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Put Fritz and Christina to work for you! We make anything fun!

your party / event
Birthdays and Bachanalia
Children's Birthdays, Puppet Shows, Do-It-With-Us (DiWooo!) Plays. Scavenger Hunts, Holiday Parties
Office Parties, Work Events, Corporate Galas, even Team Building!
Silly Wrestling, Fake Gambling and other organized play
past work includes: Silent Tag Kids Birthday with Panda Surprise (Sara & Paul Costello), Mustache Party (a Bachelor Party for Girls!), Full Moon Birthday, Choose-Your-Own Adventure Night, 'Someone Else's' Office Party, Glasslands and Manhattan Inn Holiday Party (Rolyn Hu & Brooke Baxter), Valentine's Mixers (Amy Doran and the Oracle Club) and more!
Each experience is unique but all have fun (and memorable) in common!

your host / mc
Trade Shows, House Warmings, Art Openings,
Concerts, Street Shows, Board Room Meetings
put the HiChristina frame around that special night or moment
past work includes: BowieBall (Deryck Todd), Les Salonniers Pool Party (Adam Aleksander), The Supper Club (Tamsin Lonsdale)
Venues include Dixon Place, Glasslands, The New Museum, Le Poisson Rouge, Williamsburg Music Hall

your talent / performer
a funny bizarre performance
a delightful musical act
a naturalistic on-screen character
past work includes: I Like You (Fritz Donnelly), Musical Duo (L*O*V*E Sparkle), Bandmate (Alexa Wilding), Music Video (Ben Lee), Writing Coach for WriteYourScreenplay (Jacob Krueger), Banzai (Eric Schmalenberger), Campfire (Winkel and Balktick), BravoTV's Pregnant in Heels (Rosie Pope)

your movie / production
Screenwriting (Fritz has written 4 feature films and many shorts)
Director of Photography - Shooting on the Canon 5d Mark II with shotgun mic, wireless mic, etc.
Editing on AVID, Premiere, or Final Cut.
Directing for screen
Art Direction
Vintage Fun Warddrobe
past work includes: To the Hills, rescue editing (Manav Malholtra), teaching editing (Cris Saur), music concert video at Brooklyn Bowl (Sufjan Stevens), Pete's Candy Store Concert (True Primes), Independent Feature Film (Ann Hu & Ira Deutchman), ScreenWriting for Dancing Diablo Studio (Beatriz Ramiriez)
We specialize in organic storytelling, seeing things in a new way, and revitalizing projects that have grown weary.

your idea
consulting and concept generation
art boards
personal coaching and problem-solving
past work includes: Night Club of the Future (Milan)

your social life
Make New Friends at HiChristina Events in New York City
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Get one of Christina's amazing men's shirts or women's apparel
add sparkle to your life!

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