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what's behind the secret door!?!

dear friends in creativity and fun

I've been thinking about how artists can live sustainably in the world as we know it (and change it) and I think I've come up with a solution.

My two premises for this solution are

#1 everyone is creative - we create everything from sentences to gestures to combinations of ideas and observations to widgets and roller derbies

#2 everyone needs someone - in health, love, business, family, art we're all who we are thanks to the acknowledgment of the other living things around us

If you put these two ideas together something surprising happens.

A new model for experiencing creative work is born!

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(in case that link gives you problems here's the address: http://hichristina.com/e5.html )

whichever way you go from here, thanks for listening!

Yours in fun,



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Thank you! And see you soon!!



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