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members so far:37
total contribution %toward sustainability: 44
average contribution: $29.03
updated daily (or more often)
power ups earned:154
lowest contribution: $1
highest contribution: $100
----beta version----

What do I get for joining?

You get your first secret door!

Then, every Thursday you receive a new secret door that leads to a unique collection of interesting, amusing goodies such as,
a new short film
a cartoon
a song
an actuality (a short video or sound clip of something from life)
a written story
an interview with someone who's doing something creative and remarkable
an interactive playroom
and more!

What is expected of me?

You can... sit back, relax, and just watch. You'll get a lot out of just that. But there will also be opportunities to participate more by giving feedback, 'choosing your own adventure,' meeting others online or in-person, making things, wearing a mustache.

How do I sign up?

Just contribute some amount and you're in! Pay once and you'll get a new secret door every week for the next 6 months!!! If later you'd like to give more you can, but one payment is all you need to be in for the duration!

(any amount)
(get a weekly secret door for 6 months!)

($25 via amazon)
(get a weekly secret door for 6 months!)

Give any amount and you're in! $25 is how much I sold my DVDs for and though this is different, it is more content, more variety, more futuristic(!) and I think a much greater value.

Sign up via the Paypal or Amazon buttons above to open your first secret door to the weekly HiChristina Experience!
OR Make checks out to Fritz Donnelly and send to PO BOX 199 New York NY 10276. if you send a check send an email that you have to
Questions? Many answers are here: frequently asked questions.


Thank you! And see you soon!!

Yours in fun,


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