Frequentemente Asked Questions!!!

What's cool about this?

I believe any artist could do this kind of thing to share their new work with a community of supporters, fans, and brave and curious strangers. If it's successful it could become a new model for how artwork is made. Things like this have been done before but not as much by 'new and emerging' artists so you're helping to pioneer new territory by joining.


What is the HiChristina Experience? It sounds so mysterious.

The HiChristina Experience is you plus us. It's a goodie bag that contains new or unreleased artwork by me (Fritz), Christina, and Keats (from time to time). It's also events online and in person associated with the goodies. It's a weekly thing for the next six months.


Are there 3 easy steps?

First, join by contributing some amount a big chunk or a polite gesture via one of the payment services above

Second, (optional) invite two people who you think would dig this

Third, receive your first secret door and ... go through!

even though the door is secret you may share any of the contents, pages, links, with whomever you like.

What do I get for joining?

Each week you receive a collection of interesting, amusing goodies such as,
a new short film
a cartoon
a song
an actuality (a short video or sound clip of something from life)
a written story
an interview with someone who's doing something creative and remarkable
and more!


How is this different from Kickstarter?

Rather than funding a single project, like on Kickstarter, members are supporting an artistic process. You're getting multiple kinds of artwork on multiple formats on different subject matter on an ongoing basis. When I find an author I like I want to read everything the person has written... this is that kind of thing.


Are these films on your website or youtube channel?

No. They're not viewable there, they only show up if you have the link.


Can I share a movie or cartoon etc. that I like?

Yes. You can pass the experience to whoever you like, even people who aren't members yet. The links are 'unlisted' but still shareable and re-postable.


I just became a member, do I get to see what was released before?

Yes. You'll get access to what's come before and what is coming round the mountain!


What is HiChristina?

HiChristina is a collaboration of Fritz Donnelly and Christina and usually manifests as a participatory performance event around an idea. From dressing up like sea creatures and partying in a pool, to writing a novel in a night, to crashing someone else's office party, HiChristina is about being playful, expressing yourself, and enjoying life.


What is the 'Experience' in HiChristina Experience?

Each 'bag of goodies' is designed or curated to give you a series of feelings and sensations. The experience is the combination of those feelings and the context you have for viewing this work.


Compare this to something from everyday life.

In some ways this is a multimedia TV program.  In other ways it's like a studio visit or a look at an artist's workbench.  And in other ways it's like being a collaborator.


How does this build community?

I think that artists can be a vital part of a community, providing a fresh perspective on life and challenging the everyday norms. This is my way of inviting you to see the full range of my work in a sustainable fashion, and also to meet and connect with one another around a shared interest. Practically speaking we'll have online and in-person events to meet one another.


What do you mean by 'sustainable'?

Some people think art should pay for itself and others that art is inherently a nonmonetary endeavor. I'm trying to provide a nice middle ground here, so that my work remains relevant and interesting thanks to your feedback, and you experience something fun, diverting, and maybe inspiring at an affordable price. In fact it's a price that you choose.


Can I meet or talk to other members of the HiChristina Experience?

In addition to a new film, a cartoon, and other goodies, you'll receive maps and coordinates for get togethers and rendez-vous with other people who share in the HiChristina Experience. For people who aren't in New York we'll have periodic meetings online with video and/or in text chat scenarios.


If this is a secret 'members-only' type of thing can I share it on facebook, say if I like one of the movies or cartoons?

Yes. Share and share alike! It's like listening to music played on the subway platform or the street, it's not necessary to give to the musician but you both feel differently when you do. And of course you only need to contribute if you're into it.


How does the money work?

The money goes directly to the artist for production of more art! You get what you pay for as they say.


How much should I give?

It's sliding scale (pay what you like). 


What do you mean 'by invitation'?

The HiChristina Experience is by personal invitation only. I think the way you become acquainted with something provides a lot of context for how you experience it. I've found that my films and works appeal to lots of different people but making the initial effort to be interested is a big step, one that many people need to do with a friendly hand.


Who invites people?

Current members of the HiChristina Experience can invite anyone they like. I encourage you to invite 2 people after you go through your first secret door. Here's an email you can cut and paste to invite people.


Is this the most questions you've ever answered in straightforward way?

Does the SAT count or the Stanley-Milgram psychological test?


How do I join the HiChristina Experience!?

Click on one of the buttons below.


How do the buttons work?

The paypal button allows you to contribute any amount you'd like. The amazon button is fixed at $25.


When does it start?

It starts as soon as you join. Then you get a new HiChristina Experience every Thursday by midnight.


Power ups?

Earn these by doing things like... watching videos, contributing, leaving comments, offering stuff, inviting friends. They can be redeemed in the future for other things, priveleges, and secrets!

Where are the links to join?

(click this button and donate any amount via paypal)

(click this button to donate $25 via amazon)



And now, A Few Secret Door testimonials! 
"Regarding your first [secret door]... you have successfully brought us something really compelling."
"made me laugh... and pee my pants a little!"
"you guys are way too fuxkin cool. I love you!"
"im in! Yea I got in the bathtub too! You're my inspiration!
love ya!"
"I got my ex-boyfriend this for his birthday."
"Hello, I would like to get my daughter, a membership?/pass?/key to the secret door? as a gift and am wondering how to do that.  Please let me know how I can start her access to secret doors beginning at Christmas.  Don't you think it would be a wonderful Christmas gift?"



Let's End with, An Overview:

Ok, say I join the experience, what happens next?

every Thursday by midnight
I bring you to a secret door

you open the door with your phone or a computer

the door leads to goodies

the goodies are things that I've made, like films, cartoons, games, etc., and things that you or other members make and submit

each of the goodies also includes an opportunity
the opportunity is a way you can participate,

you make choices that effect the next week's experience
you can just watch others make those choices too
and/or you can volunteer to be interviewed, to share your work, etc.

there it is!

any amount)

($25 via amazon)


And finally,

Kiss!!! (got you)

Go back to the video page.

Thank you! And see you soon!!



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