will perform TV themed music. Non-musicians, amateurs most welcome. 'If you can't sing, you'll be the star.' There will be a catwalk fashion show where you can strut that crazy handmade bikini and walk like a supermodel while listening to bad Arena Rock hits ie Boston, Def Leppard, Journey, Rolling Stones and Styx. This is not a joke. (But it should be pretty funny nonetheless).
$5 donation
Bring a towel too!

Tuesday, June 2 8pm ***at Galapaos in DUMBO***
HiChristina on the Road

Tonight we venture into DUMBO and perform as part of Al Lupiani's variety show at Galapagos Art Space (not at our usual HiChristina Williamsburg location). Fritz and Christina do an interactive performance titled "L*O*V*E Sparkle" which is a HiChristina Spontaneous Orchestra and Early Modern Dance Super Stretch. We'll pass out cards and conduct an interactive dance and orchestra. Also, see new films that Fritz and Christina have shot at HiChristina. Doors open at 7pm, show 8pm, tickets $10. Say you're there for HiChristina!

Saturday, May 30 9:30pm
Hypnotist Breaks Creative Blocks!

"I put 'crying' in the tip of his finger." We met Jacob at HiChristina when he inquired about teaching these amazing acting and writing courses that involve hypnosis. Jacob Krueger is a mesmerist and award-winning screenwriter who has the unusual fortune of having a hypnotist for a mother. He was Hollywood's script doctor, and tonight at HiChrstina, he's your MD of creativity. So google your eyes, feel the baloon raise your hand, and bingo! everything is free and loose... All thanks to the power of your subconscious mind... Jacob Krueger will take us past mesmerism and into the imaginative realms. Tonight, the mind itself is the medium for art.
$10 suggested donation

Friday, May 29 10pm
The New Curriculum / Friendly Massage

Did you learn everything you needed to know in Kindergarten? Did you learn everything last night? Well tonight we chart the course for the new curriculum to educate everyone in the world effectively and generously. Bring your thoughts about what education should be like. Imagine if we all had basic medical training (in Elementary School!) and could diagnose and treat common health problems. Imagine if we all knew electricity or sign language. If ignorance is bliss, this is even better. The night starts with the idea catalog, then square-dancing, then short presentations, then a pop-quiz (a quiz about soda and fizzy drinks), then a complete abridged history of education with popcorn, and finally a cool-down exercise. See the future tonight at HiChristina.
$5 donation

Thursday, May 28 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

Come perform at this chocolate cookie dough open mic hosted by the the Howard Stern of the Art Star World, Amy Uzi. See regular guests such as Sergeant Zane (absurdo-conceptual performance artist), Stephen Lovejoy (vocalist and horror writer turned poet), Gabriel Lockwood (reader of impossible writings), the outhouse philosopher Harry, storyteller Dave Ritz, Big Mike of loud words and sexy partner Teresa, the beautiful and peerless trio Emily, Kerri, Theresa... And you! Watch or stand up and speak the speak. Seven minutes to do whatever you want.
$5 donation

Wednesday, May 27 8pm
China Hand / Majong meets Footsie

Everything you've always wanted to know about China but were afraid to ask tonight at HiChristina. "What's that?" you say, glancing around to see who's watching you... Peek inside the inscrutable Chinese mind. Learn why the character for 'obstacle' is also the character for 'opportunity.' Are we going to rule the world (from Genghiz Khan thru Mao Tse Dong to Hu Jintao)? And learn conversational Chinese (yes in one night!) from friendly Chinese-speaker Fritz Donnelly. Which half Chinese are you? Learn your ABC's and more in this night of lectures, lessons, and explorations of the New West.
$5 donation


Tuesday, May 26 8pm
Super Art Show N Tell

Photographers, Artists, Writers, Performers, the Curious, the Bold, the Shy... gather tonight at HiChristina and show us your work! Bring your masks, your photos (on CD or jump drive or on paper), your writing, your sculpture, your fashionable statements. Say goodbye to art school critique and say hello to an ethusiastic audience of your peers. Each 'show-er' will be paired with a 'tell-er' and all the art will go through three phases of presentation: couple, group, and 'super.' We can't to see your work come to life.
$5 donation


Monday, May 25 6pm MEMORIAL DAY!
Human-Powered(TM) Amusement Park and Funhouse

The ultimate in 'green' amusement, come to the HiChristina Amusement Park and ride our 100% Human-Powered (tm) ! Put on the special hat, tell us about your ultimate amusement park ride. Close your eyes and WHOOOSH! we'll make it happen. Our Cyclone runs on human muscle and clever tricks. Soar to death-defying heights, spin, splash, and float over a sea of smiling faces. Join the 'carnies' and help make rides possible for everyone. Or relax and watch one of many sideshows, such as the tribeareded lady or the tapdancing flea circus. And get your photo taken with the strong man (played by a woman in leopard skin leotard). The only by-product here is our own water vapor and the emotive lines of enthusiasm spiking off our foreheads. Sideshow performances include: music by the man in the green suit (Rumplestiltskin), operatic strip-tease from the 3 goofs, buiscuits! and Hair That's Upwardly Mobile. Fun for the whole family, and the broken families too!
$5 donation

Saturday, May 23 10pm
Memory Day

How many Memorial Day weekends have passed by forgotten? Remember something today at HiChristina! It could be your breakfast or your dearly departed, your junior high locker combination or your latest kiss. Short Lectures on Memory, Memory Games (Before and After, Easy and Advanced), Memento, and a demonstration by Perlt Apee who has had a computer-aided human memory chip insterted since... well when wast it, last year or the year before?... regardless, meet a live experiment in the expansion of human memory into the silicon kingdom. Also debuting the operatic talents of HiChristina's very own Christina Ewald! Not to be missed, never to be forgotten.
$5 donation

Friday, May 22 9pm
Special Guests: Tony Groutsis & Comic Artists

The who's who of the comic drawing world will be out tonight in PoW! BaNg@! force tonight at HiChristina. Members of the underground art collaborative A.W.P. (artists with problems) will be projecting new work in sequential art, joined by folk singers, a comedian, a juggler, animated short films by Amos Turner--all washed down with wine and spiced up with cheese. Hosted by that rock of the comic art world, Antonio Dimitrios:

"Some may know Gabrielle Bell from her recent graphic novels "Lucky" and "Cecil and Jordan in New York", published by Drawn and Quarterly, from which she adapted one of the stories, "Interior Design" for the smash film "Tokyo!" with Leos Carax, Michel Gondry and Joon-ho Bong. Gabrielle will present her noirish mini-epic "All My Dreams Come True" from Kramer's Ergot 7, the tome that is so large, so impressive, so full of raw talent, that you can't really bookshelf it, unless you're a giant living in a cloud city.

"The fabulous Sarah Glidden is finishing a book about her adventures in the Middle East called "How To Understand Israel In Sixty Days Or Less", to be released by Villard, which is kinda like a fact-finding mission, boots-on-the-ground exploration of the complicated history and politics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict where our heroine, Sarah, tries to figure out first-hand just what the consarnit is going on over there."

Fifteen different kinds of wines for the tasting, and good stinky cheese.
$5 donation

Thursday, May 21 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

What's becoming a fast tradition here at HiChristina, is a little slice of pleasure wrapped up in cupcake frosting. Bring your guitar, journal, sock puppet or toe nail clippers-- whatever you need to perform a seven minute open-mic style piece for our growing crowds on Thursday night. Enjoy our regular cast of Ami Uzi's characters as well as new and exciting guests every week!
$5 donation

Tuesday, May 19 9pm
Writers Show and Tell
FOCUS: underwater

Back by popular demand, WRITERS SHOW AND TELL!!
SOMETHING NEW** Writers meet performers in this strange mix of theatre, circus and book reading! Writers-- aspiring or otherwise-- bring your work (5 minutes or shorter). Actors-- aspiring or otherwise-- come prepared for some cold reading and crazy movement. It goes like this: writer reads first, actor follows with interpretation of what was read. Fritz and Christina provide any costumes, wigs, insanity. Also, enjoy our complimentary handshake/high-five and hug for every guest!
** Each week, there is a special focus... Do with this whatever floats your boat... Add it to your routine, or at least pretned to!
$5 donation

Sunday, May 17 Noon-5pm
Bike Wash Body Wash

Bikini clad workers wash your body and your bike on the sidewalk outside in the sun, with suds and warm water. Perfect fun for the coming heat.
Air dry or blow dry or shake-like-a-dog dry. Get washed in paint and put your body on the canvas. Cool off inside in the shade. Leg warmers, arm warmers, head bands and spicy red candies to heat you up. Cool mints to dry you down. And after you're done, hang out and talk about summer vacations past and future.
$5 donation

Saturday, May 16 10pm
Sensory Deprivation / To the Hills Movie Night

Do you ever get antsy at the movies? Want to stretch out even more comfortably or roll round fruit down the aisle? Tonight is the movie night for you.
Shout at the movies, play shadow puppets, and make music while watching some of the most enlightening, exciting local films from a cadre of short filmmakers led by Fritz Donnelly ( Three special 'SILENT' films will feature live musical accompaniment (bring an instrument if you want in). And if you need a moment to relax, step into the home-made, hand-made Sensory Deprivation Tank (SensDepT) for whoever'd like to take the plunge. Bring your own short film (5 minutes or less), eat popcorn and by the end of the night be an active participant in a short film with all your new cohorts. It's shadow puppets and pyrotechnics tonight at HiChristina, gloveless.

PS Did we mention fingerpainting? Oh, we didn't? Well, we're doing that too.
$5 donation byob


Friday, May 15 9pm
No Left Arm / You Are Now Who You Always Wanted To Be

For those of us who are fortunate enough to have them, we are so used to having two arms--BORING! Let's try an evening with just one! When you come to HiChristina expect to have your left arm tied behind your back (gingerly and softly) with a magical tie, then... well you must come to find out the rest. But I'll tell you it involves karaoke karate, sign language, toe-tapping and ice cream...
Oh! I almost forgot, it also involves you being who you always wanted to be, so think about that and come with a name
$5 donation

Thursday, May 14 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

What's becoming a fast tradition here at HiChristina, is a little slice of pleasure wrapped up in cupcake frosting. Bring your guitar, journal, sock puppet or toe nail clippers-- whatever you need to perform a seven minute open-mic style piece for our growing crowds on Thursday night. Enjoy our regular cast of Ami Uzi's characters as well as new and exciting guests every week!
$5 Donation

Saturday, May 9 10pm
Halloween Party / Mingle or Contact

Two questions...
1. Why wait for Halloween?
2. Why not enojy all the fun of a retro singles party, right now? 
HiChristina answers these two questions tonight at Halloween Party / Mingle or Contact.  Re-live the fun of the 1970's
'Singles Soiree' with it's absurd and bizarre games while reviving them with a coat of glitter zombie sideshow (complete with fake blood, eye-ooze and glue on skin).  The spookiest short ghost story wins a horrifying prize.  Followed by a reenactment of Micheal Jackson's Thriller... Don't worry, a mini-zombie dance class is provided. Creatures of the darkness photobooth by dead celebrity photographer Andy Gore-whol.
Reverse trick or treating option: we go around house to house and GIVE OUT candy.
Dress Code:  Wear a Halloween costume or make one when you get here, items provided.
$10 donation

Friday, May 8 9pm
Paper Outfits / Your Life on Post-it Notes

We all make outfits out of paper and tape. Color the outfits, pattern them with markers. Then everyone writes events from our lives onto 10 and only 10 postit notes each. Tell the story of your life chronologically. Through some selection process that is decided partly by wrestling and partly by pronunciation, we boil this down to a single series of events. The story board artists draw the events. And the paper people pose for the photo still re-enactments. Burn the papers that have bad events. Eat the rice paper. Flap the crepe paper.
Bring paper if you have extra, scissors, markers, tape. We have these too but it's fun to see everbody's.
A movie from Fritz ( will set the mood and a band will play papaer instruments and aflute made of gold.
$5 Donation

Thursday, May 7 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

What's becoming a fast tradition here at HiChristina, is a little slice of pleasure wrapped up in cupcake frosting. Bring your guitar, journal, sock puppet or toe nail clippers-- whatever you need to perform a seven minute open-mic stlye peice for our growing crowds on Thursday night. Enjoy our regular cast of Ami Uzi's characters as well as new and exciting guests every week!
$5 Donation

Tuesday, May 5 8pm
WOMAN'S ONLY: Writers Show and Tell
FOCUS: my favorite pair of...

THIS WEEK IS DIFFERENT---- ONLY WOMEN READERS (IF YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN, YOU MUST WEAR LIPSTICK IF YOU'D LIKE TO READ). Writers meet performers in this strange mix of theatre, circus and book reading! Writers-- aspiring or otherwise-- bring your work (5 minutes or shorter). Actors-- aspiring or otherwise-- come prepared for some cold reading and crazy movement. It goes like this: writer reads first, actor follows with interpretation of what was read. Fritz and Christina provide any costumes, wigs, insanity. Also, enjoy our complimentary handshake/high-five and hug for every guest!
$5 donation

Sunday, May 3 6pm
Shannon DuVall presents: GROUP HUG

Life gotcha down??  Feelings of loneliness or suicide???
Well before you pull that trigger, We've got the solution for YOU!!!
Stop by HICHRISTINA for a Big, love filled, warm group hug from total strangers!!!!
That's right!!!!
Every 15 minutes we will wrap ourselves around one another in an intimate 1 minute group hug!
Each group hug will consist of a fun, fresh, new batch of down and outers and  our fabulous and perky, love drenched, huggable staff waiting to turn your frown upside down with our non stop group hugging BONANZA.
Come for one, stay all day and share the love of Group Hugging!!!!
Don't worry...Everything is gonna be at HICHRISTINA!!!
Let us fill up that empty bottomles pit with our non stop group hugging!!! 
Don't fight the first one...It only gets better!!!
And before you know it, that gun will be put down and totally forgotten about!!
Let's just hug it out!!! 
Come slather perfectly harmless, depressed strangers struggling to get through these hard times.  Pay it forward in Group Hugs, my friends!
**All while listening to non stop ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA!!!! The feel good band of the century!!! Don't bring me down!!!
$5 Donation

Saturday, May 2 10pm
Pretend Drug Trip Event

Make sure you sneak out of the house this Saturday and bring your 'special stash' to HiChristina. When you enter you'll have the choice of four placebos and now the fun is just beginning... Black lights and neon body paint. Dance the trance and watch those trails while jacking the faux tab. Candy flip and a hit of e like it's 1990. Wear your best rave gear-- glow sticks, wide legs pants, pacifiers and vapor-rub, candy necklaces, lollipops, mickey mouse gloves and nitrous balloons. Whether you raved in the distant past or not, (especially if your answer is 'not') experience it in a drug-free, healthy, enviroment tonight at HiChristina! Have a raical time without all that nasty brain cell loss!!
E (red tic-tac) Acid (yellow tic-tac) Nitrous (oxygen in balloon) Mushrooms (green tic-tac)
$5 Donation

Friday, May 1 9pm
Nude 'Film Still, Live' Drawing

We're finally doing it.. NUDE DRAWING. Everyone knew it was just a matter of time before we gave in to the fabulousness that IS NUDE DRAWING. Five live nude models, 10 sexy movie still models, 2 surprise guests. Though it may seem ho-hum, this is NOT your typical drawing class- between each model there will be a 2 minute long extra-special treat, such a treat that has never graced the stage of HiChristina (or anywhere else for that matter.) Hint** Bring your pad and a couple pencils, your ... This, you won't want to miss.
**Strobe light, spaghetti, jumping jacks... for a full list of hints email me. rxapparel at gmail dot com
$5 Donation

Thursday, April 30 9pm
Uzi's Open (mic)

What's becoming a fast tradition here at HiChristina, is a little slice of pleasure wrapped up in cupcake frosting. Bring your guitar, journal, sock puppet or toe nail clippers-- whatever you need to perform a seven minute open-mic stlye peice for our growing crowds on Thursday night. Enjoy our regular cast of Ami Uzi's characters as well as new and exciting guests every week!
$5 Donation

Tuesday, April 28 8pm
Writers Show and Tell
FOCUS: things standing on four legs

Back by popular demand, WRITERS SHOW AND TELL!!
SOMETHING NEW** Writers meet performers in this strange mix of theatre, circus and book reading! Writers-- aspiring or otherwise-- bring your work (5 minutes or shorter). Actors-- aspiring or otherwise-- come prepared for some cold reading and crazy movement. It goes like this: writer reads first, actor follows with interpretation of what was read. Fritz and Christina provide any costumes, wigs, insanity. Also, enjoy our complimentary handshake/high-five and hug for every guest!
** Each week, there is a special focus... Do with this whatever floats your boat... Add it to your routine, or at least pretned to!
$5 donation

Saturday, April 25 10pm
Make Her Laugh / Poop My Pants

Who is 'She??' Does HiChristina really condone me 'pooping my pants??'

These questions and more will be answered when you take a chance and visit HiChristina tonight... Do you dare?? Do we?? We are not sure, but we do promise this... A night full of breaking social norms and good clean fun.  Also, there's a hose out back for the die-hards.

You know how when someone makes a 'toliet' joke or deals a card of 'bathroom humor' and someone else at the table says, "now not everyone has that sense of humor," or says, "that's not appropriate for the table"...  Well throw out your manners book, kick the legs out from under the table, roll up your sleeves, and skate home on other people's sick.  That's right, it's techno dance party meets watching movies to squeezing boobs and butts when they appear on the screen.  It's sing along and mooning.  If the weather forecast is hot, this is hotter.  Twister provided.  A prize to the man with the best skirt.  Also screening a few absurd short films by some of your local Brooklyn miscreants (Steinbauer, Buice, Joe G.).  That was well made, but in poor taste.  And a host of performers to get you in the mood including Patrick the Mangina and Little Miss Marple.

And, and, and and, Fritz ( is going to try to make someone poop their pants they're laughing so hard.  Fritz I don't want to be associated with this.  "Neither do I, Christina, that's the whole idea!" 

$5 Donation
Friday, April 24 9pm
1972 in 2009

Wear your favorite retro fashions, speak that '70s slang, listen to vintage music and watch mod movies... Tonight HiChristina is transformed into a 1972 paradise. Bring your favorite paraphernalia and join us for a night of glam, glamour, columbo and striptease... Yes, retro striptease of course!
$5 Donation

Tuesday, April 21 8pm
Writers Show and Tell FOCUS: found objects

Back by popular demand, WRITERS SHOW AND TELL!!
SOMETHING NEW** Writers meet performers in this strange mix of theatre, circus and book reading! Writers-- aspiring or otherwise-- bring your work (5 minutes or shorter). Actors-- aspiring or otherwise-- come prepared for some cold reading and crazy movement. It goes like this: writer reads first, actor follows with interpretation of what was read. Fritz and Christina provide any costumes, wigs, insanity. Also, enjoy our complimentary handshake/high-five and hug for every guest!
** Each week, there is a special focus... Do with this whatever floats your boat... Add it to your routine, or at least pretned to!
$5 donation

Wednesday, April 22 8pm
Tothehills Movie Night (with popcorn!)

The secret sneak preview of Fritz Donnelly's epic short film DESERT NOMAD
Cast and casting party!
Bring your own short film, watch Fritz Donnelly's new movies, and by the end of the night we make a short film with all the participants.  The film of last month's event is finished and will be shown at this event.  Come see yourself!
The film will have live musical accompaniment by musical impresario Sammy Lett!
Desert Nomad is a film shot in the sandy places of California and New York about a person who rides the subway to the end of the line, crosses that line, and looks around to see nothing but sand.  Survival in this new place will take ingenuity!  And watch out for the other nomads!  It's Mad Max meets Mathew Barney.  If you have a film you'd like to show, let me know.  Most films will be 5 minutes or less.  We also
accept 3 spontaneous submissions, so bring your DVD! Also featuring films by Myles Kane, Ben Slotover, and you! 
$5 donation

Thursday, April 23
Private Screening of "The Talk" 7pm

What's becoming a fast tradition here at HiChristina, is a little slice of pleasure wrapped up in cupcake frosting. Bring your guitar, journal, sock puppet or toe nail clippers-- whatever you need to perform a seven minute open-mic stlye peice for our growing crowds on Thursday night. Enjoy our regular cast of Ami Uzi's characters as well as new and exciting guests every week!

Sunday, April 19 6pm
Make New Friends Event

-Tired of old friends?-
youre not alone- we are too! Today meet an entirely new social network!  does it seem that your old friends have lost interest in you or your amazing new projects? not attending your important events, dates or openings? do they assume that because you two are "Old Pals" that they can take advantage of you yet not even call on your birthday?
well, here at HiChristina we say, "Out with the old and in with the new!" you deserve friends who appreciate you for who you are, respect your lifestyle and choices, friends who call you back right away.
Come to HiChristina, your home for avant garde art, performance and uncommon expression, for a night of fun, kool-aide, crafts and blossoming friendships awaits. Join us at the honest hour 6pm.
$5 donation
Come alone.  Don't bring anyone you know, we're all strangers now.

Saturday 4pm April 18th
"Bedazzled Gossip Circle" Sew and Make Clothes while shooting off your mouth
with Carlos, Erina, Carolyn, and of course Christina

Talk story, rat f*ck, and pass the dog* at this sparkling applique'd afternoon of adventure in fabric and town gossip. Sewing machines, expertise, fabric, and vintage clothes to work from provided! Bring yourself and your blabber mouth!

Dance or tickle breaks every half hour.

Erina says "I'll help you use my Janome 2600, it is a computerized embroidery machine
-you can program the length and width of the stitches
-freemotion (ability to sew organic shapes)
-pre-set embroidery designs (a set number of embroidery patterns and type)
-ability to sew through thick fabric"

Carolyn says "I have 2 kind of basic machines, Kenmores (the Sears generic brand). both easy to use, and both do a decent job at applique and freemotion for people that know what they're doing. they can also sew through a max of 2 pieces of leather, with a leather needle, although you have to go slow. i also have a very small and slow portable machine that i can bring, completely easy, sort of for beginners, or for doing easy alterations with a straight stitch."

* Hawaiian, Californian, and Fritz's Island slang for 'gossip' respectively.

Friday 9pm April 17th
"Now You're on TV!"
The Before/After Workshop
with a lecture by Reality TV Expert Robert Galinsky

"Now You're on TV!" The Before/After Workshop
with an interactive lecture by New York Reality TV School Founder and "Principal" Robert Galinsky
Special guests from Holland will be filming for a full length documentary to be aired to millions in the Netherlands on VPRO in June! Award winning director Wim Schepens will be shooting!

- Galinsky and team will run volunteers through a "before" audition (they haven't heard Galinsky's advice yet) and exercises with the audience will be shot and projected onto our video screen - yes! live feed of auditions in front of the audience!
- Volunteers will then get the coaching and tips from Galinsky and team
- "Students" will then run through the "after" audition - utilizing their new advice and wowing us on-screen!
Lucky winners will receive "To the Hills" and "To the Hills 2" collections of short films by Fritz Donnelly, A slot in the personalized tutoring session by Robert Galinsky (class of 5), and "How to Live the Good Life: The Complete Book of Rules" by Fritz Donnelly!
We'll also feature a special jellie bean wrestling side show."


Thusday, April 16 8pm
Uzi's Open (mic)
What's becoming a fast tradition here at HiChristina, is a little slice of pleasure wrapped up in cupcake frosting. Bring your guitar, journal, sock puppet or toe nail clippers-- whatever you need to perform a seven minute open-mic stlye peice for our growing crowds on Thursday night. Enjoy our regular cast of Ami Uzi's characters as well as new and exciting guests every week!

$5 donation


Tuesday, April 14 8pm
"Writer's Show and Tell"

Back again the week by popular demand, WRITERS SHOW AND TELL!! Writers meet performers in this strange mix of theatre, circus and book reading! Writers-- aspiring or otherwise-- bring your work (5 minutes or shorter). Actors-- aspiring or otherwise-- come prepared for some cold reading and crazy movement. It goes like this: writer reads first, actor follows with interpretation of what was read. Fritz and Christina provide any costumes, wigs, insanity. Also, enjoy our complimentary handshake/high-five and hug for every guest!
Previous guests for "Writer's Show and Tell" include: Jonathan Ames, Fiona Apple and you!
$5 donation

Saturday, April 11 9pm
Flying Horses Night with Special Guest "Young Boys"

Dance. Learn to Dance. Live to Dance. Stand in the place where you LIVE! The Homeless Dance. The Peabody. Rhino tongues. And ride the 'human' horses! (Really, a couple of live human horses will be riding around the track with jockeys picked from the audience. Sit in the pleb seats, or come up into the announcers box. 3 races, one on the hour every hour, enter your team, enter your marshmallow bets and you're off to the races!) L*O*V*E Sparkle provides music and Young Boys provides a death-defying musical show to commemorate the winners! Who can lose?

Friday, April 10 9pm
Make a New Shirt out of Old Prom Dresses and Household "This-n-That's" while grooving to Low-Rider Salsa

Spring is here !!! and there is no denying that it is time to mix up that old wardrobe of yours with something cheap, unique and (if you're lucky) durable. Tonight's the night! This evening, promptly at 9pm, we will give you all the necessary ingredients, all the right tools and proper know-how to make that shirt, skirt, hat or whatever it is of your dreams. All while we listen to non-stop salsa and every 23 minutes on the button take a quick 4 minute dance break. We provide tons of vintage scraps, glue, needles, duct tape, sparkly things, sewing machine, extension cord and an old cowboy boot- everything you could possibly need to make this the most fashionably memorable springtime of all. PS You are welcome to bring anything of your own too! But if you don't have anything, we have more than enough to go around thanks to master vintage reconstructor Christina Ewald!! PPS special performances by Dr. Spandex and a real impostor of Tom Jones! And Guided Prom Style "slow dance" by a new one of Fritz Donnelly's To the Hillscharacters. Prom Pictures optional.

Thusday, April 9 8pm
Uzi's Open (mic)
What's becoming a fast tradition here at HiChristina, Is a little slice of pleasure wrapped up in cupcake frosting. Bring your guitar, journal, sock puppet or toe nail clippers-- whatever you need to perform a seven minute open-mic stlye peice for our growing crowds on Thursday night. Enjoy our regular cast of Ami Uzi's characters as well as new and exciting guests every week!

$5 donation

Tuesday, April 7 8pm
"Writer's Show and Tell"

Back by popular demand, WRITERS SHOW AND TELL!! This week, writers meet performers in this strange mix of theatre, circus and book reading! Writers-- aspiring or otherwise-- bring your work (5 minutes or shorter). Actors-- aspiring or otherwise-- come prepared for some cold reading and crazy movement. It goes like this: writer reads first, actor follows with interpretation of what was read. Fritz and Christina provide any costumes, wigs, insanity. Also, enjoy our complimentary handshake/high-five and hug for every guest!
Previous guests for "Writer's Show and Tell" include: Jonathan Ames, Fiona Apple and you!
$5 donation

Saturday, April 4 9pm
The Second Annual 5 Minute Lecture Series

Join us for an evening of education and intrigue.

Having the last name Fish- Karynn Fish
How to Make Up A Job for Yourself - Adam
Chocolate Lifestyle- Daniel Sklaar
How to Get Strong Women into Bed with You - Ewa Jossefson
The Single Yoga Exercise that Most Benefits Sex - Anonymous
The Future of "Television" - Robert Gallinsky
What Makes A Good Poem - Patrick the Mangina
Dipping Sauces- Christina Ewald
A Catalog of Hairstyles And Their Accomplishments (Slideshow) - Fritz Donnelly
Grand Theft Auto vs Zen Bhuddism vis a vis Programmers' Social Mores - Jesse Davis
My Time in Jail and Why I LOVE New York  - Touching You
The Meaning of Small Animals - Rachel Trachtenburg
Teenager's Tshirts - Jay McKelfresh
How to Be A Local Celebrity - Brooke Baxter
A Brief History of the Neighborhood from Pizza to Garbage to Mimosas - Casey Zap

plus 3 spontaneous entrants

5 minute lectures with 5 minute q&a periods
$5 donation

Friday, April 3 9pm
The Stanford Psychological Experiments & a Parade

In the 70s Stanford produced a number of psychological studies with alarming results.  Let's refer to these as the Prisoner: Guard Experiment, the Electric Slider, and the Marshmellow Experiment.  Here at HiChristina we're going to revisit and remake these experiments by taking away the whips and chains, and adding rainbows and lollipops.  Welcome to the Pimp: Ho Experiment, the Tickle Machine, and the Marshmellow....
Lollipops and marshmellows provided.
$5 Donation

Thursday, April 2 8pm
ToTheHills Film Night + Uzi's Open

Open your right eye and see short independant movies by local filmmakers, open your left and see live performances by the baddest of the bad, the jailbreakers of the New York City underground art scene. Open both eyes, walk up on stage and perform yourself! It's Fritz Donnely's ToTheHills film night and Uzi's Open all at once! An Open Mic with video too!! Performance six minutes or less, films five minutes or less. Prizes and treats of awe and wonderment from Uzi's BAG OF SURPIZE, AWE AND WONDERMENT. Bring your film or try out your latest schtick.
$5 donation
Wednesday, April 1 8pm
April Fools with PEE-WEE HERMAN!
Special Guests... The Trachtenburg Family!!
(& hard-boiled egg rolling competition)

HiChristina has got PEE-WEE HERMAN on the telephone line!! What else could you ask for on April Foods Day? Join Fritz, Christina and our regular cast of new Brooklyn characters as we talk with PEE-WEE, watch past episodes of Pee-Wee's Playhouse, get everyone participating in our famous hard-boiled egg rolling contest and re-enact our favorite scenes (in a special HiChristina format) from Pee-Wee's Great Adventure. But that's not all!! We will also be learning a special 6 step dance called the "I know you are but what am I" taught to us by HiChristina's own resident dance professional Dr. Spandex! Be ready for fun in a big way tonight...

Saturday, March 28 8pm

Shake hands. Shake your booty. Enjoy a milkshake. I'll bet, if you're the least bit like me, you have always dreamed of these things ... These things all having to do with the magical word Shake, coming together into beautiful union, one place, one time: HiChrisitna. Well starlights, your wait is over. By visiting HiChristina tonight, you will behold the ultimate shake experience. A professional will provide you with instruction on how to shake hands (both business and for fun, secret handshakes will be practiced in the back of the theater, no peeking!). While yet another professional will give you "insider trading" tips on how to shake a leg (just for fun of course). All while you enjoy homemade milkshakes. Practice your new shakes on friends and friendly strangers here and for years to come. If there are any more Shakes, that you think we might have forgotten about, please come ready to share them with the group. Continuous film, improvisation and performances will be happe
ning throughout this delightful Saturday evening. Come to learn, dance and make romance.

Friday, March 27th 8pm

Huge crazy glow-in-the-dark wigs, lasers and fog machines. What does all this mean? Come and find out.
Special guest Lady Starlight
$5 donation

Thursday, March 26th 8pm
"Film Cartel"

What seems like a traditional independent film night will slowly, progressively throughout the evening, turn into the making of an actual independent film. This week's theme is "techno-glitch." Filmmakers bring a short on dvd and come ready to rock and roll when we start incorporating YOU into our film to be completed by the end of the night!
Special guest Kaia Wong of Mixel Pixel
$5 donation

Tuesday, March 24th 8pm
"Writer's Show and Tell"

Writers meet performers in this ridiculous mix of theatre, circus and book reading! Writers-- aspiring or otherwise-- bring your work (5 minutes or shorter). Actors-- aspiring or otherwise-- come prepared for some cold reading and crazy movement. It goes like this: writer reads first, actor follows with interpretation of what was read. Fritz and Christina provide any costumes, wigs, insanity. Also, enjoy our complimentary handshake/high-five and hug for every guest!
Previous gu0ests for "Writer's Show and Tell" include: Jonathan Ames and Fiona Apple.
$5 donation

Saturday, March 21st 7pm
They're back!

After months of traveling the universe, Fritz and Christina are here to take back what's rightfully theirs... umm, FUN AND MORE FUN!! Don't worry, they are anything but greedy. This FUN will spread around like {soy}butter on {gluten-free} toast. Show up tonight, be dazzled and amazed; and show us how to eat a mango. Mango's provided.

secret slide show
(the secret is, it is not a slide show)
"crazy" craps table (move the chips, throw the dice, step to the right)
whirlpool of painted nails (bring your fav color and paint yours or a stranger's)

Dress Code: eccentric gambler (007 or poker channel acceptable)
Donation: $5 (for mango and festoons) you hand us $5 we hand you festooooons
Location: the new HiChristina, (East End, directions coming soon)
632 Grand Street
Brooklyn NY

Time and Date: 7pm Sat March 21

Saturday, December 13th 8pm
"Pairs of Constant Exercise & Winter Swimsuit"
This is one of our last events... You should come.

Pairs of Constant Exercise

"Pairs of Constant Exercise & Winter Swimsuit"
hosted by Fritz and Christina
featuring Laura Lee (anatomical drawings), Jesse Davis and Scott Kiernan (photographers/photo slideshows), haircuts, show n tell, and more....

Tonight you will experience something that you never have before (neither have we) and HiChristina will take you there. Join us in our first ever "Pairs of Constant Exercise!" At every moment there will be two participants exercising- no more and no less.  Be tagged out and tagged back in! When you are not sweating it out to our handmade-pre-recorded exercise video (you may also bring your own home recorded dvd for others to follow), you can learn how to make anatomical drawings, get a haircut, and show pictures of yourself or other people.  A portion of the night is devoted to "show and tell."

Wear a swimsuit from any era or prudery: muscle man, sting, speedo, string, playsuit, toggs, wetsuit, sarong coverall, off-flung.
Enter in the swimsuit competition (prizes for Most Noticeable, Least Noticeable, Easiest-to-Approach, and Most Improved).  Enjoy the winter weather in a whole new way. Don't forget your towel and bring sunscreen!

Bring photos: we will be sharing photographs of our childhood and beyond with friends and strangers. Why you might ask? But why not. Bring yours too.

Saturday, November 29th through December 5th
Sarah von der Heide


Photography and Illustrations
by Julia and Sarah von der Heide

OPENING Saturday, November 29th 8pm
Come and visit our Wild Animal Kingdom!
There will be drinks(please byob), there will be snacks,
there will be music. And if you feel like
letting out your wild side, we will provide
the equipment you need- costumes etc.

SCREENING Fritz Donnelly's films! Tuesday, December 2nd 8pm

Everything and Anything YOU want! Wednesday, December 3rd 9pm


Cool Stuff about this open mic:

1. It's BYOB. I'll bring some food and stuff but folks really can bring whatever the fuck they want, legal or illegal, I mean it.
2.It's donation based, notice I didn't say free, I will ask you to give something (it goes to the space) even if it's just a penny. Whatever you got to give to the space, give it with joy in your heart. $5 suggested
3. You show up and sign up. I'm trying out something different besides the lottery thing. This might change, but figure I gotta try something different.
4. I'll provide different fun stuff each week, will have give aways. and I mean give, you don't have to do anything to get something. Just be there and if you want a ouji board and I'm giving away one, then it's yours. ok?
5. Every night we'll have an exquisite corpse, a poem written by everyone, and at the end of the night I or someone else will read it.
6. Everyone gets 6 1/2 min. Figure that 30 sec should count for something...

CLOSING PARTY Friday, December 5th 7pm
Cut down the plants and pull off the fur.
Unfortunately, everyone has to return to
reality after a wild week... and it has been sooo wild...

$5 Suggested Donation all nights

Sunday, November 23rd at 7pm
-4 photographers and so many possibilities-


Fotobooth Sunday
with four photographers in a circle in the middle of the room
and four separate tableaux that people can pose in
with a discussion about "what you look for in a picture of yourself"
and i'm doing a performance of "the face that I gave/the face that i got"
then there will be lights out flash photography
where everyone moves around in the dark
something like that...
$5 suggested donation

Saturday, November 22nd 12:00 NOON until Evening
Sofia Varino and Gillian

Body Art at HiChristina

Cumul, a performance art duo co-founded by Sofia Varino and Gillian
Sneed is pleased to present "ADOR/N: Written on the Body", a day-long
tableau vivante/ happening/ interactive performative event presented
in HiChristina's display window and interior space on Saturday,
November 22.

Part 1 (Store window 12 - 5 pm) features Varino and Sneed presenting
an endurance performance in the display window combining physicality
with text-based modes of resistance. Drawing on texts related to
psychoanalysis and gender studies, the artists engage with the
concepts of voyeurism, exhibitionism, and commodification of the
female body. Passers-by on the street are welcome to come in and
interact with the artists as they present their piece. Free to the

Part 2 (HiChristina interior, 8 pm) features the artists presenting
an interactive happening/performance piece related to the same
text-based ideas dealt with earlier in the day. Drawing on feminist
and queer theory, psychoanalysis, and obscure manifestos, Cumul's
performance re-informs these often dense and dry texts with a new
sense of desire and intrigue through the immediacy of gesture and
audience interaction.
$5 suggested door donation.

Friday, November 21st at 7pm
Fritz Donnelly's book signing party


FRITZ WROTE A BOOK! Come and get it :) They are beautiful and are a steal too.
There will be a reading a re-enactment and different people will share the one thing they've learned that maybe no one else has learned we'll watch Fritz's short film EVERYTHING I KNOW and we'll talk about How to Live the Good Life We are also planning a special treat- tie eachother in knots and pass them around... This is the first book signing where you are gauranteed to sweat.

Sunday, November 16th at 7pm
Fritz Donnelly and Chrisina Ewald
-FAKE THERAPY (but it really works)-

Tonight, spill your guts to an unqualified, nonprofessional chosen by draw of lots!

The first portion of the night will consist of four therapeutic corners:
1. Dr. Freud's Couch,
2. Carl Jung's Archetypal Sanctuary,
3. the New Age Realm, '
4 'The Body Method' to be pioneered and created at HiChristina. 
Stick to one or COLLECT ALL FOUR!  You will be guided in small group sessions by four 'professionals' experienced in their methods.

The second part of the night will be a screening of 30 minutes of clips featuring the great analyzers of our time: Freud, Jung and Yoko Ono, Buckminister Fuller.

The final portion of the night is when you can put all your new knowledge to work on friends and stangers! At HiChristina there are no judgements, no moralizing; Only praise and sensible recommendations for you and you're new exciting life. Pair up with a stranger, and just like always, short straws stick together!

The first five guest will a special prize  (a lucky rock.)
We will supply on-hand a copy of The Interpretaion of Dreams, Psycological Types and I Ching for our reading and mental pleasure.
What are you waiting for?? Don't spend another day unhappy, come to HiChristina and let us take care of you right!

Treats and drinks will be supplied to realx and calm.
$5 recommended donation

Saturday, November 15th 7pm
Katherine Lee

For one night, we can celebrate the end of the cold war and the birth of freedom... Berlin Wall Party 2008! Join us at HiChristina as Jay Yee spins on heady backdrop of art, beer, excess, and a tearing-down-of-walls. It will be a night to remember. With Special guest performer HERE (

Friday, November 14th 9pm
Gliterary Theory
-new films, games and lots of love-

Fritz is showing new movies- come one, come all!

Sunday, October 26th 8pm
-all the fun of Halloween, none of the pressure-

Pumpkin Face

If you say you're a brontosauraus, you're a brontosauruas- who cares if you don't have an elaborate costume,a long tail and some oversized handmade leaves in your mouth? Who's got time for that anyway? Let our experts tell you how to throw together a last minute halloween costume (one that your friends will remember) with nothing more than yarn, an old birthday hat and a two dollar slice of pizza. If you have parts of the whole and need help with the rest- bring what you've got and we'll do what we can to complete your Halloween look. Don't forget to bring your pumpkins to carve too! We'll have the knives and all supplies! Candy will be served.

You're never too old to trick-or-treat at HiChristina!!

$5 suggested donation

Friday , October 17th 8pm

Join Fritz Donnelly and Christina Ewald as they explore the future in three easy steps. Bring your tarot, palm reading kit, Wigi Boards, anything and everything that you think may help us figure out what on earth is going to happen to all of us in the ever imminent FUTURE... Many topics will be discussed and by the time you leave HiChristina Friday night you needn't wonder any longer "what's to become of me?" Because we've got you covered.

Sunday , October 12th 6pm
-Come Alone-

Have you grown tired of old friends? You're not alone- we have too! Join us this Sunday and meet an entirely new social network! 

Does it seem that your oldfriends have lost interest in you or your amazing new projects? Not attending your important events, dates or openings? Do they assume that because you two are "Old Pals" that they can take advantage of you yet not even call on your birthday?

Well, we say, "Out with the old and in with the new!" You deserve friends who appreciate you for who you are, respect your lifestyle and choices, friends who call you back right away.

Come to HiChristina, your home for avant garde art, performance and uncommon expression, for a night of fun, sparkling water, puppets and blossoming friendships awaits.

154 Orchard Street (btwn stanton and rivington.)
at the honest hour 6pm.
$5 suggested donation (highly suggested)
come alone.  don't bring anyone you know, we're all strangers now.
call christina at 212 777 1776 with your name to rsvp to the friendliest party in new york city!
hosted by your new friends Christina Ewald and Fritz Donnelly

Wednesday, October 8th
-Zen Meditation-
"How I Wasted My Summer Vacation Staring at a Wall"

Zazen, sitting meditation, is the core of Zen practice. By sitting silent and upright, paying attention to the breath, physical sensations, thoughts & feelings, the meditator cultivates awareness and peace, coming a little bit closer, moment by moment, to realizing ultimate reality: All are one. Nothing lasts. This very body is the Buddha.

At 7PM and again at 9PM, I’ll show photographs from my summer Zen retreat:

I’ll give a brief meditation training, and we’ll sit some zazen. Then we’ll try and fail to describe the experience, I’ll answer questions, and talk about meditation options in NYC. I’ll share information about how to continue your practice in a community near you!

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis has practiced Zen for 6 years, including a year living in a monastery. He’s a student at the Village Zendo, and an organizer of Meditate NYC.

This is a FREE event!

Saturday, September 27th 8pm
Hosted by:
-LECTURE SERIES: lecture 1-

Join us for an evening of education and intrigue.

Julian McCullough - lecture on being a standup comedian
Seth Ludman - lecture on Macedonia with a broken elbow
Chad Coleman - part 2 the environment is good for you
Daniel Sklaar - part 2 chocolate empire of bliss
Christina Ewald and Rosie - 2008 is great (ventriloquism)
Eyal Marcovici - the stock market today and better posture
Revrend Jen - Troll Dolls and Popular Culture
Fritz Donnelly - the state of the art: muscles
Patrick the Mangina - how women affect my concentration
Richard Sandler - how to be a single father
Amy Uzi - getting naked everywhere: the social and political ramifications
Ilir Toppali - the next Einstein is African, and other true and false
Grace Chang - a magical moment with Jin Jin the Dragon
Robert Galinsky - acting techniques for reality T.V.
Jesse Davis - zen politics: embodying instead of polarizing

And our Special Guest Jonathan Ames

plus 3 spontaneous entrants

5 minute lectures with 5 minute q&a periods $5 donation

Opening: Wednesday, September 24th - 7pm
Show: Wednesday, September 24th - Friday, September 26th

-Dark Dance-

Martina O'Shea is an Irish artist based in London, she explores the human condition through the medium of painting and photography. Extreme emotions, life and death are recurring themes in her work. Motivated by Jacques Derrida's theory of Binary Opposites , who acknowledged the human tendency to think in terms of opposites, O'Shea has become engrossed with the opposing elements at play in life and the dichotomies that exist between all things. Her current series explores the relationship between life and death itself, her dark and macabre photographs are an attempt to capture the human spirit as O'Shea imagines it to be. The result is uncanny yet mysteriously beautiful.
Martina was born in Ireland in 1982 and lives and works in London.

Friday, September 5th - Sunday, September 7th

Sunday, September 31st 6pm

Saturday, August 23rd - Friday, August 29th
-Spill It! Part confession. Part introspection. All drawings by Laura Lee -

Saturday, August 23rd
9-11pm Opening reception! 

Come post your own captions on Laura Lee's artwork and pick a bottle from our message-in-a-bottle tree...newly planted outside!

Sunday, August 24th through Wednesday, August 27th
8-11pm Open Studio!

Come by and hang out over art-making and snacks! 

Thursday, August 28th
9-11pm Let your hand do the talking!

Don't know what to say?  That's okay!  Come get paired up with someone new and make nonverbal collaborative drawings!

Friday, August 29th
9-11pm BYOD: Bring your own diary!

Come hear Laura Lee and Christina read from their school diaries, and help us pop the music-performance-cherry of the talented Matt Bailey!
$5 suggested donation for events
Door prize every night!! Come and win copies of Laura Lee and the Seven Doors!

Sunday, August 17th - Friday, August 22nd
-Years in the making!!-

Every night from 8pm until 3am
Paintings, Prints, Fashion, Sculpture, Misc: one-of-a-kind handmade items and more! No item not for sale.

This 6-day space-turned-store is an installation has been literally years in the making.... An earth shattering explosion born of two pack rats who've decided to finally dispense their hoarded treasures.  Come hang out, play dress up and sift through our collection. Take a piece of it home with you!

Monday, August 11th - Saturday, August 16th
-Evieland from San Diego takes over HiChristina-
Gorilla by Evelyn Donnelly

Monday, August 11th
9pm "Let's play: Library"

Tonight SLIP is a giant book!! Complete with Zines, posters, and a construct your own story with animation and/or a sweet slide show.Don't forget... Tonight is the first night to host evieland's original "Stuffed Animal Workshop" Everynight during Evelyn's stay at SLIP we will have a segment of the evening devoted to Making your own stuffed animals!! By the end of her residency we will have formed an entire COLONY OF ANIMALS!! You join in the performace everynight and come pick up your part of the colony Saturday, August 17th!

Tuesday, August 12th
9pm "Let's Play: Draw from Audio"

Let's draw events or images from EARLY HISTORY and MYTHS and THE OLYMPICS from audio we provide to set the mood! We will supply drawing materials and music from with to draw, bring anything you want to add and your imaginations!

Wednesday, August 13th
9pm "Let's play: Reenactments"

Tonight everyone will perform snip-its from thir favorite speeches, scenes from movies or even things that they saw today! Bring in that monolouge that you've been working on or your sort-of memorized part of that Seinfeld episode that you love!! Anything and everything counts...
Our special event----Evelyn will perform some comedic favorites from our man Eddie Murphy!

Thursday, August 14th
9pm "Let's play: Music" (instrumental)

Tonight you can...
*decide what to play (keyboards, bass, percussion!)
*create original sheet music!
*bring your own musical instrument to play!
*record music from each performance!

Friday, August 15th
9 pm "Let's play: Photobooth"

Complete with a Portrait studio where you can make "facial reenactments" or bring your own photo too!

Saturday, August 16th
9pm "Let's play: Music" (human voices)

Together with Evelyn we will pick songs to sing together or hum and record music from our performance. This will be simialr to our Thursday night performance except for the fact that we are only using human voices and no outside insturments!!

$5 Suggested donation everynight

Saturday, August 2nd -Monday, August 4th
-naked art- part one 9-11pm every night


Patrick Bucklew also known as THE MANGINA will be making friendly plasitc molds of any part of YOUR body for $10. As well as previewing MOTOR ART- paintings with pieces that move by activation from small motors behind the canvas! Very exotic... You mustn't forget the interactive performances when THE MANGINA letS the pubic finger him, YOU LUCKY DEVILS!

Tuesday, August 5th -Thursday, August 7th
-naked art- part two 9-11pm every night
Amy Uzi will be performing dance with visual excitements by Lucky Dave. Look forward to visual poetry along with your favorite, the Siren Movement!

Friday, August 8th & Saturday, August 9th
-naked art- part three 9-11pm both night
Amy Uzi and Mangina will join forces for two nights only. Watch in amazement as they do things you never thought you would see on Friday and Saturday nights in the Lower East Side.
10$ suggested donation every night

Saturday, July 26th - Friday, August 1ST

Sarah Duke will be installing all things yellow: trinkets, lemons, etc. This installation will be taking over all of the storefront window and beyond. During the spread of yellowness Sarah will be constructing small paintings that will be for sale throughout the week. In her ongoing attempt to conserve and reuse she will be turning her display into a full functioning lemonade stand! On July 31st and August 1st she will be selling freshly squeezed organic lemonade with the lemons used in her installation!! Enjoy :)

Thursday, July 24th 9pm
A friend of ours found his father's hidden pile of Playboy Magazines from the 70's and 80's in his childhood garage. They were neatly tucked away in a box listed "tool/supply manuals."  

We were so delighted to have them brought back from Seatlle! So delighted, in fact, that this Thursday, July 24th, we invite you to come to SLIP, enjoy finest of delicacies- cheese wiz, Ritz crackers and grape juice and actually read the articles in Playboy.

We open the doors at 9pm, read and mingle for an hour or so with discussion and follow-up starting at 11pm. Please join us for an evening of pornography and intelligent conversation.

154 Orchard Street
$7 suggested donation


Saturday, July 12th-Tuesday, July 15th
-camera obscura-

Behold!! For three days SLIP transforms into a large-enough-for-you-to-be-inside-of camera! Using the tricks that brought us photography from the 18th century, our Camera obscura (literally meaning "dark chamber",) will astound you with live views projected upside down from the streets below. Step inside!!

Come during daylight and see the CAMERA OBSCURA!! CALL 212.777.1776 to let us know you're coming!

monday, july 14th
3pm-7pm "camera obscura"
9pm itziar barrio presents an animation performance unlike any you've seen before
"you thought you knew itziar barrio, well, you were wrong." -Mistress Laura
stay sharp!!! splitsecond/zenith foundation-videos to follow

tuesday, july 15th
the last day of camera obscura
3pm-7pm "camera obsucra"
9pm splitsecond/zenith foundation-videos/performance

wednesday, july 16th
Opening of the "teenage bedroom!"
9pm chavisa woods delivers a multimedia reading from her book "Love does not make me gentle or kind"
chris kunkel presents his video, "father dracul," a family favorite along with...
splitsecond/zenith foundation videos

thursday, july 17th
"the teenage bedroom"
9pm itziar barrio astounds us with an animation performance tonight only!
Professor Josh presents his ever original strumming performance
splitsecond/zenith foundation videos to close out the night and leave you wanting more...

friday, july 18th
"the teenage bedroom" CLOSING PARTY!! Come celebrate with us!!
9pm the OFFICIAL chavisa woods returns bringing us her multimedia reading perfomace of mystery...
look forward to another amazing splitsecond performance
then, our favorite garage band, the Joyful Beginners play! Don't miss it!!

7$ suggested donation


Wednesday, July 16th- Friday, July 18th
-teenage bedroom-

Paris Mancini continues the belligerence by destroying all that was camera and forming the true dark chamber- The Teenage Bedroom.
SLIP will be covered in angst, doodles, art, tunes and misunderstandings. Come and create your own, buy originals and hear/see/smell the teen spirit with mumtimedia performances by angry teens (at heart.) Now leave us alone--- SMACK (door slams.)
Video/additional bombardments after 9 pm every night!
7$ suggested donation

Short films alongside Interactive performances an astounding 7 days in a row!

Be a part of the fun this week as SLIP takes us through Fritz Donnelly's imaginary wonderland of insanity and love! Come prepared for anything and everything as you first kick back, eat some popcorn and enjoy short films about peanut butter animation, vampires and nudity, then take a jello(shot?) and PARTICIPATE! in the interactive performances that follow!

Every night is different so who knows where you may end up-- One night you could be attending a real high school class and learning Chinese after viewing a subtitled Chinese film,  the next defeating the dragon in Dungeons and Dragons after watching comedic short films about peanut butter, still the very next night your in a head lock after watching action movies and learning karate. Come on- be a kid again let your imagination run wild!

Friday June 27

Slip Flyer Fritz

See the complete works of Fritz Donnelly. Each night has two components. A series of short films (about 45 minutes) and a different live performance. Each night is unique.

Fast Times at Junior High revisited
short films: Junior High School Peanut Butter Animation, Deep Springs College Labor Video, Brown University Peanut Butter Dancer Video
performance: Play Dungeons and Dragons with the MASTER, and fight the DRAGON!!!! (We need dice... someone may need to bring some-thanks!)

Saturday June 28

Breakfaster Club - A Full High School Day in 60 minutes - No Tardies!

short films: Blue Lobster (50 minutes, Fritz's first "feature" film)
performance: a full day in High School (with lunch) condensed into 60 minutes - get your schedule - see who you're sitting next to - cut class - hit on the teacher

AT MIDNIGHT - a special screening of MOONSHINE a full-length vampire movie shot by prodigy Roger Ingraham

Sunday June 29

How to Understand Everything about Power by Studying Monks

short films: "How Drive the Car,"  "Paper Grunts,"  "Boardroom" and other To the Hills 1 shorts with clips from the TO THE HILLS TV SHOW that aired on MNN
performance: a medley reading from of Fritz's college papers on Aesthetics mashed up with Medieval History and Soviet Art

Monday June 30

Is China Taking Over YOUR World? (Answer provided)
short films: Short Strange Wedding Video shot in the Hamptons, Segement of a Million Dollar Chinese Feature Film that Fritz edited, Foreign Language "Instructor" and more
performance: a beginning conversational Chinese Class taught by Lao Wang (Fritz Donnelly)
Tuesday July 1
Let's Be Scientists
short films: How to Keep a Kitten a Kitten through Massage and other pseudoscience films from To the Hills 2

performance: Let's be Scientists - learn how to be a scientist in your off hours and during sideways time - a conversation among CASUAL SCIENTISTS
Wednesday July 2
FIght n Win
short films: How to Fight n Win Action Movies
performance: How to Break Holds and Defend yourself with mat practice
Thursday July 3
Dress Me Up, Tell Me What to Do
short films: 12 DRESS-ME-UP-TELL-ME-WHAT-TO-DO movies

performance: a live reading of the screen play CREDIT CHECK - email Fritz for a copy tothehills(at)gmail(dot)com and to be a part of the cast, the audience chooses the costumes for the readers from a pile of naughty clothes

admission is $7 and includes popcorn and jello(shots?) and a raffel ticket with chance to win free prizes like tothehills DVDs



Sunday, June 22nd 6pm-10pm
Wear Prescription Clothing

Christina broke her left foot dancing two weeks ago. Unfortunately, she is now stuck at home, with her foot elevated for 6-8 more weeks, leaving her sad and unable to work. Help Christina keep SLIP and her sanity alive tonight.

Membership levels are as follows: (if you come your DON'T have to donate!)

$5-$19 Friend-handshake/hug and sincere thanks from Christina
$20-$49 Supporter- hug/kiss, thanks and signed copy of To the Hills2 dvd by Fritz Donnelly
$50-$99 Donor- hug plus kiss and your choice of an RX/Prescription Clothing original
$100-$199 Benefactor- kiss, complimentary admission to ANY SLIP event forever
$200-$349 Financier- kiss, complimentary admission to ANY SLIP event forever & custom made shirt by Christina
$350-$1,000,000,000 Guarantor- (Right, if I knew anyone with this sort of money I would call them personally and wouldn't have to waste my time hosting this event in the first place)


Friday, June 13th
-Tired of old friends?-
youre not alone- we have too! on friday, june 13th meet an entirely new social network!  does it seem that your old friends have lost interest in you or your amazing new projects? not attending your important events, dates or openings? do they assume that because you two are "Old Pals" that they can take advantage of you yet not even call on your birthday?

well, here at SLIP we say, "Out with the old and in with the new!" you deserve friends who appreciate you for who you are, respect your lifestyle and choices, friends who call you back right away.

Come to SLIP, your home for avant garde art, performance and uncommon expression, a night of fun, kool-aide, crafts and blossoming friendships awaits. SLIP 154 Orchard Street (btwn stanton and rivington.) at the honest hour 6pm. $5

come alone.  don't bring anyone you know, we're all strangers now.

call christina at 212 777 1776 for questions or email me at rxapparel(at)gmail(dot)com with your name and phone number to rsvp... the friendliest party in new york city!